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  • Upgrading gear

    In my post earlier today pointing out a (most likely) bug I said I'm fairly new to this game.
    With that come many things that I still don't understand. In this case that would be how upgrading gear works up to +15 after transformation.

    After looking around one says it can break on failing when you go beyond +10, then in other places (official patch notes I think?) it says it can either stay the same or decrease in current +level.
    Noticing bad translations in some places I'm not certain whether they didn't word it properly or if items breaking is a false report. Especially considering that I've heard that this version and the Korean version seem to differ in many ways that is not just being behind on content/patches.

    So my question is: Can your items break when you're trying to upgrade them after transformation?

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    No, but it has a chance to either keep it's value or drop down a few stages. Yesterday I failed +12 and it got me back to +9.


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      Thanks for the reply! Kind of a relief that it can't break but it's still a gamble it seems.


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        Be prepared to drop an extremely large amount of items and money if you plan to go past +12 >_> I've spent a good 15-16mil trying to get +13 so either its just that hard or my rng is just god awful when it comes to enhancing lol.