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  • List of Item Mods for Mary

    The text in italics are comments from me containing additional information about the mod, if known.


    Burning Ring (The Ring)
    The ropes of [The Ring] catches fire and burns enemies inside the ring.
    Deals 40% per tick approximately once per second.

    Chair Throw (Chair Shot)
    When activating [Chair Shot], you can also throw it and hit enemies that are far away.
    The chair gets thrown quite a distance, but it explodes in an area when it hits something and does not pierce through enemies. If Frame Shot is also used, the chair will be thrown sideways with a slightly smaller hitbox and get the damage boost from Frame Shot.

    Crescendo (Grapple Rhythm)
    Each time you successfully activate [Grapple Rhythm], increase your attack power by 2% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
    Gain 1 stack every 2 grapples.

    Double Swing Kick (Tornado Kick)
    Before using [Tornado Kick], spin around and grab all nearby enemies before placing them in front of you. Has Grapple effect.
    Unlimited number of targets, fairly large area.

    Elbow Strike (Flash Elbow)
    Increases the number of movements from [Flash Elbow].
    Increased from 9 to 13 dashes.

    Energy Fist (Iron Fist)
    When your mana is over 600 when [Iron Fist] is activated, consume 15 mana to activate a more powerful [Energy Fist].
    Deals about 50% more damage.

    Moving Day (Chain Grapple)
    Grab all enemies on the landing area of [Chain Grapple] and put them inside a box near Mary.
    Unlimited number of targets, fairly large area.

    Overtime (The Ring)
    Increases the duration of [The Ring].
    Increased from 10 to 16 seconds.

    Power Lee (Lee Kick)
    The striking effect from [Lee Kick] will be removed, but increase the damage by 30% and decreases the cooldown by 50%. Also, despite not having the striking effect, [Lee Kick] will be able to explode the stacked fracture effects on attacked enemies.

    Pumpkin Smash (Within My Grasp)
    If you successfully grapple an enemy during the duration of [Within My Grasp], a pumpkin smashes over nearby enemies and deal extra damage.
    Drops a pumpkin on nearby enemies in a small area that were not hit by the grapple itself. Pumpkin deals about 500% damage.

    Queen of the Alley (Hera, the Goddess of Vengeance)
    During [Hera, the Goddess of Vengeance], increase the attack power on boss, champion, and mutant monsters by 15%.

    Ray of Light (You're My Sunshine)
    Whenever there is a mutant monster nearby, [You're My Sunshine] is activated.

    Rolling Neckbreaker (Running Neckbreaker)
    When you activate [Running Neckbreaker], you spin around in the air and twist the neck of your enemy 5 times to deal additional damage.
    55% damage per hit. Only applies to the grapple version.

    Running Screw Piledriver (Screw Piledriver)
    When you activate [Screw Piledriver] during [Clothesline] and [Running Neckbreaker], slide and grab enemies in a wide radius and have 30% increased damage.

    Soccer Kick (Justice Combo)
    If there is an enemy with low health during [Justice Combo], perform a soccer kick to send them flying in the air.
    The kick deals about 500% damage, but it doesn't activate very reliably.

    Spine Fracture (Back Breaker)
    Enemies hit by [Back Breaker] will receive 10% extra damage for a short duration.

    Stampede (Flying Knee Kick)
    When using [Flying Knee Kick], you can hold down the SPACE key to charge the attack. Fully charged attack will cover a wider area and drag the enemy along before damaging them at the end. Grapple skill.
    Hits twice when fully charged. The fully charged version counts as a grapple, so it will harmlessly pass through grapple-immune enemies (the ones that do not produce "ghost grapples"). The charging effect gives it slight delay if you try to use an instant uncharged kick.

    Tiger Uppercut (Shoryuken)
    If first hit of [Shoryuken] hits more than 5 enemies, Mary will activate Tiger Uppercut that has an increased attack radius and damage. Also has a chance to activate when hitting a boss or champion monster with [Shoryuken]'s first attack.
    Tiger Uppercut is a separate hit that hits in a large radius for about 300% damage.

    Tonfa Guard (Danger Escape)
    When activating [Danger Escape], create a shield that absorbs 25% of HP for 10 seconds.

    Tonfa Spin Combo (Justice Combo)
    During [Justice Combo], mix up a combo that spins your tonfa like a tornado.
    Randomly triggers any time you try to autoattack. Hits around 3-7 times (multiple variations of the spin) for 25% damage per hit.

    Typhoon (Giant Swing)
    [Giant Swing]'s attack radius is increased drastically.
    The radius is almost full screen.


    Air Hopper (Chain Grapple)
    After landing with [Chain Grapple], bounce and attack once more.
    Second hit does about 300% damage.

    Back Kick (Justice Combo)
    If there is an enemy behind you during [Justice Combo], perform a quick back kick.
    Deals 200% damage. Has a short cooldown before it can be used again.

    Brittle Bones (Complex Fracture)
    Each time an enemy is fractured in 3 different places, the enemy becomes slower and receive 10% additional damage.

    Buddha's Palm (Justice Combo)
    During [Justice Combo], if there are 5 or more monsters bunched up in front of you, throw out your palm and create a shockwave.

    Dust Off (Ankle Throw)
    At the start of [Ankle Throw], if there are 5 or more enemies nearby, slam 2 more times.
    She slams back and forth like Beat Down. First 2 slams deal 150% damage, final slam deals 300%.

    Fierce Tiger Palm (Justice Combo)
    During [Justice Combo], have a set chance to activate Fierce Tiger Palm and attack a large area and it also has a chance to cause a fracture.
    Hits for about 400% damage.

    Finishing Move (Back Breaker)
    [Back Breaker] deals additional 50% damage to boss, champion, and mutant monsters.

    Fists of Fury (Iron Fist)
    While [Iron Fist] is active, increase your attack speed.

    Flash Point (Flash Elbow)
    When the number of hits by [Flash Elbow] exceeds 50 times, a bright flash will be shown and it will deal damage and stuns enemies in a large area.
    The flash deals 500% damage. It lingers in the area for a short duration, so it can damage enemies that walk into the area or spawn in afterwards, but it will not hit the same target more than once.

    Force Kick (Muay Thai Step)
    When you try to use [Kick Master] during [Muay Thai Step] toward a wall or a rope, you will kick the enemy with great force. The enemy will be sent flying and damage all enemies in its path. Deals damage again if the enemy hits a wall.

    Grapple is Life (Master Grappler)
    When your HP is below 50%, your HP will recover 5% per second while using grapple skills.

    Ignition (Shoryuken)
    Hitting the enemies with [Shoryuken] have a set chance to ignite nearby enemies with fire and deal damage over time.
    It sets Mary on fire and deals damage to enemies around her, like an immolation aura. Hits around you repeatedly for around 20% damage about 5 times per second and lasts about 10 seconds.

    Life Saver (Danger Escape)
    When you activate [Danger Escape] when your HP is below 50%, recover 30% HP. But, this effect only works when [Escape Danger] is used while not on cooldown.

    Mach Kick (Flying Knee Kick)
    You move in mach speed when using [Flying Knee Kick]. You can also consume additional 100 mana to use the skill one more time.

    Mana Line (Clothesline)
    Whenever you grab an enemy with [Clothesline], recover 3 mana.

    MMA Master (Mixed Martial Artist)
    Increases the duration of [Mixed Martial Artist] effect by 50%.

    Path of Justice (Hera, the Goddess of Vengeance)
    Increases the duration of [Hera, the Goddess of Vengeance].
    Adds 6 seconds to the duration.

    Reverse Triangle Choke (Running Neckbreaker)
    When you press W-UP or Q during [Running Neckbreaker], you mount on top of the enemy. Enemies mounted by you will become slower and receive damage over time. You are invincible while mounted and you will dismount behind the enemy after a set duration or by pressing RMB. You cannot mount certain large monsters or rooted monsters. When this skill is available, it will show on the bottom icon.
    Hits rapidly for about 120% damage per hit over the course of about 5 seconds, then deals 500% damage in a small area at the end when dismounting. Total damage estimated around 2000%. 30-35 second cooldown. Does not count as a grapple.

    Royal Rumble (The Ring)
    When installing [The Ring], pulls all nearby enemies inside the ring while dealing damage.
    Initial pull deals 300% damage.

    Wide Impact (Suplex)
    Increases the shockwave radius of [Suplex] and enemies hit by the shockwave will be pulled toward you.
    Fairly large radius.
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    Anti-Air Swing (Tornado Kick)
    If an airborne enemy is hit by [Tornado Kick], receive additional damage.

    Back Crusher (Back Breaker)
    Decreases the cooldown of [Back Breaker] by 30% and mana cost by 60.

    Critical Lee (Lee Kick)
    Each time you use [Lee Kick], increase your critical hit chance and critical hit damage for a set duration.
    6% crit and 12% crit damage for 18 seconds.

    Encouraging Speech (You're My Sunshine)
    Whenever there are allies nearby during the activation of [You're My Sunshine], increases the attack power and movement speed of all nearby allies.

    Fast Forward (Screw Piledriver)
    Any grapple skill will decrease the cooldown of [Screw Piledriver] by 0.5 second per enemy.

    Feast (Beat Down)
    Whenever you slam the ground with the sack of rice with [Beat Down], have a set chance to summon a rice bowl. Each rice bowl will recover 7.5% HP. The chance to summon a rice bowl increases as your HP is lower and uneaten rice bowls will disappear after a set duration.

    Fist Mastery (Iron Fist)
    Increases the duration of [Iron Fist] by 30%.

    Hammer Kick (Muay Thai Step)
    If you use [Muay Thai Step] to get behind an enemy and use [Kick Master], Mary will activate Hammer Kick that deals massive damage and also has a chance to stun the enemy. Stun chance is drastically decreased to champion or boss monsters.
    The target that Mary tracks must be facing away. Deals 500% damage.

    Joint Popper (Complex Fracture)
    Whenever you pop 3 fractures at once with a striking effect attack, recover 20 mana.

    Lightning Impact (Suplex)
    A lightning strikes the area where [Suplex] is used.
    The lightning bolt does about 200% damage.

    Mana Elbow (Flash Elbow)
    Each time you hit 10 times with [Flash Elbow], recover 10 mana.

    Power Grip (Within My Grasp)
    Increases the number of skills that are affected by [Within My Grasp] to 4 and increases the duration.
    Duration is increased to 30 seconds. Despite what the text says, it gives unlimited charges for the full duration.

    Revenge Sack (Master Grappler)
    If an enemy attacks you while you are using a grapple skill, a sack of rice fall on the enemy and deal damage.
    The sack hits for about 200% damage.

    Rota's Punching Bag (No skill)
    Have a chance to summon [Rota's Punching Bag] near you. Rota hides behind the punching bag and attacks nearby enemies.
    Occasionally spawns a punching bag at random locations around you that deals about 75% damage per second.

    Shoulder Throw (Ankle Throw)
    If a special ranked monster is knocked down, below 50% HP or stunned, execute the powerful [Shoulder Throw] skill. [Shoulder Throw] has a striking grapple effect so it can even grapple bosses. The skill won't activate on the same enemy for 60 seconds.
    Deals about 300% damage.

    The Crowd Goes Wild (The Ring)
    Each time you defeat an enemy inside the ring, recover 3 mana. It also counts for the enemies defeated by allies.

    Tiger Kick (Flying Knee Kick)
    [Flying Knee Kick] turns into Tiger Kick and its damage is increased by 50%.

    To The Corner (Chair Shot)
    When activating [Chair Shot] if there is a wall in front of you, tackle and push the enemies toward the wall before crashing in to it. Grapple skill.
    Tackle deals 640% damage and does not get bonus damage from Frame Shot.

    Tonfa Boomerang (Danger Escape)
    When activating [Danger Escape], throw Tonfa Boomerangs at 2 enemies farthest from you that are within range.

    Wind Barrier (Giant Swing)
    When using [Giant Swing], create a wind barrier that protects you for a short duration.
    Creates a barrier for 15 seconds that absorbs about 25% of your max HP.


    Aerial Suplex (Suplex)
    You can now use [Suplex] in the air and when it activates in the air, it will grab more enemies with 50% increased damage.
    The grab radius is much bigger than the normal suplex radius. Unlike the standard Suplex, enemies grabbed by Aerial Suplex will get hit by both the grapple AND the shockwave.

    Complete Beat Down (Beat Down)
    Increases the attack radius of [Beat Down] by 30% and increases the number of hits by 2.

    Counter Grapple (Danger Escape)
    If there is a special ranked monster that is in attack motion when you use [Danger Escape], approach it immediately and slam it on the ground. (Must target the right direction) During this skill, you are invincible. This skill only activates when [Danger Escape] is not on cooldown and this skill increases the cooldown of [Danger Escape] by 50%. Striking Grapple.

    Dat *** (Chain Grapple)
    When activating [Chain Grapple], fall on your behind and have a chance to cause a fracture. Recovers mana depending on the number of enemies hit.
    Removes grapple effect.

    Death Ring (The Ring)
    [The Ring] skill's ropes now have striking effect, making it impossible for bosses to escape. However, the mana cost is increased to 100.

    Frame Shot (Chair Shot)
    When activating [Chair Shot], hold up the chair vertically and hit the enemy with the frame. Decreases the attack radius but increases the damage by 50%.

    Grapple Fracture (Complex Fracture)
    Increases the fracture chance of [Running Neckbreaker], [Back Breaker], [Screw Piledriver] by 50%.

    Grinder (Clothesline)
    When using [Clothesline], drag your enemies on the floor and damages them multiple times.
    Deals around 25% per tick extremely rapidly, around 20 hits maximum. Has difficulty grabbing a large number of enemies; after around 5 targets the grabbed enemies will start randomly getting dropped behind you.

    Power Kick (Tornado Kick)
    Enemies hit by [Tornado Kick] becomes stunned. Elite monsters may resist the stun effect.

    Repeat (Grapple Rhythm)
    If you do not successfully perform another grapple within the duration of [Grapple Rhythm], have a 40% chance to reset the condition time of [Grapple Rhythm].


    Counter Danger (Danger Escape)
    If there is an enemy nearby in attack motion when activating [Danger Escape], damage all nearby enemies for 200% damage and recover 50 mana.
    No real visible effect, the spin just hits twice instead of once.

    Critical Strike (Mixed Martial Artist)
    If you critically hit during the duration of [Mixed Martial Artist], cause additional damage.
    Does not seem to be working.

    Efficient Cost (Clothesline)
    If you grab less enemies with [Clothesline], have your cooldown decreased up to 70%.

    Fracturing Strike (Complex Fracture)
    [Kick Master] skill's fracture chance is increased by 50%.

    Lee Slide (Lee Kick)
    After landing with [Lee Kick], slide and deal additional damage. Has striking effect.
    The kick and the slide are separate sources of damage and can both hit a single target.

    Rebound Kick (Flying Knee Kick)
    When using [Flying Knee Kick], if you hit a wall, bounce off and fly off in the opposite direction.
    The kick and the rebound are separate sources of damage and can both hit a single target.

    Rope Finisher (Running Neckbreaker)
    When you hit a wall or rope with [Running Neckbreaker], spin backwards and deliver a powerful attack.
    When Mary runs into a wall, she does a backflip and slams the ground near the wall for 500% damage.

    Speed Grappler (Within My Grasp)
    (no description)
    This skill has nothing written, and after testing I could not see any visible changes.

    Super Flying Finisher (The Ring)
    Pressing the 3 when Mary is inside the Ring will consume 180 mana and make her stand on the corner. Mary will perform the finishing move after a set duration or when 3 or LMB is pressed. Striking.
    Mary jumps high into the air and does a cannonball for about 1600% damage. The aiming on this has been greatly improved since CBT2.

    Vivache (Grapple Rhythm)
    (no description)
    This skill has nothing written, and after testing I could not see any visible changes.
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      Reserved just in case


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        Very nice compilation. I can safely say I've only seen about half of these since OBT.

        Sliding piledriver is a weapon mod. Fracture thing is a head mod, boosts by 50% on the 3 fracture grabs. Finishing move I'm pretty sure is a top mod.

        Fierce Tiger Palm: During [Justice Combo], have a set chance to activate Fierce Tiger Palm and attack a large area and it also has a chance to cause a fracture.

        Critical Lee: Each time you use [Lee Kick], increase your critical hit chance and critical hit damage for a set duration. (I think it was like 10% each for 12s)


        • nanastar
          nanastar commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks for info

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        So I've been continuing to work on this list, and I'm now at the point where I haven't seen any new mods for a while. At the moment I'm missing full descriptions for Sliding Piledriver, Ignition, and Finishing Move, but other than that I think the list is comprehensive. Let me know if you have something that is not on this list.

        As a side note, I hate that aerial suplex and grinder compete for the same slot. Aerial suplex is just ridiculous for wave clearing and grinder does a ridiculous amount of damage to bosses. I have to carry around multiple hats because I want to use both.


        • seph
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          Ignition: Shoryuken gains a chance to set enemies on fire.

          If i'll find the mod, i'll be sure to post a full description.

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        Critical Strike (Mixed Martial Artist) Makes it so every attack that crits deals an additional attack at around 300%~ while you have at least 1 stack of Mixed Martial Artist active. This is really powerful for fast hitting multi attacks, because it checks each individual instance of damage. For example, if you use a Muay Thai Step to guarantee a Fracture proc, and if both the kickmaster crits, and the fracture crits, then you will get an additional 2 sets of numbers. This makes some abilities really strong, such as Aerial Suplex, due to hitting with both the Grab and Shockwave as well as a chance for fracture, leading to a potential of 3 procs. Flying Swing is really amazing for this as well since it hits upwards of 19 times as you wind up and each little hit can proc, building towards a massive amount of damage from one ability.


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          Omnicloud Do not forget the [Tonfa Spin Combo] mod;]