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  • Character Guide [Jerry]

    Guide is still in progress, have mercy

    Sadly, there's only 1 guide about Jerry, and it's author is inactive.
    So I'm making one. Feel free to correct me and my typos.

    Have you ever thought about playing Jerry, but you just couldn't decide or you just thought Jerry may be too hard / weak? Probably not, but I'm here nevertheless.
    This guide will give you an insight into HeroWarz' bouncy slugger.

    Short Introduction
    Jerry is a female baseball player, and the counterpart to Tom, a pitcher. She can switch between Melee and Ranged, while this guide will focus on 'Melee Jerry'.
    Many people say she's weak compared to characters like Derrick, Mac or Izanami. Especially Izanami.
    However, she's still a solid choice and I never had problems ingame.

    Jerry has excellent monster-grouping (aka cc-skills) and heavy AoE (area of effect) damage.
    In my opinion, she isn't very mod-dependent, but there are some useful modifications which will boost your damage-output and survivability.

    There's a ranged build at the end of this guide.
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    What skills should I choose?

    In comparison to other characters, Jerry's skillset is small.
    Mine looks like this:

    [Basic Attack (4th Batter's Swing)] Pretty self-explanatory. One of the first you should max.

    [Twin Shot] Extra damage on knocked down enemies.(costs 0 mana)


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      [Spurt] You get around alot faster. I take this over [Base Smash] because it costs less, offers more mobility and it's modification is insanely strong.
      At the end Jerry performs a slide, knocking enemies up. 0sec cooldown.

      [Kick Swing] Your bread and butter move. You have it? You use it. Keep in mind that this skill moves you alot, so use it as a gapcloser. You can angle it to your advantage.

      [Boomerang Swing] Another bread and butter skill. It's nothing special, just free damage over time.
      !HAS A SET DISTANCE! Seems to stop at the first enemy hit, though.

      [Spinning Swing] You grab all enemies and hit them 4 times (you need to hold it down). It's great to gather mobs in front of you. Also deals heavy damage.
      I take this over [Ball Swing] because I prefer grouping my enemies. Can be angled and has almost 360° hitbox.


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        [Tire Pop] One of your burst skills. It has alot of striking effects, making it great against bosses. Also huge AoE.
        !HAS A (WEIRD) SET DISTANCE! You move towards the tire when you drop it, making it a huuuge gap-closer.

        [Friendship] Another great burst / dps skill. Toms baseballs seem to track the enemy, but with a limited range.

        [Eyeshield Tackle] Let's face it, [Tyrus Spiral] sucks. So we take this one.
        A football player grabs all enemies he encounters, regenerating mana. Like [Spinning Swing], a great monster-gathering tool.

        [Axe Swing] I take this over [Spear Throwing] because it has a striking effect. I usually use my striking skills to burst the boss, so I can keep this skill to interrupt him.
        More of a utility spell imo, but it also deals alot of damage.
        As you may have guessed, !SET DISTANCE!


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          [Protective Gear] I take this over [Surprise Bunt] because I have no idea what it even does.
          After a short delay a shield activates, blocking a single enemy attack for 2seconds. It's nice for Akira's bombs, e.g. Really simple but effective. DONT MAX THIS.

          [Bat Drill] Huge dps and striking effect. Part of your burst combo. It drills into your enemies, going further with each drill.

          [Focus Mode] A buff, increases your crit chance and mana regeneration. Odd mix, but it does it's job. Activate it before you execute your burst combo.

          [Home Run Promise] Your ultimate skill. You gather all enemies infront of you, and hit them with your bat, dealing insane damage, knocking them back. Afterwards, ALL enemies on your screen are grouped around you. It's also part of your burst combo.


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            [Power Batter] Another buff, your power increases for 10 seconds everytime you kill 10 enemies, stacking 3 times.

            [Cheerleaders] Last buff, whenever you consume 1000mana, you activate this buff, which increases your attack power and reduces your cooldowns for 10 seconds.



            I'll give you a overview and some "important" mods for Jerry.
            Modifications are "Buffs" on your gear, which can change your skills and help you survive later on.

            [Spiral Swing] is my favorite mod. It increases your waveclear so much. When you press rightclick after [Spurt], Jerry jumps into the air while swinging her bat 2 times, BUT if you press (or hold) rightclick afterwards, Jerry will charge a slam, which deals massive AoE damage, knocks enemies up AND gives her invincibility. Invincibility guys.
            Get this one. It's important. It's also the main reason you take [Spurt]. It consumes alot of mana though, be aware of that. However patch 1.69 decreased the overall mana problems, so it doesn't really matter.
            Mod is found on "Top-Gear".


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              [Thrust Slam] is another mod for [Spurt] ,which allows you to grab enemies while jumping into the air and slamming them into the ground. Sounds pretty similar to [Spiral Swing], eh?
              In fact, it is pretty much the same. It costs no mana, but does less damage. BUT you get to be invincible for like ~2seconds, which is alot.
              It's not needed, but nice to have.
              Mod is found "Weapon-Gear".

              [Drill Break] has a huge description, but is rather simple. Your [Bat Drill] does more damage to big monsters and every spin has a striking effect.
              It's really nice for cc-ing bosses and bursting them down.
              Mod is found on "Head-Gear".

              [Overwhelming Power] increases your mana recovery and your enemies have lower attackspeed. Really simple, but it's awesome. More mana = more Spiral Swing.
              Mod is found on "Weapon-Gear".

              [Axe Support] let's you play Derrick for a second, since axes fall down on your enemies while this skill is on cooldown. Gives some great dps.
              Mod is found on "Top-Gear".


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                [Encore Home Run] is probably one of the best modifications for Jerry. You get a chance to use your ult again after you hit a big monster. How cool is that?
                And remember, your ult has no mana cost.
                Mod is found on "Top-Gear".

                [60 Yard Magnum] is a great gathering-mod. The football player now sends out a shockwave at the end of his sprint, gathering all nearby enemies, and throws them back to Jerry.
                Mod is found on "Top-Gear".


                What Burst-Combo are you talking about?

                I mentioned that alot, I know.
                Your main burst combo you should do at every boss, diver etc. is:

                Focus Mode -> Bat Drill -> Friendship -> Tire Pop -> Home Run Promise

                This will strike the boss a million times and deal a ton of damage. Afterwards you can just spam your abilities like Kick Swing or Boomerang Swing, and just repeat your burst combo when it's up again. You can also just do

                Bat Drill -> Friendship -> Tire Pop

                because Home Run Promise has a long cooldown.
                Here's a 10second video with that main combo:

                The Tricks

                Jerry actually has a 'hidden' skill. You can't find it in the Skill-Tree, and nowhere it's mentioned.
                I already talked about it earlier, and it's the main reason we take the [Spiral Swing] modification.
                While Jerry is airborne, you can charge up a slam attack, which knocks enemies up, draws them closer to you and deals a huge amount of damage, while costing barely any mana. [Spiral Swing] lets Jerry jump high into the air, allowing her to perform her slam.
                Note that monster / environment knock-ups count.

                Furthermore, Jerry's [Spinning Swing] and [Kick Swing] can be angled, allowing you to collect and group huge masses of monsters.
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                  Pro's of Jerry:
                  -She's cute
                  -She's hot
                  -A must have for Baseball fans / sport fans
                  -Heavy CC and AoE damage
                  -Isn't really mod-dependent
                  -(lots of invincibility frames)

                  Con's of Jerry:
                  -Can be hard to control
                  -CC may push monsters away from teammates
                  -Doesn't have many skills

                  Here's a Liberation (Hard)-Run, just to give you an impression of Jerry's playstyle.

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                    ALTERNATE (RANGED) PATH:

                    You can also just keep another set of equipment in your inventory for a quick change between melee and ranged.
                    If you want to play or try ranged Jerry, here are some general tips and mods you should look out for:

                    In order to play ranged, you need to take the following skills and level them up, instead of [4th Batter's Swing] and [Power Batter].

                    [Fungo] changes your autohits to ranged ones.
                    [Away Match] is your main ranged buff. It's exactly the same as it's melee counterpart, just with ranged damage-bonus.

                    You may consider using [Ball Swing] and [Spear Throwing] instead of [Spinning Swing] and [Axe Swing].

                    [Ball Swing] doesn't group your enemies, but pushes them to your faced direction. It deals less damage than [Spinning Swing] but is alot faster.
                    [Spear Throwing] is the ranged alternative to [Axe Swing]. It deals less damage and has no striking effect, but has mana recovery, costs 0, bigger AoE, and throws smaller mobs in the air.
                    It also has great mods, e.g. [Spear Explosion] or [Spear Rain].
                    Let's just not talk about the set-distance because this is the worst one of Jerry.

                    Now, the modifications

                    These are great modifications for ranged Jerry.
                    [Flame On!] is also a good mod for melee Jerry, however it's even better for ranged. Your basic attacks deal huge amounts of AoE damage around your target. You basically melt through any enemy. Sadly it's only for 15 seconds.
                    [Party Animal] is the best modification for ranged Jerry. Period. You get increased mana recovery, similar to [Overwhelming Power], but you and your allies get attack speed. It's great for party-play.

                    Honorable mentions are
                    [Go Far!] (enemies hit on max-range of Fungo give you more attack- and movement-speed)
                    [Home Base] (killing enemies with Fungo generates fields which recover mana and shield you)
                    [Fire Ball] (gives your enemies a 'burning'-debuff under certain circumstances)
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                      I just realized Jerry doesn't have many passives


                      • Tabofren
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                        Yeah I know, I said I looked it up and proved myself wrong

                        But I think Ara isn't even new, she just got reworked.

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                        well overall I think your guide is pretty good :')

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                        LunaticBlade Glad to hear that, thanks!

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                      Helpful guide just a quick question.
                      If you switch to melee, all the range moves attack will drop? and if you switch to range, all the melee moves attack will drop?
                      For example, ignoring the passive skills, skills that indicated as "Range" Bat Drill, Boomerang swing, Friendship, etc, all those range attacks will drop if switched to melee?


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                        Originally posted by Flammie View Post
                        Helpful guide just a quick question.
                        If you switch to melee, all the range moves attack will drop? and if you switch to range, all the melee moves attack will drop?
                        For example, ignoring the passive skills, skills that indicated as "Range" Bat Drill, Boomerang swing, Friendship, etc, all those range attacks will drop if switched to melee?
                        I'm not sure what you mean with "drop", but whenever you switch to ranged, you keep your other skills.
                        The only skill that actually affects your other abilities, is your passive [Away Match] or [Power Batter].
                        Away Match affects your Ranged-Attack-Power, which affects Ranged-Skills, e.g. 'Bat Drill' or 'Friendship'.
                        Power Batter buffs your Melee-Attack-Power, so skills like 'Home Run Promise' or 'Kick Swing' deal more damage.

                        So, in a way, the damage of certain skills "drop" whenever you switch between melee and ranged.