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  • Some though about Ramirez

    After i hit level 25 with Ramirez,here are some of my though :
    _ Chain Explosion + Walking Time Bomb + Right Click = Continuos Walking Nuclear Explosions.
    _ Rocket Jump damage insanely high (2800%) with very low mana cost ( 150 ) and 40s cooldown.
    _ Some Left Click has high damage with low or no mana cost and low cooldown.
    _ Blazing Nine range is huge af and decent damage ( 1830% )
    His only weakness i can think of right now is :
    _ Low Survivability

    My conclusion : OP
    This is my opinions, what about your ?
    My Character stats : Depth 58, Battle Power : 904, Survivability : 366 level 25

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    post it here


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      Originally posted by Kun View Post
      My conclusion : OP
      This is my opinions, what about your ?
      My Character stats : Depth 58, Battle Power : 904, Survivability : 366 level 25
      OP but at the same time not OP.
      After Mac was released, he was the strongest character in our current roster, then came Izanami who was even stronger, now we have Ramirez who is as strong as Izanami. A.Storm is actually moving in the right direction now by making the characters a bit like the original Korean version (with the skills improved as well) like we sorta requested.

      The only problem there is right now is, the older characters (before Mac) need to be buffed rather than nerfing the 3 newer characters.
      (Except B, B only needs a minor buff to his mobbing.)

      Just like you said, Ramirez has low survivability, he's not tanky so the damage he provides is just like Izanami, squishy but strong.

      We have things like Blackdraft for example, it was buffed so now older characters besides a few such as B, Derrick, Mac, Izanami can still clear at a decent speed but it's noticeably longer runs than it used to be, but now characters like Nagne, Hades, and especially Ara have a really hard time doing Blackdraft now at ease since the mode was buffed which is one of the biggest reasons I went on hiatus for a bit.

      Blackdraft was used as a source of extra codes, which was kind of boring, now it's annoying and boring, so instead of nerfing characters, they need to buff older ones.


      • DishSoap
        DishSoap commented
        Editing a comment
        Wouldn't it be easier to just bring the new system? I'm not sure how this game handles patches so it might not be possible but it would be easier to just do that than make independent changes to characters just for global.

      • Hiek
        Hiek commented
        Editing a comment
        What do you mean by new system? Endless Corridor, Defense Mode, Raid Boss, etc?
        It would still be the same situation of the older characters being underpowered for new systems.

        If you mean bring over the original character changes into our version and balance them out, then yeah, that would have been easy since day 1, but A.Storm insists on ''reworking'' our version into it's own new one.