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[In-Depth] Character Guide: Derrick

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  • [In-Depth] Character Guide: Derrick

    This guide is currently a W.I.P (Work in Progress)

    The greatest gladiator since the last thousand years...
    During the 1st Crocodile War, Derrick refused an order from Gry to apply poison on his blade and was abandoned after having both his wrist tendons cut.
    He was depressed for a long time until a Scout, the girl next door to him, involved him on her escape...

    They were eventually caught but Derrick holds off the army in order to allow Scout to escape.
    During the battle, he takes hold of the enemy's shield and slams them around with it.
    Later, this becomes his combat style. His appearance and direct speech makes him look like a villain at times but he respects honor and duels.
    He still suffers from pain whenever he has to hold anything with both of his hands.

    He is easily mistaken as a bad guy because of his rough appearance and direct speech but, on the contrary, he likes to do good. Also, he's kind of an introvert.

    Pros and Cons
    + Tanky
    + Hits Hard

    + Has a lot of Crowd Control
    (Early on)
    + Has a lot of AoE (Area of Effect) Skills
    + Has fair amount of Mana Regen from Skills

    - Very Slow
    - Requires almost perfect Skill Mods

    - Relies heavily on Sidekicks for extra damage due to slowness and RNGness
    - Main DPS is EXTREMELY effected by RNG
    (Axe Frenzy)
    - Main DPS is currently halved due to the passive "Not so fast!" interfering...(click)

    Skill Builds
    There are currently 2 skill builds I use. EX Build, and Farm Build.
    Maximizing a skill requires exactly 15 Skill Points.
    You can max up to 12 skills, or you can max 10 or 11 skills with leftovers put into whatever else.

    EX Build (click to view skills)
    [10/10] Maximus Combat Technique (Hotkey: Left Click)
    Reason: This gives a damage boost to your normal combos as well as increasing your attack speed by 10% when maxed as a bonus.

    [10/10] Earth Throw (Hotkey: E / Wheel-DOWN)
    Reason: Maxed strictly for the burst damage with low cooldown.

    [10/10] Body Blow (Key: 1)
    Reason: Maxed strictly for the burst damage with low cooldown.

    [10/10] Come at me! (Key: 3)
    Reason: Maxed since it's the most used skill and deals a nice amount of damage, it can even One Shot mobs in Lib, it also lowers the cooldown.

    [10/10] Titan Slam! (Key: 4)
    Reason: Maxed for the extra damage.

    [10/10] Rock Smash (Key: 5)
    Reason: Maxed for the extra damage.

    [10/10] Nuke Punch (Key: R)
    Reason: Maxed for the large damage boost when using the "Nuclear Fission" skill mod with it. (This should still be maxed even without the mod.)

    [10/10] Earth Shatter (Key: Left+Right Click)
    Reason: This is your strongest AoE and Bossing Skill, having this maxed while using the Magma Break skill mod found on Weapons will boost your damage a lot!

    [10/10] Warrior's Theme (Key: T)
    Reason: One of those skills that shouldn't have to be explained, it's your main buff, usually saved for bosses. Increases your damage and attack speed for 20 seconds.

    [10/10] Not so fast! (Passive Melee Attack)
    Reason: This passive is completely unavoidable and also your worst nightmare, might as well max it for the extra damage, unlike other skills that say the "Total Damage" this one is per-hit. When maxed, it deals 204% damage randomly 7~10 times, that's appox; 1428% ~ 1836% total damage.

    [10/10] Soldiers on Leash (Passive)
    Reason: One of your best passives that will always activate, maxed for the extra damage increase.

    [10/10] Eyes of the Battlefield (Passive)
    Reason: Another one of your best passives that activates every time you consume 200 Mana. Maxed for the extra damage.

    Farm Build (click to view skills)
    Everything is practically the same as the EX Build except the skill points were moved from "Not so fast!" to "Shield Charge"
    That being said, this build requires the "Fast Charge" skill mod as the base requirement.
    "Burning Charge" and "Static Charge" are also a must have mod to make this build stronger.
    [0/10] Not so fast! (Passive Melee Attack)
    Reason: The skill points here were removed and placed into the "Right Click" skill "Shield Charge" instead.

    [10/10] Shield Charge (Key: Right Click)
    Reason: Maxed to increase the damage more when using all three Shield Charge skill mods and also boost your movement speed by 5%.
    Why I call this the farm build?
    Because it's best to use when farming Lib runs to rush through as quick as possible since everything in Hard Lib has low HP, you can just fly through.
    One could argue and say this could be a permanent and viable build for EX, and they would be correct. However, there is a reason I don't use it for EX which will be explained.

    Reason for Skills without SP
    Leap Shatter (Key: Right Click)
    Reason: I only use this skill to have better control over my movement compared to Shield Charge's "Fast Charge" sending me further than I want to go.
    This can screw you over in maps like Shaggai, Saravasti, ETC, by running into projectiles. Good mobility, but less control.

    Relentless Slap (Key: Q / Wheel-UP)
    Reason: The damage this skill offers isn't that large when maxed, and the amount of Mana gained isn't that big of a difference so it's better to use your points in another skill.
    Especially since you'll have a lot of Mana Regen by endgame, and Warrior's Theme gives 200 Mana every couple of seconds for 20 seconds.
    Derrick also has a few skills that don't use Mana and they have rather slow animation so it gives you time to regen a bit of Mana during them.

    Warrior's Entrance (Key: Spacebar)
    Reason: This skill isn't really meant for damage, it's used mainly for the Shield effect. The damage is nice when maxed, but they can be spent on something better.
    The shield HP when maxed is also not a big difference. It's increased from 50% to 70% and the shield only last a few seconds so it's not worth.

    Twister (Key: 2)
    Reason: This skill is only used to burn 150 MP and cancel it with Right Click to try and trigger the "Axe Frenzy" skill mod.
    Never use this skill for damage until it gets buffed big time, even with all the Twister skill mods, this skill is terrible, there is no such thing as a viable Spin-to-Win build.

    Pounding (Passive Melee Attack)
    Reason: This passive doesn't activate nearly enough for it to be worth boosting the damage, therefor the skill points are better spent elsewhere.

    Finisher (Passive)
    Reason: The effects this skill provides is completely useless and a waste of skill points.

    Dangerous Presence (Passive)
    Reason: This skill doesn't tick fast enough like "Soldiers on Leash" does and the radius is very small compared to what is visually shown.

    Shield Block (Passive)
    Reason: This is a very good skill, but it's not worth spending 15 Skill Points just to lower the reactivation time by 7.5 seconds. (30 Seconds > 22.5 Seconds)

    Weapon + Skill Mods
    The mods listed below are based on having a 'perfect' build.
    Weapon Type: Powerful (Best for Derrick)
    Weapon Type: Enhanced (2nd Best for Derrick)

    Weapon (Max Held Mods: 3)
    Magma Break (Must have!)
    Creates 4 Volcano's around you after using Earth Shatter

    Bloody Axe (Very helpful!)
    Enemies hit by Eyes of the Battlefield take damage over time and have reduced defense.

    Defense Rally (Nice to have)
    Provides you a shield exactly like the one from "Warrior's Entrance" except through "Come at me!(3 key)" which makes you even tankier.

    Hat (Max Held Mods: 1)
    Nuclear Fission (Very good mod!)
    After Patch v1.55 this mod was improved by lowering the MP Cost from 200 to 70 while increasing the damage by 30% for Nuke Punch.

    Killing Blow (2nd best, if you don't have Nuclear Fission)
    This makes your Body Blow do quite a lot of damage so it's good to use if you don't have Nuclear Fission, this could be used permanently instead if you wish
    since the cooldown is 10 seconds for Body Blow compared to Nuke Punch.

    Static Charge (If you're using a Shield Charge build due to "Fast Charge")
    Use this if you're using a Shield Charge build.

    Top (Max Held Mods: 3)
    War Cry (Very good!)
    Gives you 7.5% Attack Power when using "Come at me!" but party members only gain 2.5% attack power.

    Nuclear Fusion (This is helpful)
    You can recover over 150+ MP when killing hordes of mobs with Nuke Punch, It also makes up for the MP cost of "Nuclear Fission"

    Fissure (Normal combo enhancement)
    Fissure adds roughly an additional 25k~40k damage to your normal combos when it procs and really shines during Warrior's Theme.

    Fast Charge (Replace one of the above if using a Shield Charge build)
    This skill is stupidly OP and kind of needs nerfed to be honest. You can permanently stun-lock normal mobs by spamming this and keeping them in the air til death.
    This will be your main skill mod when it comes to the farm build.

    Bottoms (Max Held Mods: 3)
    Power of Earth (Must Have!)
    The best mod on pants that will boost your attack power up to 15% upon killing multiple enemies with Earth Shatter.
    This mod is helpful in clearing runs faster, and also very useful against bosses like Shaggai who summon mobs.

    Chi Absorption (Helpful)
    This is good for pulling nearby mobs in front of you and dealing damage with Body Blow while "Come at me!" is on cooldown.

    Weakings Begone! (Helpful)
    After Warrior's Theme ends, you'll be granted a buff that increases your damage to normal monsters by 7.5% while it's on cooldown.
    Note: This buff doesn't activate until Warrior's Theme ends and goes on cooldown.

    Burning Charge (Replace one of the above if using a Shield Charge build)
    Adds more DoT (Damage over Time) when hitting an enemy with Shield Charge.

    Shoes (Max Held Mods: 1)
    Axe Frenzy (REQUIREMENT!)
    No questions asked, this is THE required endgame mod due to how slow Derrick is, this skill mod makes up for the slowness however
    it's sadly affected by RNG. It has a chance to activate every time 200 mana is consumed.

    Note: Axe Frenzy is heavily ruined by the passive "Not so fast!" Click Here to support having it fixed.
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    Sometimes I'll replace Abel with Leviathan since he's rather OP for certain things, I'll leave that up to you to figure out though.

    Maxed Stats
    Attack Power 2.5%
    Attack Speed 4%
    Counterattack Damage Reduction 6%
    Lote is good for AoE and nice to have summoned for some extra boss damage.
    At Wonder Rank she will use Claymore 2 times before disappearing which does the most damage.

    Maxed Stats
    Mana Recovery 2.5%
    Max Mana Increased 100
    Cooldown Reduction 3%
    Sarasvati is good to have around since she can cancel bosses such as Shaggai, Bari, Hyperion, etc.
    Also due to Derrick's damage being RNG through Axe Frenzy, sometimes your bossing could take a bit longer than normal, so if you ever get into a situation where it turns bad for you, then you can heal 40% of your HP while dealing damage and stunning the boss all at the same time.
    Sarasvati also gives you an additional 5% Attack Speed which is more attack speed for Derrick since he's slow.

    Abel: Poisonous Priest
    Maxed Stats
    Mana Recovery Per-Second 1.5
    Damage Reduction 4%
    Damage increase to knocked down monsters 6%
    Abel is another AoE Sidekick that also does nice damage to bosses, there is also a 5% chance when you attack to place a poison zone.

    Enkidra: Thorn
    Maxed Stats
    Critical Hit Chance 3%
    Damage Reduction 4%
    Attack Speed 3%
    Enkidra is a very good bossing Sidekick because she does true damage which means she'll ignore any type of shield/barrier effects.
    The damage she does is decent, and gives you 20% Critical Rate for 10 seconds after used, Enkida also gives you more Attack Speed which is always nice to have for Derrick due to slowness. Yes, I said "She" because Enkidra is actually a Female, not a Male.

    I am currently experimenting with other Sidekicks so this may be changed later, but this is what I use and recommend if you don't know what to use.
    This doesn't mean use them permanently since some Third World maps will require other sidekicks due to mechanics.
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      Reserved again for future purposes.


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        Nice guide friend ! Thanks ... Any tips for a good boss and AOE rotation ? thx


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          Originally posted by Misterpeppe View Post
          Nice guide friend ! Thanks ... Any tips for a good boss and AOE rotation ? thx
          Not necessarily any rotations since quite a few of Derrick's skills have rather long cooldowns, but what I would do is use this combination which is heavily affected by RNG when going up against endgame bosses.

          The key to this is to try and get Axe Frenzy to proc by using as much MP as possible.
          (SAVE Enkidra until Axe Frenzy activates.)
          When Axe Frenzy does activate, use Warrior's Theme if it wasn't used yet along with Enkidra for the Crit Rate buff, and just use your Normal Combos only, for the duration of Warrior's Theme while using Body Blow every chance you get while it's off CD.

          1. Rock Smash (5 Key)

          2. Titan Slam (4 Key)
          This is to get them out of the way since they'll be on 30~40 second CD.

          3. Earth Throw (E Key)

          4. Body Blow (1 Key)

          5. Leap Shatter (RMB)

          6. Twister (2 Key) *Don't use for damage
          Cancel this immediately with another Leap Shatter(RMB) to burn a total of 180 MP to try and trigger Axe Frenzy skill mod on Shoes.

          7. Warrior's Theme (T Key)

          8. Earth Shatter (LMB+RMB / Both Clicks)
          Hopefully RNG was nice, and Axe Frenzy Proc'd. If not, continue to Step 9 and beyond.

          9. Normal Attack for 1 ~ 3 seconds until Twister is off CD.

          10. Twister (2 Key) *Don't use for damage
          Cancel this with Warrior's Entrance(Spacebar) to consume an additional 200 MP for Axe Frenzy since Twister can't be canceled with RMB during Warrior's Theme.

          Hopefully Axe Frenzy activated, if it didn't then just proceed to use Enkidra for the crit rate increase and normal attack the boss while in your Warrior's Theme and use Body Blow every chance you get when it's off CD.
          If this happens, then your run might take a bit longer, this is one of the Cons to Derrick because without Axe Frenzy's buff, his bossing is "meh" since he's slow.

          I didn't mention "Come at me!" (3 Key) or Nuke Punch (R Key) because you should just spam those whenever.