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  • New and I have some questions.

    Hello everyone, it is a pleasure meeting you all~

    I am a fresh newb to the game and I have a few questions that I would like to ask.

    - Is there a specific clan list or board to show off clans, levels, and members in-game? I've tried looking at the clan section but most of the threads are either outdated or closed, which makes the section quite unreliable. I'm not a fan of playing by myself and I would like some friends to play along with.
    - Since I play Hades, are there certain stats and gear sets I should try to acquire or no?
    - What is the level cap?
    Thank you to anyone reading this~

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    1) No, there is no clan list, the only way to get into one is making one yourself of making on of the members invite you.

    2) As you're a new player there's no worry about stats and such, I guess the most valued blue stat is crit chance/power(?) and weapon speed/power(?)
    Low leveled or mid/early game shouldn't worry about this. I'm not a Hades main but worry about mods late game, when you're 215 depth. Go look into the guide section to maybe find a Hades guide.

    3) 200, the depth cap is 220.
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    Alright. Few more questions.

    - Are there more towns or do players only meet at the HQ? If there are more towns, what level do we have to be to get there?
    - Is there a party queue players can use to group up or do you have to invite random people to your party and hope for the best? I don't see a lot of people in the HQ, especially those around my level, and when I do they do not respond. As I'm grinding, I've noticed that the levels are getting a bit harder and I would like to have friends to help me out.


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      -There be one other town when ye get ye total equipment depth level to 170, however ye be not worryin about that now.
      -There be 2 ways to get scuuurvy mates to join ye on yer adventurin: 1. Start a new mission with the quest setting set to public. 2. Head back to Historic Service HQ and ask people to join ye on ye mount before ye shove off again. Don't take it ta heart if people aren't replying to ye, there be a VERY high chance that many of them be afk after grinding missions for lots of treasaaaaaarre. Trust me, I ain't pullin ye peg leg.

      Also, enemies scale up as more maties join yer paaaarrty; up ta four, keep this in mind. But if yer maties pack more wallop in their current hero than my bottle a rum, ye'll probably zoom right through without much problem.

      Hope this helps......yaaaaaaaaargh...

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    - There is another HQ when you meet the required depth, which is 170 depth. I am not sure if KOG will release more town.
    - Your best bet is ask around HQ if they are in your level or higher. Normally, players just solo through, which is the flaws to the game. Level's don't matter in the game, focus on making your overall depth by equipping higher depth gears and use your sidekicks and dodging skills.


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      With the Story Player there under the LvL/depth from Host cant join the Paty you can invite Friends with ´L´ Invite or on HQ invite a player from Mount you can also wait in a Dungeon but i would not xD


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        Ah alright. Now I just have to figure out how to get a sidekick.
        Thanks everyone~


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          Its easyer if the The Story is Complet for beat Third World and proces