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    Head Mods

    Desk Smasher [ Desk Smash ]
    -Increases attack radius of [Desk Smash]. Enemies hit by the attack will have a bleed effect that deals continuous damage.

    Nitro Supply [ Nitro Punch ]
    -Killing enemies or attacking Boss, champion, or Mutant monsters with [Nitro Punch] will recover mana.

    Happy Little Discoveries [ Lighting the Fuse ]
    -Finding a fuse through [Lighting the Fuse] will increase attack speed for a short duration.

    Walking Volcano [ Volcanic Rage]
    -You can move during [Volcanic Rage] and deal additional damage by forming more volcanos while moving.

    Exploding Acorns [ Flaming Chipmunk ]
    -Killing enemies with [Flaming Chipmunk] will attach a time bomb on Ramirez from [Walking Time Bomb].

    Angry Flashback [ Anger Management ]
    -You can use [Anger Management] 1 time when [Anger Management] is in cooldown.

    Pyromaniac [ Burning Man ]
    -If enemies damaged by [Burning Man] is killed, attack power is increased for short duration.

    Jet Hamster [ Ronaldinho ]
    -Hamsters from [Ronaldinho] will deal more damage to enemies under Jet Burn State.

    Ember [ Anaerobic Vacuum ]
    -A flame that deals continuous damage will attach to a nearby enemy for 4 seconds after activating [Anaerobic Vacuum].

    Flame Rush [ Chain Explosion ]
    -Cooldown reduction rate is increased when [Chain Explosion] is activated.

    Mana Blast [ Limit Breaker > Blast ]
    -If [Limit Breaker] has been selected, mana will be consumed instead of HP when using [Blast] during cooldown.
    Top Mods

    Nine Grab [ Blazing Nine ]
    -Attack power is increased everytime an enemy is grabbed trough [Blazing Nine]. This effect stacks up to 9 times.

    Exploding Jabs [ Nitro Punch ]
    -Killing enemies with [Nitro Punch] deals damage trough explosion.

    Emergency Nitro Supply [ Nitro Bombing ]
    -Attacking Boss, Champion, or Mutant monsters with [Nitro Bombing] will increase mana and damage reduction rate for a short duration.

    Mana Stomp [ Stomp ]
    -Attacking enemies with [Stomp] will recover mana.

    Critical Desk [ Desk Smash ]
    -Attacking enemies with [Desk Smash] will cause Boss, Champion, Mutant monsters to faint and increase received damage rate.

    Time is Penny [ Walking Time Bomb ]
    -When a time bomb is generated trough [Walking Time Bomb], attack speed and movement speed is increased for a short duration.

    Magma Eruption [ Rocket Jump ]
    -The landing spot of [Rocket Jump] will have a volcano eruption to deal additional damage.

    Lucky Punch [ Limit Breaker > Macho Punch ]
    -The cooldown for [Macho Punch] will not activate when it is used while [Walking Time Bomb] is activated. If [Limit Breaker] is selected and [Macho Punch] is used while it is on cooldown, the cooldown for [Macho Punch] will not activate.

    Connected Fuse [ Lighting the Fuse ]
    -If the fuses found trought [Lighting the Fuse] explodes, it may cause nearby enemies to also light a fuse.

    White Dwarf Star [ Solar Flare ]
    -Every 3 times [Solar Flare] is used, throw an enormous white fire ball from the air in the targeted direction instead of [Solar Flare]. When [White Dwarf Star] is activated, the cooldown for [Solar Flare] is increased.

    Cool Battle [ I´m So Cool ]
    -When an enemy is killed during [I´m So Cool], the cooldown reduction rate is increased for a short duration.

    Battle Joy [ Thrill of Battle ]
    -Enemies hit by [Thrill of Battle] will have increased received damage rate for a short duration.

    Jet Hamster Attack! [ Jet Punch ]
    -Every 3 times [Jet Punch] is used, a jet hamster from [Ronaldinho] will charge forward.

    Slow and Steady [ Ronaldinho ]
    -Duration of hamsters coming out during [Ronaldinho] will increase.

    Furious Headbutt [ Limit Breaker > Exploding Headbutt ]
    -If [Limit Breaker] is selected, HP will not be consumed when the remaining HP is less than 50% of max HP even when using [Exploding Headbutt] during cooldown.

    Muscle Recovery [ Limit Breaker ]
    -If [Limit Breaker] is selected, increase attack power for a short duration every time 30% of max HP is recovered.

    Jet Synergy [ Jet Burn ]
    -If [Jet Burn] is selected, attack power is increased when there are more than 5 enemies with Jet Burn effect.

    Jet Explosion [ Jet Burn > Blast ]
    -If [Jet Burn] is selected, enemies hit by [Blast] will be under Jet Burn state for a short duration.

    Jet Illusion [ Jet Run ]
    -Sometimes killing enemies under Jet Burn status effect will create a mark. Moving with [Jet Run] when the mark is present will create an exploding illusion in the moving route.

    Triplets [ Furious Flame ]
    -When remaining HP is less than 30% of the max HP, an additional Fury is summoned when activating [Furious Flame].

    Sturdy Cylinder [ Plutonium Cylinder ]
    -The skill duration time for [Plutonium Cylinder] is increased and the attack power of allies within the continuous damage radius is increased.
    Bottom Mods

    Nine-Nine! [ Blazing Nine ]
    -While Striking effect will disappear for [Blazing Nine], damage will increase and cooldown rate will decrease.

    Flame Upper [ Nitro Punch ]
    -Uppercut attack during [Nitro Punch] will cause flames to burst to deal continuous damage.

    Unleash Anger [ Anger Management ]
    -The attack radius and damage for [Anger Management] will increase.

    Chipmunk Wheel [ Flaming Chipmunk ]
    -Every 3 times [Flaming Chipmunk] is used, deliver a rapid spin attack on the ground and a somersault attack. You can move while spinning rapidly on the ground.

    Nitro Chain [ ChainExplosion>Nitro Bombing ]
    -If [Chain Explosion] is selected, chain explosion will be activated everytime an enemy dies from [Nitro Bombing].

    Hamster Rush [ Ronaldinho ]
    -Hamsters will come out in shorter intervals during [Ronaldinho].

    Total Rampage [ Burning Man ]
    -When [Burning Man] is activated, everytime more than 20% of Max HP is consumed, 10% of HP will be recovered while attack speed is increased for a short duration.

    Iron Palm [ Desk Smash ]
    -Enter Super Armor state during [Desk Smash] and create a barrier when hit during [Desk Smash].

    Critical Punch [ Macho Punch ]
    -When [Macho Punch] is charged to the max, the enemy hit first will receive additional damage. If the enemy hit by the additional damage dies, a time bomb from [Walking Time Bomb] is attached.

    Wind Kick [ Stomp ]
    -Create a sharp forward wind attack with a turning kick after [Stomp]. The wind deals damage to enemies and sometimes deals even more damage with Critical Attack.

    Volcanic Vacumm [ Volcanic Rage > Anaerobic Vacuum ]
    -[Anaerobic Vacumm] activated during [Volcanic Rage] will not have any cooldown time. You can use [Anaerobic Vacuum] during [Volcanic Rage] even when [Anaerobic Vacuum] is in cooldown.

    Ignition Blast [ Ligh the Fuse ]
    -If [Light The Fuse] is selected, the first enemy grabbed from using [Blast] will have a fuse activated.

    Two Moons [ Rocket Jump ]
    -Killing an enemy with [Rocket Jump] will increase cooldown reduction rate for a short duration.

    Mana Bomb [ Walking Time Bomb ]
    -Attacking enemies with the time bomb from [Walking Time Bomb] will recover mana.

    YOLO [ Volcanic Rage ]
    -When the remaining HP is less than 50% of max HP, [Volcanic Rage] can be used up to 2 times during [Volcanic Rage] cooldown.

    Keep the Thrill [ Thrill of Battle ]
    -Killing enemies during [Thrill of Battle] will increase max mana. This effect will stack up to 15 times.

    Mana Chain Explosion [ Chain Explosion ]
    -Mana is recovered if [Chain Explosion] is activated during [I´m So Cool].

    Champion Challenger [ Piston Punch ]
    -[Piston Punch] will deal additional damage to Boss, Champion, and Mutant monsters and killing the monster will decrease cooldown for [Piston Punch] by 50%.

    Mana Jet [ Jet Burn ]
    -If [Jet Burn] is selected, killing enemies under Jet Burn will recover mana.

    Flamable Hair [ Lighting The Fuse > Exploding Headbutt ]
    -If [Lighting The Fuse] is selected, attacking enemies with [Exploding Headbutt] will sometimes attach a fuse.

    Burning Jet Punch [ Jet Burn ]
    -If [Jet Burn] is selected, all attack with [Jet Punch] will cause Jet Burn status effect.
    Shoes Mods

    Power Jet Punch [ Jet Punch ]
    -Increase attack speed and attack radius of [Jet Punch].

    Compound Ignition [ Jet Burn ]
    -If [Jet Burn] is selected, attach a flame that deals continuous damage when activating Jet Burn effect.

    Raging Chipmunk [ Flaming Chipmunk ]
    -Deliver an additional downward blow from the air after using [Flaming Chipmunk].

    Jet Charge [ Burning Man ]
    -Moving trough [Jet Run] during [Burning Man] will drag enemies while moving.

    Blitz [ Armageddon ]
    -Meteors falling during [Armageddon] deals more damage to enemies in-air.

    Sun Rise [ Chain Explosion > Solar Flare ]
    -When [Chain Explosion] is activated, the remaining cooldown for [Solar Flare] is canceled.

    Double Chain [ Chain Explosion/Thrill of Battle ]
    -Activating skills that cause [Chain Explosion] during [Thrill of Battle] will increase the chain by 2 times.

    Freeze Burn [ I´m So Cool ]
    -Attacking enemies with Super Armor during [I´m So Cool] will cause Freeze Effect and increase received damage rate. The enemies that went under the effect will be immune for 7 seconds.

    Tough Boy [ Limit Breaker ]
    -HP consumption rate will decrease by 50% when using skill under cooldown with [Limit Breaker].

    Compressed Cylinder [ Plutonium Cylinder ]
    -The enemies that received continuous damage from [Plutonium Cylinder] will have their attack speed and movement speed decreased. Mana is recovered when [Plutonium Cylinder] explodes and damage enemies.
    Weapon Mods

    Snatch [ Nitro Bombing ]
    -Snatch enemies while jumping and slam them into the ground when using [Nitro Bombing].

    Fireworks [ Nitro Punch ]
    -If [Nitro Punch] is selected, LeftClick on enemies with very low HP will knock that enemy into air and deals damage by exploding them on fire.

    Grudge [ Anger Management ]
    -Buff effects from [Anger Management] will remain even after time has passed.

    Burning Smash [ Blazing Nine ]
    -Pressing the skill key while using [Blazing Nine] will deal damage to enemies grabbed trough [Blazing Nine] by slamming them into the ground.

    Fury, the Stigma Wrath [ Exploding Headbutt ]
    -Killing an enemy with [Exploding Headbutt] will summon Fury, Ramirez´s twin brother, who will burn nearby enemies to deal damage.

    Maverick Shot [ Rocket Jump ]
    -Jumping with [Rocket Jump] will not end in a diving attack with LeftClick but instead, shoot multiple fire balls in the targeted direction.

    Less Time, More Bombs [ Walking Time Bomb ]
    -[Walking Time Bomb] is more likely to generate bombs.

    Quad Explosion [ Chain Explosion ]
    -When [Chain Explosion] is activated, the explosion chain is increased to 4 times.

    Double Explosion [ Chain Explosion > Blast ]
    -Explode enemies grabbed by [Blast] again to deal damage, and if [Chain Explosion] is selected, the chain activated by [Chain Explosion] will increase by 1 time.

    Burn Them All! [ Lighting the Fuse > Nitro Punch ]
    -If [Lighting the Fuse] is selected, the chance of lighting a fuse with [Nitro Punch] is increased by 2 times.

    Volcanic Shield [ Volcanic Rage ]
    -A barrier will be formed for a short duration when using [Volcanic Rage] and the eruption duration will increase.

    Jet Tornado [ Piston Punch ]
    -After the 5th Attack ok [Piston Punch], deliver an additional Jet Burn tornado attack.

    Wide Cylinder [ Plutonium Cylinder ]
    -The attack radius of [Plutonium Cylinder] is increased.

    Flame Dive [ Furious Flame ]
    -Fury dives to the ground when summoned by [Furious Flame] and creates a flaming zone that deals continuous damage where the explosion occurred.

    High Compression Vacuum [ Limit Breaker > Anaerobic Vacuum ]
    -If [Limit Breaker] is selected, enemies hit by [Anaerobic Vacuum] activated during cooldown will have increased damage rate for short duration.

    Macho Man [ Limit Breaker > Macho Punch]
    -If [Limit Breaker] is selected, [Macho Punch] at max charge during cooldown will recover HP instead of consuming it.

    Deep Impact [ Armageddon ]
    -Pressing the skill key during [Armageddon] will cause Ramirez to jump and deal damage by throwing a large meteor towards the targeted direction.

    Solar Burn [ Jet Burn > Solar Fare ]
    -If [Jet Burn] is selected, enemies hit by [Solar Flare] will be under Jet Burn status effect.

    Burning Will [ Burning Man ]
    -When [Burning Man] is activated, using cooldown skills with [Limit Breaker] will not consume HP.

    Jet Hammer [ Jet Burning > Jet Run]
    -Running for more than 1.5 seconds with [Jet Run] then LeftClick will activate a punching attack instead of a kick. If [Jet Burning] is selected, the attack will cause Jet Burn status effect.

    Jet Speed [ Jet Punch ]
    -Killing enemies under Jet Burn with [Jet Punch] will increase attack speed for a short duration.

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        the "FIRST" good mods list GJ mate!!!!!!


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          Deep Impact mod costs about 350 mana.


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            Originally posted by Scaci View Post
            the "FIRST" good mods list GJ mate!!!!!!
            What do you mean the "First" good mods list?