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2 unrelated questions

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  • 2 unrelated questions

    1) are there going to be future seasons with more story content?

    2) where do i find sidekick manuals? are they only available through rng or the mp? i don't want to buy them on the mp bc they are priced stupidly and i do not have the funds to spend 1m on 1 manual.

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    1) You can wish, you can hope, you can dream... i highly doubt it will happen though. :P

    2) you can find them in hard libration when you meet the associated diver (there is 7 of them). You have approx 1% chance to get a contract (or manual as you describe it) every time you meet such a diver. You can also get them from backdraft (very hard after patch 1.66 i think it was) if you complete all 5 runs. 1% chance from normal backdraft and 100% chance to get one from backdraft hardcore.

    Some sidekicks can be obtained from labyrinth (there is 8 of them), but the drop rate is believed to be around 0.01% or even less. We had an event a couple of weeks back that gave those contracts though, which is the reason they are even to be found in the market place.

    There is 3 sidekicks you can obtain with stamps, 2 overpriced contracts in a shop in libration camp and 1 (macmonkey) which you can't obtain anymore because it was available for a limited time.

    You may find the prices extreme or unreasonable in the market place, but that is actually not true. I remember buying the Five contract a few months back for 30m, which were a fair price. Now you can find it for less than 3m. Pretty much all valuable contracts have been reduced in price to about 20% or less (except for a few of the labyrinth ones).

    Keep going, eventually you will be making a lot of cash on a daily basis and you will be able to get the sidekicks you want. But please be aware that ranking them up is very expensive when you go to superior and especially wonder rank (about 10m if you want to max out all 4 skills).

    Goodluck in your haunt!


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      no, i am actually talking about sidekick manuals, not sidekicks lol;;

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      Rank exp books? i forgot they're actually named manuals in the end.. :P

      I don't believe i've seen those for 1m per book. Perhaps you need to take a closer look in the market place and see how big the stacks are. You need 5 thick ones for great rank, 10 for the rare rank and 25 for the superior rank. 40 in total to go to superior rank. From superior to wonder you need 100 awakening scrolls.

      Also, it takes 10 normal books per thick book, just FYI.

      As for where to obtain them, you can get them in lucky boxes from twiligts, pandora boxes (i think), backdraft reward boxes and from the labyrinth. Alternatively you can buy them from heimdal in the dimensional terminal (with pantheon gemstones).