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  • Small fix to ease rng


    as people mentionned over and over, the grind and mod RNG is what's driving people off the game. I honestly think the mod/stats system is fine as it is, but i'd like to suggest a couple fixes. These could make best-in-slot a bit more attainable while maintaining the actual content meaningness.

    -Increase epic drops in liberation and lab.
    -Diver codes are refunded if you die in an first row EX.
    -Make the first two mods rerollable on wonder gear using stones, kits, froyd, etc. The transform stat is not rerollable.

    In order to get the right mods on a given item, you need to or three successful rolls. Increasing the amount of epics would help getting the right mods on gear and jewelery. Outside the daily rewards, the drop rate in these zones are horrible and that's why people need to chain hard libs.

    Players would be less burned from farming lib/lab and would farm EX 1st row a lot more to transform gear and get BIS. Economy would also be improved since transform and reroll mats would be needed a lot more.

    People would farm lib and lab for best mods, then farm ex for transform mats, diving gear and wonders. They woukd then farm more of everything to get best mods on wonders.

    Sounds a bit less grindy, the rng would be easier to cope with and the process of gearing up would be a funnier. It would be a good balance between pure RNG and manually choosing every mods on gear.
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    It's not the RNG that drives people away. RNG in Diablo is even worse than what we have, in my opinion, when you try to farm for the end game goals competitive stuff. RNG in HeroWarz is fine and was confirmed fine via multiple debates with some really dedicated end-game players that i discussed the issue with. It is what comes AFTER the RNG.

    It's the gating of the end-game content (the idea of Diver Codes. It's garbage. Everyone knows that. Some major people quit the game for good during the same hour the patch was deployed, realizing how cancerous the concept was at the beginning. I honestly envy those people).
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      At the base of Diablo's loot system, I'd possible agree. But with Blood Shards and the Cube offering various ways to target the gear you want, I'd say it offers more options to smooth out the RNG some. It can still be a major hassle to gear out, but the level of influence you have on it feels much better than in Herowarz, imo.

      While I think they should tweak how we can gear up and get mods to be a bit more controllable, I'd definitely be interested in seeing how gearing would go without the Diver Code gating.

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      You are right. But at the same time, gearing up was quite good before the Cube was implemented as well. Over there, gearing up for competitive scene could get quite a hassle, but getting your general build set up is really simple. We don't have that in HW which makes HW frustrating from the very beginning (Max depth, with preferred mods but whatever random stats on your items). It's difficult to even get that basic max depth set-up.

      We basically have Kadala alternatives now (yay), but no Mystic ones to re-roll our mods. Yeah, we definitely lack ways or consistency in getting mods specifically. I'd love to see a HW where we farm items for stats rather than mods.

      I don't think removing the Code gates would ease the gearing up process that much. It would be pretty much the same like now, as people now go 1 of the 2 ways: 1) buy Codes and spend them on gearing up and then stop playing; 2) grind Lib H till they're sick of it and then quit.