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  • Official Ramirez Character Feedback Thread

    Heya Heroes,

    We've just gotten our newest Player: Ramirez!

    You can probably guess by the title, but we'd love to hear what you think about Ramirez himself. For those who have tried him, could you please provide some feedback on how he feels to play? This can be from how his skills work (together or independently), his damage output compared to others, his mana consumption, really anything related to Ramirez. What works for him and what do you think could be improved? You can put this in as specific or broad of terms as you'd like, since we'd like to hear from as many people as possible about him.

    For those who haven't tried Ramirez, please feel free to put why you were put off from him as well since that can always help too.

    We just want to focus it on Ramirez himself though as a playable character, so please leave out any feedback about his character launch events or content that came in the same patch as him. Thanks for any input you can provide!

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    I'm currently testing Ramirez, and I'm actually having fun. I'm just level ~30, though.
    His skills are great (especially Rocket Jump and Volcanic Rage), I feel like the characters are just getting better and better.
    Mana consumption's great too, I can actually use more than 3 skills with Ram without running out of mana.
    Damage seems acceptable, probably he's on top, near Iza, but I can't decide that, really.
    But, for christs sake, what the actual hell is his 3. Why does it even exist?
    I don't understand a single word. Why is it called Ronaldinho, why is Ronaldinho the icon, why is it blue, why do people burn for no reason at all, why does the description say hamsters are released? This ability is a mess

    However, is other skills are really fluid and work together just fine.
    Especially his 1 with his Bomb-Passive. In general, his passives are awesome. For the first time I actually feel like my passives do something. They're not just buffs, they deal damage. That's what I want. And his active buffs do damage, too.
    He has everything a character needs. Even healing.

    But, in conclusion
    I really like him, he's probably my second favorite character, next to Jerry right now. I love things that go boom.
    His skills are really sick, hopefully all new characters will be as good as Ram. Maybe rework some older characters too

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      Originally posted by Tabofren View Post
      But, for christs sake, what the actual hell is his 3. Why does it even exist?
      I don't understand a single word. Why is it called Ronaldinho, why is Ronaldinho the icon, why is it blue, why do people burn for no reason at all, why does the description say hamsters are released? This ability is a mess
      Kinda this. Haven't played enough to really give feedback, but this seemed really out there. I can remember when I first started, playing as Ara, and I was amused when I found out you essentially throw a whale that flops around on the ground and hits enemies. Felt random, but made sense with her character. With Ramirez, the idea of flaming blue hamsters zeroing in on enemies seemed again out there, but funny. But putting Ronaldinho's face and name to it...they completely lost me on that one, unless I'm missing a joke.

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      Yeah Ronaldinho seems really out of place with the icon, I'm assuming it's something lost in translation or some kind of Korean in-joke. I don't get how a Brazilian soccer player is related to a bunch of flaming hamsters. And yes they are hamsters the skill makes hamster noises.

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    Too OP especially those passive skills chain explosion and walking time bomb


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      He's strong, other characters imo should be scaled to his level, especially since they haven't been re worked in a while. Maybe a little nerf (?) but fun overall.
      Haven't played enough to know if he's OP but I know older characters need to be buffed to be on Iza's and Ram's level.
      If you nerf the two to make them let's say, Audrey's level. Then I have no words.


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        he out damages iza, that's all that matters to me.


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          Standard melee glass cannon. He works well, uniquely defines himself well among the rest of the roster, and has a few intricacies for the players who choose too main him to display a higher skill level than others who just 'hop on' him. Has medium-ranged skill cooldowns. He works like a flickering candle: He's loud, dynamic, does his job lighting up the field, and just like the candle, he eventually burns out. He does extremely well in brief exchanges, but falls off due to the reasonably high mana costs of several of his more damaging skills, forcing the player to adapt to ending things quickly before their mana gives out (especially since I believe only his standard attacks and Blast [W-Down/E] skill recovers mana, without including mods of course). Normal modes give him leeway to get away with his mana issues, but you'll notice this bane in third world, villa skylla, EX, Lab, etc. This is fine with me. It gives players something to take into account when they are determining how they want to build him. And lastly, his skill tree does a good job further expanding his uniqueness from being a high-speed, single-target dealer to sacrificing some speed to become an AOE (sort of ranged) brawler. The skill alternates all seem to have a good level of viability so far, so it's a nice change from the more 'linear' skill tree builds from some of the earlier characters, but I may be wrong, so I'll wait till some guides are released from the players who choose to main him to be the deciding factor.

          (Sorry for the chunk of a paragraph, but I can't really see a good place to break it apart)

          And if it matters, these opinions were made after reaching level 100/ depth 172.

          Also, I really appreciate the effort in making the stats given from the Macho Man's Fury title more unique and defining than the others that I remember. It works well for those who intend to build Ham or other heroes into that "all or nothing" skill-caster style, and could influence player builds to put more focus on titles if this style of unique, dynamic stats continues to be implemented as we go on.

          So I'm pretty satisfied with this new edition. Welcome, Ham. And since I'm on such a roll with this word in this post for some reason: I'd like to tell everyone reading this that I appreciate their uniqueness in being unique, and that I hope you have a very unique experience today while enjoying your own unique brand of uniqueness and enjoy this unique new edition to this unique game! Bleh!
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            He is real fun to play, his skill kit is pretty diverse, his build paths have potential, his mods are real interesting, his passives are useful (wish other chars had half as good passives) and like how fast he is too. Can't really say a con at the moment, i might be biased though.
            He is a bit too overpowered compared to the older gen chars, and for the current content though.
            I would much rather see some upgrade for older chars, and after that some harder content than a change to Ramirez.


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              I am level 137 with him atm and I thought that he was a blast to play right through however he is rather frustrating to play end game. He dies really fast, I have to run around and charge my fists and wait for CC to come back up. His passive that resets cooldowns helps him a little but I feel like he needs to have some more defense in his kit. (Perhaps when he is performing his combo or something) His dmg is grand, I don't think it's too high and I don't think its too low either. (I played Izanami and Ara before) His kit feels very diverse however I don't feel like he has many attractive options, most builds will use the same set up.

              Overall, Enjoying him but needs to be bulked up a little.


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                Ronaldiño is the name of his pet hamster XD he talks about it with mary. Maybe ronaldiño is popular in korea and it's associated with hamsters ? idk lol

                btw to go pro with ramyrez you totally need burning man, at lvl 10 it gives 67% damage reduction and heals 6% of hp when you hit a boss monster or kill a normal monster. (it costs 6.5% hp every second so gotta be careful with it)
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