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  • In Depth guide to Jerry

    This guide is currently a WiP
    I can't promise I'll keep this guide up to date for future patches, but i'll try if I have nothing to do

    Jerry is a versatile, and unique hero to play, as of Patch 1.49 her melee build is still quite lack luster, hopefully this will change in the future, but even despite that Jerry can do well,
    and this guide will highlight the differences between melee, and ranged Jerry, speaking of...

    Melee vs Ranged
    There are two optimal ways to go about playing Jerry, and that is due to the passives Power Batter, and Away Match. Now one might wonder, why not a hybrid build in between these two?
    The issue that comes there is with both builds you end up having a mix of ranged, and melee skills regardless, the crux of these builds comes from 4 skills. Her LMB, R, 1, and 2, these skills have melee, or ranged alternatives, some of them being good, others being incredibly questionable initially. This gets into what does melee do better, and vice versa, to start off we'll highlight the current major strength of range being superior damage against bosses.

    As of Jerry's release melee has a hard time keeping up with stacking up Power Batter vs the easy, and quick stacking of Away Match, this is due to Jerry not having as many multi hit options for her melee attacks compared to ranged, which Jerry has 3 range attacks that can very quickly generate stacks. Boomerang Swing, Friendship, and Bat Drill combined together easily gets you that sweet sweet full stacks of base 20%, or leveled up 30% range damage up. Melee Jerry also faces mana issues from using Spinning Swing, so be wary of this, while range Jerry doesn't suffer as much these issues due to both her mana regen skills being counted as range damage (Don't ask how a football player tackling someone is ranged).

    Skill Comparison
    I'll go over the skills that you get a choice between picking, and compare them, or if you want TL;DR version, just use the legend below for this, and the mods section

    Optimal: Incredible skills, or a mod that gives use for both melee, and range Jerry while being great.
    Very Good: Pretty powerful but not incredible skills, or Mods you'll want to aim for.
    Good: Okay skills, or middle of the road mods that aren't trashy.
    Kinda Bad: Either skills that hardly do anything, or mods that feel really weak.
    Bad: Just don't, these skills, or mods aren't worth it at all

    Fungo VS 4th Batter's Swing
    While in the end 4th Batter's Swing does have superior damage, with Fungo you have a ranged option that has the potential to throw out one of 3 unique projectiles every 3rd baseball, one of said projectiles being a spinning ball that does multiple hits, aka faster stacking on bosses. Combined with the overall good damage Fungo gets end game for being a range option, it overall has the edge against 4th Batter's Swing.

    Ball SwingVS Spinning Swing
    Let's take a second to look at what Ball Swing does, it is a high burst, no mana cost unless held down, small AoE skill. When compared against Spinning Swing, while Spinning Swing is excellent at mobbing, and okay against bosses, it costs 100 mana on initial cast, and it takes awhile to rack up as much damage as Ball Swing, by which point Ball Swing is probably already off cool down.

    Eyeshield Tackle VS Tyrus Spiral
    Eyeshield Tackle flat out works well with both builds, it mobs, recovers mana, and with proper mods gives some good burst damage, while on the other hand Tyrus Spiral just feels incredibly lack luster by itself, and while it does have some okay mods, you lose out on a mana recovery option for melee Jerry that syncs well with her melee build.

    Axe Swing VS Spear Throwing
    I'd say Spear Throwing has the edge over Axe Swing just due to the mana regen mixed with good mod options, but it really just comes down to preference, and build.

    Surprise Bunt VS Protective Gear
    Protective Gear is a skill that allows you to take no damage from ONE attack, it's not I Frames, nor does it gain anything from leveling it, and if that wasn't bad enough, the single mod that could make it not so bad. A mod that gives you an attack buff when you do block something, it's already on Surprise Bunt, but gives Surprise Bunt more cooldown as well, and you only lose out on the extremely minor damage reduction that Surprise Bunt gives.

    Skill Mods

    WiP, but i'll try to list the best mods for range, and if possible melee Jerry


    Bonus Ball: Cast another ball while Ball Swing is on cooldown, with how much damage Ball Swing does, it's a no brainer for range build

    Drill Break: Every spin now has striking effect on it, but it seems it's only capable of striking once, so not as incredible, just means if you miss your bat it can still strike.

    Persistent Swing: HP recovery from Spinning Swing when your HP is below 30%... And only on big mobs, so pretty useless overall.


    60 Yard Magnum: This mod works wonderfully for both melee, and range, the football player that tackles things will now at the end of his charge grapple everything in a pretty big AoE, and toss it to you, doing a pretty nice burst when it hits the ground, all, and all a great skill.

    Ace Killer: Hitting a boss or big mob 3 times with Ball Swing gives you +18% damage buff to bosses or big mobs, 18%.

    Jumping Spike: Some really nice free damage for Friendship, hard to say no to.

    Flame On!: Using either of her two left clicks while Focused Mode is active adds an explosive effect to your attacks, pretty straight forward, though it fails to mention this applies to every single hit which is pretty significant.

    Spiral Swing: Double clicking while using Spurt now lets you do a spin attack that takes you up into the air, good damage, but it eats up mana is the biggest downside.

    First Swing: Melee only mod that increases the critical hit, and damage of your first attack, pretty nice buff

    Spear Rain: Whenever Spear Throw hits a boss, or big mob it'll rain down about a dozen smaller spears in the AoE, doesn't add much, but isn't terrible.

    Pom-Bomb: Every time cheerleaders activate they throw their pom poms, which explode in a small AoE, alot better stuff considering it takes so long to proc Cheerleaders

    Stomp: Every 3rd Kick Swing you get a larger shockwave radius, if it wasn't every 3rd it might not be so bad.
    Rough Enough: Protective Gear mod, pretty much all you need to know.
    Crouching Batter: Slaying an enemy in a bush increases your crit rate, incredibly gimmicky, and no use outside of mobbing, which 60 Yard Magnum is far superior for.


    Bunt Fake Out: Get rid of Bunt's negligible damage reduction for a damage buff (10%)? And reduced cooldown? Hell yes.

    Blazing Winning Spirit: Increase mana cost for Friendship, but at the end of the duration you get a 10% buff to damage, and attack speed, also a sweet looking fire aura.

    Home Run Practice: For every enemy you kill with kick swing, reduce the cooldown of Home Run Promise by 1 second, some really good potential for mobbing there

    Athlete Stampede: Every time power batter activates you summon some guys to literally stomp all over an area roughly the size of Spear Throw's AoE, sadly it seems to only work on the initial buff activation, and not when you stack the buff higher.


    Party Animal: Each time Away Match activates increase your mana recovery, and give you, and your allies 10% attack speed, very good buff if in a group. but still great even alone, just due to the activation for each stack you gain, and whenever you refresh your stacks, making it very possible to keep it up constantly while fighting a boss.

    Spear Charge: The football player from Eyeshield Tackle now dashes to the location you are at when his charge ends, and does a burst of damage to the things he hits coming back, works with 60 Yard Magnum, and gives Eyeshield Tackle more uses against bosses

    Greater Focus: Increase duration of Focused Mode by killing mobs, or hitting bosses/big mobs during Focused Mode, potentially can have Focused Mode active during an entire boss fight.

    Squeeze: When Surprise Bunt hits an enemy in attack motion deal more damage to them with Bunt, and stun them

    Spear Explosion: Spear has bigger radius, and does more damage, exactly what you'd expect from exploding spears.


    That Was Close!: Getting hit while Friendship is on cooldown reactivates it, and yes it works with mods like Blazing Winning Spirit, and Jumping Spike, doesn't require current Friendship to end to activate.

    Stable Swing: Every time you hit a boss, or big mob with Kick Swing you gain a shield, a bit of survivability for melee Jerry to help against bosses.

    Stun Kick: Chance to stun enemies hit by Twin Shot, incredibly negligible chance from what i've observed, but still a stun so not fully trash.

    Stamina Boost: Gives attack buff, and cooldown efficiency when you're at less than 5% Mana during Away Match's duration, I don't know why this mod even exists
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    The Optimal Range Jerry

    The first hurdle to get over is your lack luster mob clear as range Jerry, you have the boss damage as long as you have Bonus Ball, now all you need is to clear out the mobs quicker, luckily there exists a perfect mob clear combo, 60 Yard Magnum, and Spear Charge, but, why these two?
    First glance they seem like nothing special, but it's the damage the mods do, and the combination of the two that makes them synergize so well, Spear Charge gives you the ability to position the football player, while 60 Yard Magnum grapples everything in a massive radius so it's all nicely compact to smash with a Ball Swing or two.

    How to Ranged Jerry

    -Will add video here-

    Eyeshield Tackle, and Spear Throwing is your bread, and butter of mobbing, and mana recovery, you can occasionally use Tire Pop, or Bat Drill to clear out quicker, but that's entirely choice, so what about bosses? Usually you'll start off by activating Focus Mode, and then throwing out Bat Drill, this combination is key, Focus Mode giving you crits, and Bat Drill bringing you to max stacks of Away Match will give your Ball Swing high burst damage (100k+ crits in Lab.)

    Disclaimer of Melee Jerry

    Even at an optimal build currently for Melee Jerry, she faces huge issues with fighting bosses, this is most apparent if you don't have good mods for her that allow Tyrus Spiral to not be so very mediocre as it is currently in it's base state.
    That being said if you really want to do it, I'd say take only Tyrus Spiral, or Lightning Axe if you have mods to boost them, I won't however at this time go over Melee Jerry considering across the board she doesn't measure up to Ranged Jerry.

    The current state of Lab sidekicks seems to be unobtainable, I can't confirm the values obviously of their drop rates at the end of game cards, but you'd probably be better off going for a Lib sidekick overall

    Five: Currently the best available burst Sidekicks untill someone manages to find out that Lab Sidekicks can drop by getting one, speaking of, Five is very rare, so don't expect to get her easily.

    Enkidra: Ignores shields, increases crit chance, and takes away a good chunk of a bosses HP over time, and wonder rank available.

    Sarasvati: Heal, stun, and wonder rankable, more so incredible due to multi purpose, thus allowing you more damage on your team

    Princess Bari: Crit chance, good burst damamge, and I frames, probably best for the 4th slot just cause you get her from panths, and can stack her crit buff with Enkidra for some huge crit chance

    Yume: Ever wanted all the stuns? Well here ya go, you could even substitute Saras for Yume, but you'll lose out on healing, so keep that in mind.

    Lote: Striking effect attack, does good damage fighting with you, and has some nice attack buffs with her

    Leviathan: Surprisingly a pretty good sidekick, his healing is negligible, but his 4th skill passive is nice for mob clearing, and he can rack up nice damage against stationary bosses, which are most, however shares the same rarity as Five roughly.

    Rota: Transform into a punching raccoon that surprisingly doesn't do bad damage, and his health bar is separate from yours so you don't need to worry about him getting killed.
    On top of that his tag in gives I frames, and his LOL passive is a nice little bonus while he isn't active, downside is the incredibly long cooldown for transforming into him, so there's that.

    You want to prioritize crit chance, weapon power, and crit damage in that order, with max mana, and other mana stats being the most useless for you as ranged Jerry.

    2PM: Crit, crit, and more crit a very good option for most characters with any type of built in buff to crits.

    2AM: You can never go wrong with damage increase

    Speed Master: Good for Jerry just cause of her stacking, but you'll more so want crit, or damage ofc

    Operation Time: You don't really need anything on it, but the penny gain, and cooldown speed can be nice

    Time is Money: In my opinion, weaker than Operation Time simply due to exp being worthless lvl 70+, but the major stats don't change

    Chrono Tick: Poor man's watch, when you have nothing else...

    SP Distribution

    To each his own, but a nice path for range to follow would probably be

    Ball Swing>Bat Drill>Fungo>Away Match>Friendship>Focused Mode>Eyeshield Tackle>Spear Throwing>Boomerang Swing>Surprise Bunt>Home Run Promise>Tire Pop>Cheerleaders>Kick Swing>Twin Shot>Base Smash/Spurt.
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      Thanks a lot!! It helps me to build ranged Jerry!! I really main her so much!! And I'm still confusing to use which mods and skills that really better and more optimizing for ranged Jerry!! Thank you so much!!


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        she better at this patch? ?