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  • Stats Guide and Formulas

    I've been investigating on the stats lately so I'll just paste my results here
    So far, it's hard to estimate how much "Attack Power / Defense / HP / HP Recovery" is given as it's core value depends on depth which doesn't seem to scale in a linear pattern.

    Let's start from Depth

    The average depth of your equipped equip is not simply "Base Depth + Equip Depth Average", I didn't calculate how it does exactly split (it doesn't really matter), but each equip piece has its own percentage of influence towards Depth (being all on same Depth grade).

    Depth Weight, that's the way I call it and this is the weight order so far:

    - Weapon
    - Top / Bottom
    - Gloves / Shoes
    - Head / Waist / Shoulder
    - Accessories

    As for the Equip Depth, equip also has its own growth pattern related to depth but I couldn't find a logical formula that does match all gears. It either is a different growth formula for each equip or they just have some "random" values not connected by a formula.

    As for the Character Depth, which comes from base level (max 70 Depth from level) plus the equip average, for every point into "Character Depth" an amount of stats is given, that is:
    - HP
    - HP Recovery
    - Attack Power
    - Defense

    Let's now talk about Stats in detail:

    HP Increase Rate %: It does increase your Max HP by a % based on your base Max HP (which comes from your Depth)

    Attack Power: It does ONLY scale with your Character Depth. Further Attack Power is added through gear "+Attack Power" or "+Attack Power %". Every weapon on the same tier and grade does have the same Attack Power, be it a "Powerful" weapon or an "Efficient" one.

    Attack Speed: As the game already says, this is how much your attack speed will be increased. It does work as a multiplier to your main "Attack Speed" source which is your weapon.

    Weapon Power: It does work as a multiplier to your final Attack Power. 100 Weapon Power means your Attack Power will be 100%.

    Weapon Speed: This is the main stat for your Attack Speed. 100 Weapon Speed means your attack speed is on a 100% cycle.

    Mana Speed: It does increase/decrease your base Mana Recovery per Second which is 1% of your base Max Mana (800 for all character).
    Therefore base Mana Recovery per Second is 8. It doesn't include the extra Mana Recovery per Second which is a static stat.

    BaseManaRec * [(ManaSpeed - 100) * 5 + 100]%
    BaseManaRec + [(ManaSpeed - 100) * BaseManaRec/20]

    Simplified Formula:
    8 + [(ManaSpeed - 100) * 0,4]

    Mana Recovery per Second: As already stated, it does add extra Mana Recovery per Second in a static way. It is not affected by Mana Speed.

    Cooldown Speed: This does increase/decrease the Skills' Base Cooldown by a %.
    100 Cooldown Speed means your Skill Cooldown shown on the skills tooltip won't be affected.
    150 Cooldown Speed will reduce your Skill Cooldown by 50%

    SkillCD * (200 - CooldownSpeed)%

    Cooldown Reduction: This does reduce the remaining time for Skills as well as Sidekicks to "cool down".

    CooldownTime * (100 - CooldownReduction)%

    As for Cooldown Speed vs Cooldown Reduction it all depends on your use.
    When both are at least on their base values, 100 and 0%, their overall effect is the same concerning Skills. (Yet Cooldown Reduction also works on Sidekicks).

    If you raise your Cooldown Speed, however, you'd already shorted your "remaining time to cool down" therefore it would take way more Cooldown Reduction to achieve a good impact.

    Example: If a skill does have "20 Seconds Cooldown" and we have "150 Cooldown Speed", the skill will have "10 Seconds Cooldown". This means that with 50 Cooldown Speed above the base 100 value, we cut the Cooldown by half (10 seconds). Yet, if we want to reduce 10 seconds more from the remaining 10 seconds through Cooldown Reduction we're going to need 100% of it to achieve that.

    Final Formula for Cooldown:

    SkillCD * (200 - CooldownSpeed)% * (100 - CooldownReduction)%

    As for the non-mentioned stats they're just straight-forward the way they are.

    Enjoy and feel free to leave comments or questions
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    That's why I dont see much difference trying out a Powerful weapon, switching from balanced in terms of numbers. Thanks


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      Originally posted by Rhinoserious View Post
      That's why I dont see much difference trying out a Powerful weapon, switching from balanced in terms of numbers. Thanks
      But you should.


      • Rhinoserious
        Rhinoserious commented
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        Sorry from Enhanced* it's like 10 weapon power

      • seph
        seph commented
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        Idk. I know i tested the difference of Enhanced and Powerful with my Mary. I have a mod for +30% damage on a certain skill on my Enhanced weapon, and nothing on Powerful weapon.

        They both hit for the same amount, Powerful being even slightly stronger, to be honest.

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      I'd really love for training/test dummies or some easy way for the mathy people to really get into some accurate testing, especially for weapon types. Powerful feels like it would still be king, but I'd still be interested in the numbers.