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    Hey guys,
    Im new and I'd like to know which skills of Mac are good and what kind of mods I should aim for. Thanks

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    was wondering the same, I just can't get him to work. Sure I can clear missions but in general he feels SO MUCH SLOWER than any other character I've played. It's just insanely lacking and I hope at higher levels this changes but I fear leveling him for now.


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      I got only to 190 depth. He indeed is weak. Now I don't know every mod on Mac, but I think I'm doing well.

      Tactics: Arson I think is better. You definitely have to be Korean lvl to play Tactics: Select Target and have faster clear times.

      RMB - Evasive Maneuver - Fast movement on the map, more reliable dodge.
      WheelUp - Shotgun - Burn and crowd control
      WheelDown - Double Rain - There are 3 mods for this skill: Piercing Effect, Giga Rocket after last shot, Monkeys out of nowhere. I found monkeys making this skill less useless.
      RMB+LMB - Apache Strike - and if they live after that, Burn them up.
      1 - Desert Cannon - with at least 2 mods: Black Hole Cannon (sucks mobs in, bosses as well) and Charge Cannon (striking effect). The third mod if you can afford it is Oil Cannon (1st shot covers mobs with oil which makes the skill independent)
      2 - Free Strike Kali - Because other one gives you 10 dollars and takes 15 away.
      3 - This button isn't needed. Seriously - I tried using it.. tried. Python Arm is definitely bugged, the other one is a joke.
      4 - Both those skills are joke, but Pistol Orbit looks like can deal some damage without locking you in place for a minute.
      5 - Mr. Highlight - I use her as a bait on bosses or when I feel lonely. When I try to boost my dmg a little up I place her in my bar (not if that matters, but always something).
      R - Phantom Six - This one is actually good on elite mobs/bosses.
      SPACE - For Oil Proc.
      T - Good skill as well, striking effect whenever part of the bar drops on the ground.

      I have only 64 SP, but skills to be maxed are for sure Apache Strike and Phantom Six. I maxed every LMB skill (autoattacks) just to not be depressed about my damage.
      I use Mana + Cooldown weapon (Efficient).

      And I would like to hear some advice about Mac too. I'll say again - I only think I'm doing OK with him, but still he feels underpowered.


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        His mobbing is not as good as his bossing but he definitely isn't weak.
        For double rain get the monkey mod and build from there.
        I think if you're building crit go get select target passive as there's a mod called moonsault or something that when you RMB shoots lasers down every time you crit and it's actually quite good.
        I left him at 216 depth tho so good luck on him.
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          get 50% above crit + Photon Cannon Weapon Mod


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            The 3 is bad mod try get mods like great khali moonsault and cold hearted mods


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              Taking Tactics:Select Target just to use one mod is definitely not what I expect from Mac. And Moonsault feels clumsy, like I'm missing half a damage because of bad positioning. This or wasting time to position myself to use Moonsault. I'll try it for sure, but I'm not really convinced now.


              • xXKillyXx
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                Well dont need dou one way of mods but some bosses are easy with this mods ...

              • DrinkingBleach
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                I mean, a guy with select target can clear Bari EX in under a minute. It's mostly for bossing and if you play Mac enough you position yourself automatically. It's really not difficult.