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Something Most Guide don't Explain/give Detail for New players to know.

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  • Something Most Guide don't Explain/give Detail for New players to know.

    I'm sure you heard all these Guides Before on B and what people Perf. and Ect. But this Guide more Toward players like me who went blindly 1st in one the most high skill Level Characters, and end up very good and ect on them, In this is my B thought, setup, and maybe give you some insight on things overlooked, and ect. Please note I'll only Talk about B as this my 3rd Day playing/Only character I know and can use to Explain skills.

    Let Talk about Skill, and the only skill I find Valued at the end phase so Far.

    1st off, if your like me Just jump into the game , you'll see comic and they are kinda insightful and helpful to a Degree, they let you know their an NPC right away that can Sell and Good to Just but Gear Generally from 16-66, unless you get an Epic Drop, then you might want to Look into skill and ect on what you Wanted.

    Like the 1st Epic pair of Pants you get(literally). Will last for a few levels, and will be your 1st Free Epic.

    Reading how Weapon , or skill Affect by item you take, or passives, are an very key Factor Also, Many Guide Tell you what they Pref, but Mixing it up to find what suit you might be better then most Guide, like on B some Refuse and say (B's Q/ W-up Ability)Reckless Charge Can Be Cancel Mid way, but if you get one Phantom Charge, on your Weapon, and Skewer You can Heal up very nicely and As i mention you can Cancel mid way in the "run" by using some other ability but the Phantom's run off with the ones they Skewered, Letting you limited you who fight and Very Hand, This one Example can change from character to character.

    Not All SP should be split Even/Put into on Skill. Now I know to many Vet's of the game are going back mouth me and Say put 5/6 in all Skill so they all gain alot, but as I mention This isn't an guide on this this is an overview and something EVERYONE need look at. Let me Put for Example.

    B's Toxic Blood, an Very Core of Making Him lose 5% of his HP and make an Foe Orange, and Let you Deal more damage, put an DoT(Damage Over Time), and every time you hit them, it heal you more, Sound Wonderful and something You want to put SP in right? I personally Leave mine at 0, Why? Let me Exaplin to those nay-sayers.

    At it Base, Toxic Blood Max Damage spike to 1000% on Normals, but 1600%, on Champion or higher, But this is where it really comes into question the HP recovery on Normal 0.5% and 1.2% on Champion and highers, and you Recover 2% if the mob dies Sound Amazing, and like something should max out so B's HP can stay topped and Not have HP problem and Orange up Everyone Right? well wrong.

    Let say you Max it out to 10/10 which is 15 SP, it new stat's Become 1524.8% on Normal Damage, and 2440% on Champion and highers (THAT DAMAGE ,right?), but oh this isn't very impressive..... only 0.6% HP per sec on Normals, and what still 1.2%?for Bosses , Champion and Mutants! and when Orange mobs die you Recover 2.7%, right? How that Sustaining him to go to more Mobs, and how is that keeping him Health with HP? Cause it not.
    (Picture Link as you can see it self)

    -Note if this is a Bug, it an Very Over looked, or this how it really is, as I feel no real Difference Between the 10 or 0 Version, so this isn't something to look at sure Boss get Melted but I can put points in something like and you Want a Mob to be Hit Slightly more then Dying Quickly as Attack Speed is B friend and the Faster you hit the quicker you Heal and more Enemies Get Orange, and Before you know it you can stay top out max HP and kill tons of mobs without worrying for HP being Gone.-

    Also While We're on top of Reading Things, and doing math on skill as I mention it take about 15 SP, to max out a Skill to 10/10 most skill your best off at 10/10 if they give you a unqie Passive like B's Dual Sword Style increased 10% Atk speed at 10/10. This helps ALL his skill , so should be Sought for quickly as you can Then Heal, and as it give you Mana use his Blue Mask to Heal him, While just Auto Attacking Mobs, This is something I wished most people or Guide Talked about, but overlooked. So I beg most new player like my Case don't blindly Follow Guides, and do some insight and Reading and Math upon yourself and ect, just cause an guide is well know, or on the top of the forum doesn't mean it the best nor might not suit your style find your own path, read, and ect.

    Not Let get into Item building and What To look for!
    As I mention Above find thing that will give you more Damage, give your skill an newer unqie style, or in general change how you use the skill like Orange Blade on B cost 7% hp, but there is an Perk to Change it where it used 150 Mana and not 7% HP (link again :
    This changes all those Guide talking about how it cost hp and don't use , to an very spam for only 150 mana! which is an HELL YEAH over the 7% your Max HP over and over, and when you max it out with it 20% cooldown of 10 seconds to 8, you can clear mobs without wasting HP.

    This is mainly to put Awareness to people who Follow Guide to the Core thinking it'll make them OP, but then complain how it not working or they can't get X thing and they only got X on their Gear.

    Which take me to my next point in this guide for people.

    If YOU, are very unlucky, and can't get the Gear you want with the Stuff YOU like/want/Need - Change Your build to suit your bonuses , You have Siege? as one your Passive but you like the heavy run around Style find that one Skill that make you Sit Style or change from mouse to Keyboard and attack the Air and let the Mobs come to you. Is it Viable? Yes with common Mobs/ mini Mob Bosses (not the mini bosses before you get to the Real Boss) it very much Viable, unless thy force you to move, but that Beside the point that just an Example To make the most of what you have.

    Which Leads me to my final Part about Gear, As Gear say what your Depth is, So Gear kidna control you til you get to level 70+ with 170 Depth Gear, to get to the Special place to buy Epic Gear/Level 70 Rare Gear.
    So you'll End up Grinding as new player if you don't have Mate/Girly to help you out buying the gear and trading it to you, and ect, So the Grind part of the game from 150-170, and the Gear that has "Exp" under it get slightly higher Depth as you get more exp in it, While you want Gear that fix your style/ other gear, don't be shy to just change you Build swap your SP and build upon that gear to quickly get to the 170 Depth, like what i'm doing, if your not VIP, and unlucky you'll most likely not be rich enough to buy everything on the market also as new player, Or an Vet who just invested money on upgrade and ect for their main Weapon and ect.

    Also know that Sidekick don't need be spam'd/Used for them to get Exp, on them so don't spam them willy nilly , save them and understand their ability, like Myraid Heal'sand ect, or whatever, Be Smart and think wisely and don't just Face roll like I see so many does, Maya Necklace Fragments are an very important thing for upgrading your Gear, and If you wasting it all the time you'll be Dismantling more and more gear, when you could just be selling some those gear drop to npc/market.

    P.S To the people Identifying Gear then Selling on the Market, then complain (those in chat mainly) know that those spec make other classes shy away from the Gear, so if you have better gear, or high Depth, already and just doing it to find a lotto, just sell your epic+ gear without identifying as it might let an other class buy it, and be able to have it perks for their skill insed an Passive. Be Considering to new players as most like in my case Are grinding to 170 Depth, and when you have gear going for 1m, for Class Spec Can't even be used by an other class it make the Gear worthless ,and most likely cause as many know the current Event in place, most are for the Loli's Underworld goddess, and removing the market from other classes, which is very sad thing, think of newer players, and how much quicker it be to get more people to higher Depth so maybe their gear for All Classes! not one type only

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    Proof-reading and fixing all the typos, highlighting key points would help A LOT if you're making a guide. Especially, when it's this long.


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      Originally posted by seph View Post
      Proof-reading and fixing all the typos, highlighting key points would help A LOT if you're making a guide. Especially, when it's this long.
      looks fine when I read it, I have dyslexia , and I am Sorry it not up to your stander, but having dyslexia make it hard to see what wrong, even with proof Reading it seem right, and Typo's I hardly see anything with the Red underscore.....