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    Why Nagne?

    Nagne is one of the most versatile and powerful heroes in the game right now, and pretty much has the ability to do anything but constantly attack from long range. He has above average bossing ability, along with decent wave clear if you have the mods. Nagne is also the only character that does not feel any changes in liberation's difficulty level after the patch due to his mobility and damage reduction.

    Playstyle Overview
    This Nagne guide focuses on enforcing the basics of a very mobile, high damage Nagne playstyle. The downside to this is that it does not place too much focus into survivability or sustainability; players will have to rely on their dodging skills to avoid getting killed by bosses. That said, this build does not completely abandon survivability, as we still take [Wu Tang Sword]. However, the rest skills chosen tend to be focused on mobility and sheer damage. In other words, we are going to be playing a build that focuses on the use of the [Like the Wind] passive. We are also going to be choosing damage over mana/hp sustain, because there is no real reason to take either. We will evaluate this in more detail below.

    This build is focused around the use of [Snake Trail], [Like the Wind], [Falling Leaf] and [Leap Strike].

    Near Complete Build Sample

    Skill Selections
    This section discusses the benefits of each of the options you're given.

    Worse than garbage
    Disclaimer: Note that many of these viability ratings depend on the exact build you use. Many 'useless' skills are only considered to be 'useless' because we simply cannot use them with this build. They may end up being very viable, or even unbelievably good if you choose to go with a different build. Never be afraid to experiment. That said, some mods are indeed genuinely trash.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are making a fresh Nagne, do not learn [Thousand Letters], [Blade Wind] or [Lion Strike].
    These three skills cancel [Sword of Nine] and [Battoujutsu], and hence, completely invalidate several Nagne builds. They also do not significantly increase your DPS, as you WILL do more with Wu Tang Sword in most scenarios.

    [Wu Tang Sword] vs [Willow Style]
    Wu Tang Sword is superior in most cases. This is because you can hold a direction, and click as fast as you can in order to instantly ramp up stacks. This provides you with some damage reduction and critical damage, which is extremely nice in the case that you're building for the critical rate stat (which I recommend, so long as you're not excessively sacrificing weapon power.) However, this is not always true, [Willow Style] has [Sword of Nine], an extremely good mod that should make you consider your build choices. Personally, I still take Wu Tang because I don't basic attack all too often, and I have a very crit focused build.

    [Cloud Walk] vs [Paint Slash]
    [Cloud Walk] unless you have the turtle augment for [Paint Slash], and you don't have the [Leap Strike] augment for [Cloud Walk].

    [Falling Leaf] vs [Rising Slash]
    Remember when I said we were going to be sacrificing survivability? Yeah. [Rising Slash] can give you a few air time frames, which more or allow you to dodge boss attacks, and whatnot. However, [Falling Leaf] is superior in terms of damage output, especially because of the mod we're going to take. Note that [Rising Slash] does have its perks; you can use it against Shyla to kill her when she tries to reduce your hp value to 1, as it will make you stay in the air. [Dragon Spear] is also a very good augment, but we're going to be neglecting it altogether.

    Do not be baited by [Gongdong Sword]; it's not good unless you very specifically go for an aerial build.

    [Wagon Wheel] vs [Extend]
    [Wagon Wheel] hands down because it has no true animation and can be used during any other skill without cancelling it. For example, you can use it while charging up [Brush Stroke]. It also does more damage than [Extend]. However, Extend can be used as a pretty good counter if you have the right mods, though you'll probably have to use [Counter Sword] instead of [Counter Kick], or risk taking damage.

    [Ten Thousand Letters] vs [Volcanic Sword]
    [Ten Thousand Letters] is superior unless you can't dodge. This is another damage for survivability trade off, because you lose the ability to strike bosses. Note that [Ten Thousand Words] isn't too good on its own, and you'll need to have the right mods to really make it shine. I mean, why strike bosses if you can murder them before they attack, or if you can just stun them with sidekicks instead?

    [Brush Stroke] vs [Death Sword]
    [Brush Stroke] is your burst, and your main survivability tool. Use it.

    [Counter Kick] vs [Counter Sword]
    [Counter Kick] is more reliable and consistent, you can't tank hits with it, but you can zerg bosses harder unless you're extremely used to them. It can drastically increase your overall boss dps if used correctly. Counter sword can be used if you're having serious survivability issues.

    [Hey the Owl] vs [I like eating crap I pick up off the ground]
    The Owl is literally the most overpowered skill on Nagne. NEVER use choco pies, even if you are having survivability issues. The owl can kill most bosses if you just mount up and run circles around them until they die. Furthermore, the owl amps more than just your damage; it amplifies your party member's damage too.

    That's right, by having a Nagne, your entire party can deal an extra 11% damage for a very significant period of time.

    [Like the Wind] vs [Immovable Force]
    Nagne moves around too much for the latter skill to really be used, especially with this build.

    Skill Mods
    Now let's get down to the part of the build that really matters. This section covers mods we use that make Nagne what he is - a monster capable of destroying anything in the game with ease.

    [Leap Slash] Ideal
    [Leap Slash] is the ideal mod; it gives you insane damage (the skill does like 800%), and also allows you to be very mobile. Furthermore, it instantly stacks [Like the Wind], which is pretty much the second best skill in Nagne's kit, next to the owl. This is literally Nagne's best skill mod. There is no reason not to take it, depth aside.

    [Wild Blows]
    This is a good alternative that does decent damage for no mana. The downside is that you lose a strike, and end up missing out on leap slash.

    [Mind's Eye]
    Choose this if you're having survivability problems.

    What to Avoid
    [Shadow Snake]
    Reduces your mobility, which goes against our [Like the Wind] focused build.

    Reduces one of your best boss dps skills to a steaming pile of dog ****. It's a good joke, at least.

    [Clean Up] Ideal
    One of the best skills in Nagne's kit. Doubles the damage and increases range of [Falling Leaf].

    [Explosive Serpent] Ideal
    Amazing boss dps, especially when used in conjunction with other [Snail Trail] based skills.

    [Back Kick]
    Very good for bossing, assuming you can get it to trigger. May not be necessary for current content difficulty.

    [One Snowy Winter]
    Basically gives you a free extra pop of [Falling Leaf]. If you have clean up, this effectively makes it the same as using [Brush Stroke] in terms of AOE and damage, assuming you get lucky with the timing and whatnot.

    Only good when used in conjunction with [Counter Blink Slash] on pants.

    What to Avoid
    [Diamond body]
    [Volcanic Sword]
    [Chocolate Pie]

    All of these skills are pointless with this build.

    [Fence Hop] Ideal
    Awaken your inner Mexican, and spam explosions on bosses very 5 seconds.

    [Wagon Trail] Ideal

    [Plain Walker]
    Good synergy with the rest of the build.

    [Spit it Out]
    When combined with max skill level, helps with mana regen a tonne.

    [Winter Nagne]
    Probably don't really need this, but the DOT is nice on bosses.

    [Counter Blink Slash]
    Pairs really well with Tsunami if you want a really long i-frame.

    What to Avoid
    [Gongdong Sword]
    [Thunder Crash]
    [Dormant Volcano]
    [Extend More]

    None of these skills see any use with our build.

    [Boa Snake] Ideal
    Core, does a billion damage when combined with [Explosive Serpent], and can be spammed on bosses when combined with [Fence Hop].
    Warning: This skill is currently glitchy, and occasionally does not damage regular monsters.

    [Word is Mightier than the Sword] Ideal
    Makes your best burst skill even better, especially if you've combined it with [One Stroke].

    [Thunder Sword]
    Ever been hit by a truck? What about a truck that's been electrocuted? Yeah, this **** hurts. I didn't label it as ideal, but it's pretty much as good as [Word is Mightier than the Sword], it's just that I personally prefer the former skill because it can have a higher damage to mana consumption ratio. It also has no cooldown, so that's a thing.

    [Ice Blade]
    DoT is nice.

    [Burning Steps]

    Surprisingly high damage.

    [Angle Wind]
    Easier counters.

    [Quadra Slash]
    [Multi Slash]

    Only good if used together. Shines if stacked with [Counter Blink Slash].

    I refrained from commenting on Sword of Nine. You can use it, but I personally prefer Wu Tang Sword over Willow Style because of the burst potential it provides.

    [Mobile Death Blade]
    [Qingcheng Life]
    [Tip of the Blade]
    [Dragon Spear]
    [Great Rising Slash]
    [Circum-Pacific Seismic Belt]

    None of these skills see any use with our build.

    [One Stroke] Ideal
    Ever wanted to do all the damage in the world by mashing space bar on a character other than Audrey? Here you go.
    Note: This skill is exclusively meant for bossing, and you should not be wasting mana clearing mobs with it.

    [Hundred Thousand Words]
    Seems to do more damage than [One Stroke], and is more efficient mana wise, but takes more time to cast.

    [Wheel Splinter]
    [Killer Snake]

    Good, but not good enough to warrant missing out on the previously mentioned mods.

    [Silver Snare]
    This **** is puny. If you use [Clean Up], it gets a bit bigger, and does a bit more damage, but it does not compensate for the massive AOE that [Clean Up] is normally supposed to have. The pull effect isn't that great either, since [Falling Leaf] already has a bit of a small pull anyways. You should be able to press 1 afterwards and just group every nearby monster together. You can use it if you have trouble one shotting mobs, but I do NOT recommend it. Only reason I mentioned this is because someone else liked it, even though it's pretty much useless at the moment.

    [Blue Petal]
    Not worth losing out on damage since the amount of mana you get is honestly not that significant.
    [Secret Sword of Death]
    Does not see use in our build.

    Any skill mods not mentioned are more or less negligible. You may not necessarily have to avoid them, but they're really not all that great. Consider them to be on the 'mediocre' tier.

    Alright, so you can now see all the stuff that would consist of a full Nagne build. But it's really hard to get all that stuff, so what's the build's core? The three most important skill mods to have, that really make this build what it is are the following: [Clean Up], [Leap Strike] and [One Stroke], in that order.
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    Bossing on Nagne is simple; you press T, and mash as hard as you can. But of course, there's a little more to it, if there wasn't this section wouldn't need to exist in the first place. So let's start with the basics and build on top of them, one step at a time.

    When Nagne kills bosses, he mashes the space bar button. Yup, that's right, the space bar button. Your most powerful bossing tool is [Ten Thousand Letters], especially when [One Stroke] or [One Hundred Thousand Words] is added in on top of that. This skill is exceedingly powerful in terms of burst damage because it has no cooldown. Alright, we've got that down. The next thing to consider is mana.

    Nagne eats through mana like crazy if you use this build; [One Stroke] can literally turn 1k mana to dust in five button presses. Most bosses you fight, you can either kill in one hit with [Brush Stroke] (divers, etc, assuming your [Snow Chi Sword] is popped). So mana doesn't seem like an issue at first, but when you do pantheons, EX and the like, you find that spamming space bar and double click kiiiiiiiind of drains you.

    The solution is to use four skills instead of one; add [Falling Leaf] (Clean Up), [Wagon Wheel] and [Snake Trail] (Explosive Serpent, Boa Snake) into the mix. Remember to pop sidekicks too.

    Tl;dr what does all this mean?
    Initiate boss fights by pressing 4.
    Press T right as your sprite overlaps with the bosses.
    Mash sidekicks.
    Mash E and Q
    Once both skills have been used, press space.
    Keep pressing space.

    After you are done this, alternate between auto attacks, [Snake Trail] and [Falling Leaf]. At a higher level, you should have enough mana regeneration to use these skills off cooldown if you keep holding down LMB while they're still cooling down. Ensure that you also counter the boss' attacks with counter kick, as this helps your sustain out a tonne as well.

    If you find that you cannot kill a boss with this method, use basic attacks, Q, E and 4 until you notice your owl on top of the boss' head.

    Naturally, some bosses have specific other mechanics that you have to deal with, but this is the gist of it.


    Let's consider what she does. She heals you, stuns and deals damage in an AOE, and even gives you buffs. She is not only extremely versatile, but also very easy to farm. You should always have at least one stun on hand, as stunning a boss that goes into strike immunity should give Nagne enough time to finish it off.

    Let's consider a level 40, superior ranked Malice, with level 10 in each of his skills.

    His first strike will do 1620% damage.
    His second strike will do 1620% + 2025% = 3645% damage.
    His third strike will do 1620% + 2430% = 4050% damage.
    His fourth strike will do 1620% + 3*2430% = 8910% damage.
    As will his fifth and sixth strikes.

    This totals to 36045% damage at SUPERIOR rank.

    A wonder ranked Malice will deal over 60000% damage.

    Nuff said.
    Apparently he's glitchy and refuses to attack the same monster over and over again in larger rooms. Super Uni Man is currently the BiS as a result, but he is more of an AOE than a boss killer. Get Five if you want something that burns through bosses consistently.

    We're going for a crit build, and Enkidra gives a 20% crit rate steroid. She also does like a quarter of a boss' hp all by herself. Her third skill is also really nice, and allows you to effectively counter for 740% damage once every 20 seconds.

    [Princess Bari]
    She gives a 20% crit damage steroid, along with i-frames. Also provides 2% weapon power, and 3% crit rate passively. Why not?


    Large, high damage AOE. Very good for clearing out rooms without using any mana.

    Yume is a good alternative to Serasvati if you don't have the damage to kill the boss in one stun, though you will need to upgrade her to get full use out of her. She also doesn't heal, so you'll have to be more careful.

    Have you fallen? Are you unable to get back up? Do you need Life Alert? If so, Misma's your gal.

    [Steelheart] Second Best Alternative
    Ever wanted 10923829038 burst damage? Unfortunately not as much as malice - partially because she can't be wonder ranked yet.

    [Super Uni Man] Best Alternative
    3% Crit rate, 5% crit damage goes extremely well with our build. Furthermore, popping him also grants you a 9% attack buff for 10 seconds. Works really well for bossing in conjuction with Enkidra and Bari because of the pseudo-burst he provides. He's also great for mobbing because his AOE high damage attack, and he cools down in 72 seconds when maxed out. And on top of all that, he even taunts. All round, an amazing sidekick.

    Skill Points
    This is a lot more straight forward than most people think. Put skill points into the things you use the most; don't invest skill points into things you don't use. Make sure you invest skill points into Nagne's passives (namely Owl and Snow Chi Sword) fairly early on if you're planning to party up, as they'll help you eat everything alive.

    Stat Distribution
    Whenever you obtain bonus stats, you should be going for crit rate, as I mentioned earlier in the guide. However, weapon power and weapon speed are also major assets; critical rate is only good because of [Wu Tang Sword], so if you decide to use [Willow Style], it's much better for you to choose a more standard, non-crit focused build.

    Furthermore, [Wu Tang Sword] users should opt for decently high attack speed. I recommend 120, as that's where the game feels like it starts to smoothen out for me; sun shadow stops feeling clunky, and the minor time slow effects become somewhat negligible.

    Video Guide
    I'm too lazy for this.
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      Benny Foster
      Would it be possible for you to remove the "(Work in Progress)" in this thread's title? I was not aware that you could not edit the thread's title after it was posted.

      On that note, guide completed.


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        Really appreciate the Legend, reminds me of HoT guides. I think it's a much better alternative than posting a cookie cutter template.

        Great stuff, look forward to trying some of the things you mentioned out when I go back on Nagne.


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          Nice work man


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            Originally posted by Lacrima View Post
            Do not be baited by [Gongdong Sword]; it's not good unless you very specifically go for an aerial build.
            This makes me curious about what an aerial build would look like.


            • SiegLhein
              SiegLhein commented
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              Could be. I experimented with it a bit with 2 VPNs, namely Tunnelbear and SoftEther. It either was the same or made it more unreliable. It maybe possible that I'm picking the wrong location though. I've heard rumors that the servers are based in California or Canada?

              Anywho, this was on solo.

            • Lacrima
              Lacrima commented
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              Mudfish is saying the servers are in LA. Soft Ether and Tunnel Bear are moreso web proxies than they are true VPNs.

            • seph
              seph commented
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              "Currently not viable due to mana restraints and Clean Up, but it'd go something like

              Aerial Mastery
              Dragon Spear
              All the snake trail stuff cause it can be used in the air
              Counter blink

              I would add a Death Sword to this list, since you are going for Aerial build. With this, you can cancel the "stuck in the air" garbage and quickly land on the ground, being able to counter whatever attacks are coming your way. Sure, there is that small period of time between Dragon Spear execution and beginning of Death Sword, but if timed properly, you should be safe.

              Also, it's a frikin' cool move. Almost cooler than Brush Stroke.

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            That's the same build i'm using . It's the best , go for it . Nice guide


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              I kinda tried using Wu Tang instead of Willow, and at first glance it seemed like the better choice, and I really wanted to like it, but I couldn't get over how sluggish the attacks felt. After getting Sword of Nine on my weapon, I'm not looking back. I also feel that Rising Slash is under appreciated, mainly because of Great Rising Slash. It turns it from a mediocre mana recovery skill into a great wave clearer. It has great synergy with leap slash, too. Basically you gather mobs with leap slash and finish them off with rising slash. It does upwards of 100k damage, and that's not counting the downward slash hits you get from it. It also allows you to keep using leap slash without running into mana problems as much.


              • Lacrima
                Lacrima commented
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                [Wu Tang Sword] feels very smooth after 120 attack speed; I should have mentioned this in the guide, and I will add it in now, but every Nagne should aim for at least 120 attack speed. It makes the character feel much more fluid.

                [Great Rising Slash] looks good... until you hit mobs with it. The pseudo time slow does nothing but burn away at your buffs and leave you vulnerable while you sit in the air for an overly extended period of time. The mana recovery from rising slash is deceptive. If you pay close attention, you will notice that each downwards slash costs 17 mana in addition to providing you with regen. Hence, it creates a net mana deficit, but this is very difficult to notice because of natural regen. Furthermore, there's no point combo-ing it with leap slash should be killing things in one hit anyways.

                [Clean Up] has the potential to raise your DPS much more than [Great Rising Slash] can anyways; it has much lower cast time, and any pseudo time slow associated with it lasts for but an instant. It also does not leave you vulnerable, and, hence, as this point in time, is far superior in every aspect. The one thing that [Rising Slash] has over [Falling Leaf] is the ability to dodge some enemy attacks.
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              Lacrima best Nagne NA confirmed. I saw a video of game play by you posted by Fire in another thread and It was amazing!

              I personally love the aerial style play so [Rising Slash] is the base of my build. I much prefer [Extend] over [Wagon Wheel] because I just like it... not a real big fan of [Wagon Wheel] but that's just me. The one thing bad about this build for me is getting stuck in the air since I'm not able to find [Counter Blink Slash] with [Gongdong sword]. Also I'm not able to do any Ex... Maybe I'm just bad compared to you.

              That's all i really have to say. Cheers!
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              • Lacrima
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                Thanks :>

                As for EX - Try using a different sidekick loadout; different EX dungeons might be easier with different sidekicks.

              • seph
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                If you like Aerial Style, i say you can try scrapping the [Brush Stroke] and replacing it with [Death Sword] for that insta-landing on the ground. Removes your exposure for potential damage, while dealing increased damage, because in the air.

                I cannot guarantee a better overall result than [Brush Stroke] with it's mods, but [Death Sword] Aerial does do a fair amount of damage. Get mods for it and you might be surprised.
                Cannot promise anything though. Only tried this a couple times, and i do not remember what mods i had back then.

              • Vanilla
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                Oh I am using [Death Sword] however my mana usage is very high so I'm mostly under 300 mana most of the time. So [Counter Blink Slash] would be ideal for me.

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              May I ask what do you think about Counter Sword with Qingcheng Life MOD.
              When you block an attack you can stun an Enemy or Boss, even with Striking Immunity (maybe a bug instead of a feature).


              • Lacrima
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                It's a feature, not a glitch; counter kick has a similar mod. Counter sword as a skill is very nice, but you can't use it as freely as you can use Counter Kick, which is why I've labeled it as blue. If this guide was referencing a build that made use of counter sword, I definitely would have suggested that mod, albeit as a secondary recommendation because the other skill mods are too good to pass up.

              • seph
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                Striking Immunity only protects from Striking effects
                They are still vulnerable to the stun.

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              Originally posted by Lacrima
              [I like eating crap I pick up off the ground] .
              Great Chocopie Guide


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                Sweet Guide.


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                  I use extend bcus i like to insta clear the entire mob since lib mobs arent that strong c':


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                    How viable is this build if you have learned all three [Thousand Letters], [Blade Wind] and [Lion Strike]?
                    And is there anyway to remove them?


                    • Lacrima
                      Lacrima commented
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                      There is no way to remove them at this point in time; they do not particularly affect the viability of this build, and merely serve as a minor annoyance. These three skills have a much greater effect on builds that use [Sword of Nine], [Immovable Force] and [Battoujutsu].

                    • Kylar
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                      So if I try to use your build despite I have these three skills, does it work? (Even Why I do not want to do it again from scratch)
                      Because although I have those 3 skill I'm always on the go.
                      Always activates passive Like The Wind

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                    Originally posted by Ryvirath View Post
                    How viable is this build if you have learned all three [Thousand Letters], [Blade Wind] and [Lion Strike]?
                    And is there anyway to remove them?
                    As of now, you cannot unlearn or disable a skill. The build, however is still very viable n kickin' (it was made while having those 3 skills learned, after all).

                    Here is the thread of the suggestion to give us an option to disable / unlearn skills of our choice. Support the thread - let's be heard!


                    • Kylar
                      Kylar commented
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                      Ah so, although I have a build where there are these three skills, still it works well? Thanks for the info