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In-depth Mary Guide (WIP, please be gentle)

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  • In-depth Mary Guide (WIP, please be gentle)

    Critical Strike Grappler Build Intro
    As a generally new player (Been playing for almost 3 weeks) I decided to make a guide/post explaining my build to help newer players learn Mary should they decide so without needing anything too crazy. I play a very grapple heavy Mary with a dash of striker in it. This build revolves around a large amount of crit, so be prepared to stack it. It has many benefits with little to no cons. Here is a show of my current character

    • Strong Burst Damage when needed.
    • ​​​​Great Sustain Damage
    • Great AoE Damage
    • Very Mobile
    • Extremely Tanky (Reaching upwards of 80+% damage reduction)
    • 4+ Ways to afflict Striking
    • Spammable I-Frame
    • Able to Group Bosses
    • Long Animation times with certain grapples (Might have to cancel powerful grapples to avoid mechanics)
    • Currently has some bugs that can cause some frustration
    • Does little to no damage to grapple immune targets (Looking at you Seaking's Descendants)
    Skill Choices
    1. Muay Thai Step
    2. Shoryuken
    3. Flying Knee Kick
    4. Beat Down
    5. Danger Escape
    6. Within My Grasp
    7. Clothesline
    8. Flying Swing
    9. Mixed Martial Arts
    Here is a link to my Skill Points and what I choose to put them in

    Skill Points
    1. Justice Combo 10/10 (This gives you 10% attack speed on your character sheet which affects all of your abilities)
    2. Kick Master 10/10 (This gives good damage for your Muay Thai Step kicks, as well as guarenteed Fracture procs which is another chance at a Critical Strike mod proc)
    3. Suplex 10/10 (This gives one of your strongest abilities even more damage, but also lowers the cooldown so that it will line up with Shoryuken every time)
    4. Beat Down 10/10 (This is your single strongest Grapple, Moar damage is nice)
    5. Danger Escape 10/10 (This is the best skill in the game. Not only is it an I-Frame that has no cooldown, but it also cancels out of any skill and can be canceled by any skill. This allows you to seamlessly chain any and every skill together. Oh, and it gives a fat 40% damage redux for 8 sec. Thanks, Jesus, what a bro.)
    6. Within My Grasp 10/10 (One of your strongest damage buffs, nearly doubles the damage of your next 3 grabs and allows you to perform striking grapples on bosses. Oh, and cooldown reduction is nice *Except for the small bug currently that doesn't allow the base cooldown to be further modified by CDR*)
    7. Clothesline 10/10 (Another Damage amp to the next Grapple as well as lowering its cooldown to match Clothesline. Really strong overall and good at gathering mobs/bosses)
    8. Giant Swing 10/10 (Another really strong grapple that also is great at mobbing, but its most important feature is the ability to proc Critical Strike mod upwards of 20 times, making this power in this ability absurd.)
    9. Screw Piledriver 10/10 (Again, another powerful grappling and mobbing tool, gets even more crazy when combined with the Running Screw Piledriver mod.)
    10. Hera, Goddess of Vengeance 10/10 (Boss killing buff, stacks with other buffs making this an amazing tool for slaughtering health bars.)
    11. Master Grappler 10/10 (Gives Super Armor and massive damage reduction during grapples, this lets you train through some of the most devastating attacks and shrug them off like a small nuisance *Currently bugged where if you cancel from one grapple into another grapple, you lose the super armor for the 2nd grab*)
    12. Mixed Martial Arts 10/10 (I hope you like doing damage because this is mandatory. Prepare to be amazed by the crazy procs a single mod can bring. Oh and you better have a lot of Crit% or you better consider a Vivace build instead. Might make one later, who knows.)

    1. Wide Impact (Great for mobbing and clearing much faster, as well as grabbing bosses)
    2. Life Savior (Adds a self heal on top of crazy damage reduction on the best skill in the game)
    3. Ignition (Adds a lot of passive damage to your Shoryuken)
    1. Lightning Impact (Adds more damage to your already crazy strong ability)
    2. Wind Barrier (Adds a 30%~ Health Shield to your Giant Swing that lasts about 16 sec)
    3. Tonfa Boomerang (Activating Danger Escape throws 2 tonfas that do mediocre damage to mobs, just adds passive damage to your defensive)
    -Weapon (Efficient Affix)
    1. Running Screw Piledriver (Adds a massive grab range as well as increasing the total damage by 30% which stacks with clothesline, so it gets pretty nuts)
    2. Tonfa Guard (Gives a 25% Health Shield for 10 sec whenever you activate Danger Escape, even more crazy defense)
    3. Queen of the Alley (Gives another 15% damage steroid when fighting bosses, which is what you should be using this for)
    1. Critical Strike (Adds a fixed amount of damage any and every time you critically hit any target, This gets even crazier with fast or multi-hitting attacks, though some limitations may apply)
    1. Aerial Suplex (The reason Suplex hits like a truck, This allows the same target to get hit by both the grapple damage as well as the shockwave damage, leading to crazy number)
    Stat Priority
    1. Critical Hit Chance (This is so huge that its crazy, as in you would ideally want this on every piece you can pick it up on and sacrifice everything else. This stat is above and beyond everything else)
    2. Cooldown Speed to 133 (This is easily achieved when using an Efficient based Weapon, but the reason is that this is the minimum you want to reach a very fluid rotation between suplex's and other grapples)
    3. Weapon Power/Attack Power (Moar damage, Less problems)
    4. Critical Hit Damage/Mana Recovery/Mana Speed (These are all about the same in value imo, Assuming you are using an Efficient based Weapon, you shouldn't have mana issues what so ever, as long as you are using Shoryuken properly)
    5. HP Increase/Defense/Weapon Speed (These are last on priority as they don't add much to the build at all. Weapon speed doesn't affect most grapples, so it has reduced value)
    Sidekicks *Pic*
    1. Enkidra (Gives 3% Crit, nuff said. Oh and damage is nice, with another Crit% buff for 10sec. Yeah, he's actually the best Sidekick possible for this build)
    2. Princess Bari (Gives 3% Crit, nuff said. Well she also has a nice "Get out of jail, Free" card, so that's nice. But she's a defensive sidekick that gives you your best stat. Oh and 2.5% weapon power is nice)
    3. Sarasvati (Gives 2.5% Mana Recovery, 100 Max Mana *You might laugh at this, but this is actually stupid good*, 3% cooldown reduction. These are all nice stats that add to your fluidity, and shes a much needed stunner that will help you skip boss mechanics and heals you in a pinch)
    4. Shyla (Gives 100 Max Mana *Yeah, keep laughing*, 4% more damage to normal mobs *Yay... Clear speed*, and 3% cooldown reduction. Again, more stats to add to fluidity. She adds some nice utility passively to your attacks when you want, such as freezing a boss and doing pointless damage occasionally, but more so she is another immune for when you need with decent damage. I swear that fridge needs better aiming AI.)

    -What You Need- (These are pieces that help give you very large amounts of the stats that you need to make the build function at its best)
    • 2PM Clock (This always comes with base Crit and Crit Damage, make sure you get one that rolls bonus Crit Chance, the more the merrier)
    • Ring rolled with High Crit (These have base Crit as well on them, make sure they roll high as this will be a major source)
    • Shoulders rolled with High Crit (Again, these have base Crit as well. Try to find a good pair with high Crit)
    • Princess Bari's Boots (These are actually crazy. They are going to be the most difficult piece to obtain as you NEED these to roll with the Critical Strike mod, but these alone will give you over 8% Crit because these convert your maximum mana into bonus Crit%. *Remember Shyla/Sara giving 100 max mana each? Now they also give you lots of Crit*)
    -What You Want- (These are pieces that will be great if you get your hands on, but aren't needed for the build to funcion, they just help enhance it)
    • Princess Bari's Hairpin (This is to get 2% more crit from the 2-piece *assuming you have either her legs or boots* As well as a great damage proc)
    • Hyperion Chest (Adds some nice passive clear if only partial mobs die during a room-wide grapple)
    • Hyperion Gloves (Nice stun affect to interupt certain mechanics, and also to get a sweet 2-piece of 2% more damage)
    • Hyperion/Princess Bari Legs (This choice is up to you as a player. With Hyperion you get a mini meteor after suplexing/piledriving as well as 5% damage reduction, while Bari gives you a 50% back attack damage buff along with 5% crit damage. I don't have hyperion pants atm to be able to say how good the meteor is, but it also gives a striking effect which could be good or bad depending on when its used)
    • Epic Equipment with 2+ rolls of Crit Chance (Obviously this is vague as there isn't Wonder equipment for other slots, but if you ever find belt/neck/bracelet with multiple Crit rolls, then it immediately becomes valuable.)

    This rotation is what I typically use on both trash and bosses, though on a boss, make sure to pop Hera, Goddess of Vengeance (T) and Within My Grasp (2) to get some massive burst damage.
    1. Muay Thai Kick (Right-Click) - Check it, you're M-Bison from Street Fighter.
    2. Justice Combo (Left-Click) - These Serve as a gap closer when going in on a monster As soon as Kickmaster Lands, Cancel the animation with the next step.
    3. Shoryuken (Q/MouseWheel Up) - *STOP* Look at at your mana bar. Is it low? Then wait till the descent of Shoryuken to get a truckload of mana. If you are above 50% mana, then cancel shoryuken with the next ability as soon as the 2nd hit goes out.
    4. Suplex (E/MouseWheel Down) - *I CAME IN LIKE A WREEEECKING BALLLL~* This will do significant damage and AoE Vacuum everything toward you. As soon as you land, proceed with the next skill immediately.
    5. Clothesline (3) - *Sweeper mode: Engaged* Grab whatever you can within about a 2.5 sec window, or if you can grab most things with Running Screwdriver, then cancel early into the next skill.
    6. Screw Piledriver (5) - Check it, you're Zangief from Street Fighter. But no, seriously. This is a massive dunk assuming you have the mod, Running Screw Piledriver. Multipliers on multipliers make this ability hit like a train. Loaded with trucks. Loaded with more trains. As soon as you land, immediately use the next skill to cancel animation.
    7. Danger Escape (R) - Oh snap, a striptease. Thanks, bae. This will cancel out any ability animation, give you a small I-frame, and give you a 40% damage reduction buff for 8 sec. And you can immediately cancel out of it with any other ability, so immediately use the next skill.
    8. Shoryuken (Q/MouseWheel Up) - Same as before, check mana. You good? Good. Hit 'em with the next one.
    9. Suplex (E/MouseWheel Down) - *Insert Mix-tape 2.0* Hitting like a truck, except This time, you have more MMA stacks. Yay. More Trucks. As soon as the drop hits, cancel with the next ability~
    10. Danger Escape (R) - "But I just used Danger Esc-" Use it again. You got mana, don't lie. Cancel that ability into another right after.
    11. Beat Down (Rightclick+LeftClick) - "You get a bag of rice, and you get a bag, and you~" Slamming them down with a powerful ability. Juicy damage, but now you continue on.
    12. Shoryuken (Q/MouseWheel Up) - YOU STILL GOOD ON MANA?~ Great, because this train don't stop for nothin'.
    13. Suplex (E/MouseWheel Down) - *Getting that drop ready on the launchpad* Kaboom~ but make sure you cancel on the drop.
    14. Danger Escape (R) - You better keep this flow going like a coursing river.
    15. Giant Swing (4) - "LET ERRRR RIPPP" -Beyblade edition- Blender those fine mobs into a juicy protein drink because you only finished the first rotation. Now ask yourself this. Is everything dead? Its a trick question because regradless of whats around you; START BACK FROM THE TOP ^^^^^^
    Save Flying Knee Kick (Space) and Lee Kick (1) for Striking Interrupts when you need them.


    I'm going to add more to this, but have to leave soon, so I'll just leave a video of my example build clearing Bari Ex with only 10 min pots as buffs.
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    Very good and well made! As a friend of Omni and as a player, I can vouch that this build is very helpful for me as a fellow mary, ive been working on using a few parts of this build into my current own build.

    The cons are very accurate, Sometimes chair throw will bug out and not hit anything if used next to the mob. The grapple animations can feel stalled sometimes, mostly including Suplex, you slam them down, but then pause for awhile leaning backward.

    I'm still working on the stat priority for my gear, and running a lot of libs to try and obtain the right mods with correct stats. Overall, this was very helpful, as talking to you via ingame, only does so well, but now i can pull this up if im looking for something around the build you made, and modifying it with my current route on it. Thank you very much.

    Overall, This is very helpful, not to hard to do, just depends on the mods on the gear, this guide still works fairly well without the correct mods, just got to slightly change a few skills around, to obtain simular damage untill you get the mod for Suplex to use the air slam ability to deal a load of damage, I use Chair Shot instead of Shoryuken as I dont have air suplex for the landing afterward. Hope this helps.

    I know i'm not the best at paragraphs and other things, but I hope this has helped in someway.


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      Nice, tidy guide.

      Nice twist on the build by using Danger Escape. I kinda like it. But then again, i'm also a fan of it's alternative, which i am using.


      • Omnicloud
        Omnicloud commented
        Editing a comment
        It's funny because I love chain grapple and used it for almost my entire time leveling till 200 and even my first few Ex's. But I soon realized that I originally used Chain grapple for mobbing and getting mana back, but because I primarily use efficient, I was always at full mana. So I decided to try DE out again, and I re-read it and realized how amazing its buff is at 10/10 sp. On top of that, because I have no mana problems, I felt that I could dodge the world and not care about mana being an issue. Then I realized that I could animation cancel a lot of my grapples with it, and I immediately fell in love with it.

      • seph
        seph commented
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        Haha yeah it does sound pretty awesome.

        It might as well be in general a better option to choose, i'm just more used to my Chain Grapple. Because it does actually add a ton of survivability. I am glad someone uses it / can showcase it's potential because i myself am not bothered enough to incorporate into my routine and learn the new mechanic yet... Plus, no way i am purposefully going to farm mods for it either;D

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      seph #1


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        Omni #1

        No, but really, this is super informational and this build has insane potential.