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    Contributors: Antary

    Are we friends? [Wolf Spirit]:
    After [Wolf Spirit] uses rip apart and the cooldown has expired, summon another Wolf Spirit

    Eclipse [Yomi]:
    Each time when [Yata no Kagami] is placed or [Wolf Spirt] is commanded to attack, Eclipse's effect is applied. Eclipse reduces the cost of next [Yomi] summoned by 50%, which can stack up to 3 times.

    Spirit Flower [Cheat Death]:
    When [Cheat Death] activates and recovers your hp, also recover your mana, up to 120.

    Spirit Enhance: Red [Magatama of Origin]:
    When using [Magatama] one extra red magatama is generated. When 3 red magatama are generated, explosion will be 500%. More red magatama generated, bigger explosion.

    Soul Siphon [Dark Cradle]:
    Recover 12 mana when you kill an enemy with [Dark Cradle].

    Firm Judgment [Underworld Arbiter]
    Up to 5 [Underworld Arbiter] can be called upon at one time

    Glory Days [Yata no Kagami]
    When [Yata no Kagami] has been placed and the skill is on cooldown, critical damage increases 15% - 50%. The more [Yata no Kagami] are placed, the stronger the critical damage.

    Ruby Tears [Abyssal Ruby]
    Enemies hit by [Abyssal Ruby's] explosion will be inflicted with a bleed that deals maximum of 3% DoT.

    4 Phantoms [Illusion Trick]
    The number of phantoms summoned by [Illusion Trick] will be increased to 4. The 4th phantom will form a thread with the 2 nearest phantoms

    Rest in Peace [Gate of the Underworld]
    When [Gate of the Underworld] is used, it'll pull enemies toward the gate. When it disappears, the last hit will have 50% increased radius and damage.

    Dimensional Compression [Dimension Jump]
    [Dimension Jump] is now chargeable. Fully charged [Dimension Jump] does 400% damage. Also has larger attack radius and pulling effect.

    Deep Inhale [Dark Breath: Inhale]
    [Dark Breath: Inhale's] attack radius will be increased by 50% and have pulling effect.

    Hanging Dark Clouds [Summon: Izanagi]
    Size of Dark Clouds hanging by Izanagi will increase by 50% and the DoT of the clouds will also increase by 50%.

    Preparation [Abyssal Butterfly]
    When [Abyssal Butterfly] is activated and there are boss/champion/mutant monsters nearby, Izanami's attack and defense will increase by 10%

    Mantra Field [Meditation of God]
    [Meditation of God's] radius attack will increase by 50% and all enemies within the radius will be slowed by 30%.

    Cries of Vengeful Spirits [Transform: Goddess of the Underworld]
    The hit radius of [Transform: Goddess of the Underworld's] E skill increases by 50%. In the location of the attack, a field will appear that'll inflict 1570% DoT.

    Brilliant Cut [Jewel Strike]
    Izanami will summon a diamond spear every time she fires 8 jewels from [Jewel Strike]. Previously it was 12 jewels.


    Yomi Propogation [Yomi]
    When [Yomi] is activated during cooldown 3 Yomis are summoned

    Spirit Enhance: Yellow [Magatama of Origin]
    When using [Magatama] one extra yellow magatama is generated. When 3 yellow magatama are generated, yellow gems will appear to shoot 4 enemies with lasers that deal up to 1160% damage. Up to 8 enemies can be targeted and maximum damage is 1600%.

    Aligned Jewels [Abyssal Ruby]
    [Abyssal Ruby] can be activated without a casting animation and the cooldown will be reduced by 25%.

    Lightning General's Spirit [Summon: Izanagi]
    [Izanagi] will taunt enemies and his attack radius will increase by 50%.

    Equal in Death [Transform: Goddess of the Underworld]
    For a short duration, boss/mutant/champion that are hit by [Transform]'s basic attack will have their attack power (15%), movement speed (15%), and attack speed (25%) reduced. In addition they will receive 7% more damage. This effect does not stack.

    Vanity Table [Yata no Kagami]
    When installing [Yata no Kagami], the mirrors will move in a certain pattern and damage will increase by 30%.

    Hope Diamond [Jewel Strike]
    When [Jewel Strike's] diamond skill activates, there's a 20% chance that multiple blue diamond spears will be summoned.

    Strongest Lightning Master [Summon: Izanagi]
    When [Izanagi] interrupts an enemy's attack, he will throw a red lightning bolt that deals 500% damage and stuns the enemy.

    Thread of Fate [Illusion Trick]
    The last phantom summoned by [Illusion Trick] will be connected by a thread to Izanami.

    Abyssal Breath [Dark Breath: Exhale]
    [Dark Breath: Exhale's] damage will be increased by 40%

    Dark Embrace [Dark Cradle]
    Enemies nearby an enemy affected by [Dark Cradle] will also receive DoT

    Drunk with Ecstasy [Abyssal Butterfly]
    Enemies touched by [Abyssal Butterfly] will receive 8% increased damage for a short duration

    Strange World [Kaleidoscope Dome]
    500% damage is dealt to a wide radius surrounding [Kaleidoscope Dome] and nearby enemies will be pulled toward the kaleidoscope.

    Burn in Hell [Underworld Arbiter]
    Enemies hit by [Underworld Arbiter] may be inflicted with a 400% burning DoT. Shortly after they will explode and deal 300% to nearby enemies.

    Dreamt a Sweet Dream [Dream State]
    While [Dream State] is activated, if the remaining hp is at least 50%, attack power will increase by 10%.

    Lightning Slip [Illusion Slip]
    [Illusion Slip's] movement speed increases by 30%. Nearby attacking enemies will be hit by lightning that inflicts 320% damage, 100% more damage on boss/mutant/champion monsters.

    Starved Wolf [Wolf Spirit]
    When [Wolf Spirit] kills an enemy with rip apart, the wolf's duration will increase by 2 seconds. Max duration increase is 16 seconds.

    Soul Collector [Hell Giant's Arm]
    After striking down with [Hell Giant's Arm], enemies that will die from 1500 damage will be dragged into the ground to their deaths. Excluding the aforementioned grabbed enemies, nearby enemies will be slowly grabbed and receive 1225 DoT.

    Space Distortion [Dimension Jump]
    When [Dimension Jump] is activated, Izanami will jump behind an enemy within 5-10m of the targeted direction and create a space distortion between the starting to mid-point that will inflict 110% damage.

    Freedom Within Ruin [Dark Aura]
    When [Dark Aura] is active, right mouse click movement skills' mana cost are reduced. [Dimension Slip] and [Illustion Trick] are 15, [Goddess of Underworld's] High Jump is 10.

    Wake Up Izanami [Cheat Death]
    When [Cheat Death] activates, quickly press right mouse click to recover 20% hp.
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    Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes [Dark Cradle]
    Enemy affected by [Dark Cradle] will have its movement speed reduced by 20% and damage received increased by 7%.

    Mana Overload [Dream State]
    While [Dream State] is activated, critical damage increases based on 2% of total mana.

    Trinity [Magatama of Origin]
    When using [Magatama of Origin] and all 3 colors appear, Izanami will receive all 3 buffs effects.

    Curved Beam [Yata no Kagami]
    [Yata no Kagami's] basic attack will become a beam that inflicts 250% damage. After the beam hits the initial target, it can hit one more target.

    Darkness Destruction [Transform: Goddess of the Underworld]
    When [Goddess of the Underworld] ends and there are enemies nearby, 1100 damage will be inflicted upon them and they will faint. When casting Darkness Destruction, Izanami is invulnerable. The faint effect cannot be resisted unless the monster is large.

    Focused Meditation [Meditation of God]
    [Mediation of God's] DoT radius is increased by 30%. Killing an enemy with the skill or attacking a boss/mutant/champion with it will recover 20 mana. When it attacks a boss/mutant/champion, the mana recovery effect procs every 2 seconds.

    Snake's Regeneration [Orochi]
    When [Orochi] explodes, there's a 25% chance that another Orochi will be summoned and take its place.

    Into Your Heart [Abyssal Ruby]
    Each ruby from [Abyssal Ruby] will now fly toward a designated target. The ruby will prioritize boss/champion/mutant monsters first and inflict 40% more damage.

    Wolf Bomb [Wolf Spirit]
    Instead of [Wolf Spirit's] basic attack, they will fire a bomb that inflicts 180% damage to nearby enemies.

    Eyes into the Abyss [Abyssal Rift]
    Skills that activate the effects of [Abyssal Rift] will have their cooldown reduced by 40%. Applicable skills: Abyssal Ruby, Izanagi, Kaleidoscope, Transform: Goddess of the Underworld, Orochi, Gate of the Underworld, and Hell Giant's Arm. Only the final skill that activates the rift gets the cooldown reduction.


    Kagutsuchi [Summon: Izanagi]
    When using [Summon: Izanagi], a wall of fire will be formed between the siblings. The fire will inflict 220% striking damage, up to a maximum of 2000% DoT. During that time, enemies affected by the skill will receive 10% additional damage. Very brief.

    8 Headed Snake [Orochi]
    8 [Orochi] are summoned

    Unleash Magic [Dream State]
    While [Dream State] is activated, every time 400 mana is used, for a short duration attack power toward boss/champion/mutant monsters is increased by 5%. This effect can stack 3 times.

    Path of Death [Illusion Trick]
    The thread formed between phantoms from [Illusion Trick] will inflict 150% damage every 1.5 seconds rather than a DoT.

    Enraged Wolf [Wolf Spirit]
    For each wolf from [Wolf Spirit] that is ripping apart an enemy, critical hit chance will increase by 7%.

    Dark Matter [Jewel Strike]
    For every other first strike from [Jewel Strike], Izanami will fire a homing black object

    Hell Fireball [Abyssal Rift]
    [Abyssal Rift] will erupt 2-3 more balls of fire and a chance to erupt a purple hell fireball. The hell fireball inflicts 1000% striking damage and will target higher ranked monsters.

    Two Cradles [Dark Cradle]
    A chance to affect 2 monsters with [Dark Cradle]

    A New Toy [Kaleidoscope Dome]
    While there is a champion/boss/mutant monster caught in the [Kaleidoscope Dome], all other enemies within the dome will receive DoT.

    Seven Rubies [Abyssal Ruby]
    7 [Abyssal Ruby] will be generated

    Spirit: Enhance Blue [Magatama of Origin]
    When using [Magatama] one extra blue magatama is generated. When 3 blue magatama are generated, for a set duration a blue whirlwind will follow enemies and inflict 1680% DoT. The size and damage of the whirlwind will increase depending on number of blue magatama generated.

    Underworld's Queen Butterfly [Abyssal Butterfly]
    While pressing spacebar during [Abyssal Butterfly], Izanagi will throw jewels at 3 random enemies that inflict 550% damage. The jewel throw will cost 30 mana.

    Additional Punishment [Underworld Arbiter]
    When [Underworld Arbiter] activates, there's a chance for powerful lightning to strike down and inflict 400% damage. The chance for this effect to occur increased up to 50% depending on how many enemies are airborne or when boss/champions are in the air.

    Hellfire [Dark Breath: Exhale]
    Every 3 times [Dark Breath: Exhale] is used, Izanami will spew a large, black flame that will inflict 840% damage and push enemies away.

    Mirror Mirror [Yata no Kagami]
    When the cooldown ends after placing the [Yata no Kagami], there's a chance for 4 or 6 of them to appear all at once.

    Hell Giant's Party [Hell Giant's Arm]
    When using [Hell Giant's Arm], 100 mana will be consumed and 1-3 additional [Hell Giant's Arm] will appear near Izanami. These arms will not have grabbing motion.

    Eternal Hell [Gate of the Underworld]
    Increase the damage to enemies near [Gate of the Underworld] by 50% and deal additional 30% more to boss/mutant/champion monsters.

    Soul Fire [Illusion Slip]
    Enemies hit by [Illusion Slip] will have a soul fire follow them that inflicts 540% damage and the effect costs 30 more mana. Soul Fire does 50% more damage to boss/champion/mutant monsters

    Hymn of the Underworld [Transform: Goddess of the Underworld]
    Transform: Goddess of the Underworld's duration increased by 30%.

    Tsukuyomi [Yomi]
    If R is held while activating [Yomi], the skill becomes Tsukuyomi, which costs additional 100 mana. Tsukuyomi will grab and drag enemies along.

    Dark Aura Acceleration [Dark Aura]
    When [Dark Aura's] DoT hit count effect activates, there's a 20% chance that all remaining skill cooldowns will be reduced by 35% and mana will be recovered by double.


    Snake Tamer [Orochi]
    [Orochi] can be activated without a casting animation and the duration is 40% longer.

    Ruler of the Abyss [Abyssal Rift]
    The skill count required to activate [Abyssal Rift] will be reduced by 1.

    Transcending Meditation [Meditation of God]
    When [Mediation of God] is in use, skills without casting motions can be used. They include Yata no Kagami, Wolf Spirit, Kaleidoscope Dome, and Izanagi.

    Absorption [Dimension Jump]
    Once every 12 seconds, 3-10% will be recovered depending on the number of enemies hit by [Dimension Jump]. Maximum hp will be recovered if either 7 enemies are hit or boss/champion/mutant monster is hit.

    Revive [Dark Cradle]
    An enemy affected by [Dark Cradle] has a chance to be revived. When he dies, he'll inflict 500% damage and be revived as an ally for a short duration. After a set duration or he receives 10 hits, he'll explode for 1050% damage upon death.

    Underworld Twins [Gate of the Underworld & Summon: Izanagi]
    If both [Gate of the Underworld] and [Izanagi] have been summoned, a road will form between them. Each time either of them are activated, they will reduce the cooldown of the other skill by 15%.

    Phantom Magatama [Magatama of Origin]
    When using [Magatama of Origin], if [Illusion Trick] is also equipped, the phantom from [Illusion Trick] will also throw a magatama that counts toward the magatama counter.

    World of Yomi [Yomi]
    Each time [Yomi] is used, the remaining cooldown for [Dark Breath], [Abyssal Butterfly], and [Meditation of God] is reduced by 1 second.

    Restore [Dark Aura]
    For every 25s of [Dark Aura's] duration, 150 mana is recovered and all remaining cooldown is reduced by 10%.
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