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Venus wings for Ara

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  • Venus wings for Ara

    So, after a loooong time i finally got myself some of that epic lava costume! But i have to say, i feel kinda sad about the way the wings look on Ara, as they seem to be kinda far away from the body and look glitchy. I am not sure if this is an issue on other characters than Ara.

    Below is 2 videos showing what i mean. As you can see, it look kinda weird the way the wings are placed so far from the body. Maybe this is also the reason why it glitches with the hair. It's probably easiest to see the flaw in the 2nd video.

    It would be nice see some redesign that would attach the wings to the body, without glitching too much with the hair and so on. It's not like a expect something to happen, this part of the forum is the last bastion of hope for changes, just waiting to be chrushed.

    Also, would it be possible with an option to toggle between weapon shown or not? it's not like that rubber thingy matches the outfit you know.

    The same kinda applies to Aras octopus (and anchor for that sake) on her back, when the octopus skill is selected and you're in a dungeon. It would be nice if it was possible to hide it, so it doesn't cover most of the costume that cost a fortune.

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    The second video better illustrates it, and most people should know what you're talking about, but I'd suggest identifying one of those short cut hairs and using that to really get a clear picture of it. It really is floating a good bit away though.