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Ara's Jump! Bubble Glitch? Need Help.

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  • Ara's Jump! Bubble Glitch? Need Help.

    Ara has an ability called Jump where if you right-click then she leaps forward and slams onto the ground dealing damage and making a splash animation. If you left-click while in mid air after casting Jump! then she throws a bubble down onto the ground also making a splash animation and doing damage. I was able to right-click, then press left-click right after and she would do both the Jump! attack and the Bubble attack at the same time, they both stacked and dealt damage. You could clearly see two splash animations, one for Jump! and the other for the Bubble. She could spam this infinitely in a row so she wouldn't stop jumping or throwing bubbles. This is her strongest skill (When they stack.) When I played Ara from levels 1-19 I held down the left-click so she shot her water gun, and while I constantly held down the left-click I spam clicked the right-click button to activate her Jump! ability. When I did this it spammed both the Jump! and the Bubble really fast leading to lots of damage. I didn't even have to press the left-click in mid air to shoot out a bubble. By holding down the left-click before Jumping! it would automatically shoot out Bubbles for me and it was awesome! However when I turned level 20 (I don't think the levels have anything to do with the glitch) I held down left-click like before and spammed right-click but, Ara only jumped into the air and shot out a Bubble. When she landed there was no splash animation or any damage for the actual Jump! landing and only the Bubble did damage. This has made her really annoying to play because I have to slowly right-click and time the left-click to right before I just land or else Jump! and Bubble won't work at the same time. This lowers her DPS and sometimes I can't even use Jump! because it just shoots out a Bubble.
    I know I ranted a lot, but if anyone had these same issues can you please help me fix this glitch? Ara just randomly stopped spamming bubbles so I can only use Jump! and Bubble simultaneously every 2 seconds because I have to time them. Is there even a way to prevent this annoying mechanic from happening? It has really made the experience for me terrible and I started to lean away from Herowarz because of it. The mechanic/glitch that happens is basically, when I Jump! the landing damage and animation doesn't happen, just the Bubble I shoot out with the left-click. My IGN is TomLuvFrogs. Add me if you feel like it, I might rant some more
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    Next time you write in the forums can you make it into paragraphs; trying to read a huge chunk of text like that can be hard on the eyes on some people (I have bad eyes so it becomes a blurry mess at a point @.@)

    Also this isn't a glitch; you just had a mod that allowed you to do those things. If you look at your equip there will be bonus 'moves' at the bottom of each which tells you what that equips mods are. It can be very annoying to get use to one then have to switch to get higher depth but once you hit 215 depth you can go back and get the mods you like.

    Though at the same time; I haven't mained Ara since CBT2 also I may be reading what you said wrong... Like I said before it's a little hard on the eyes. If an Ara main can make sure I am correct about this because she could of changed that would be great ^^


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      Yeah, sorry about the big chunk of text xD I was kinda ranting. Also, thanks for the help. I didn't realize it was a mod, it's kinda of weird that they made it a mod.


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        UPDATE: A real quick update. It stopped doing the glitch. I made a mistake actually. If you look at the mod I posted it actually only affects the double jump not the first.

        I don't know why it started working again even without the mod, I actually unequipped and reequipped the mod to test it but there was no change. It just randomly started doing the splash animation a while ago. Weird, the cause is still unknown, I guess it will always be a mystery. Maybe it is just a bug or glitch.