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purchase vip for more than 1 month

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  • purchase vip for more than 1 month

    i think it might be helpful if there could be something like

    1 month - 3 month - 6 month vip packages?

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    Uh, just buy them again?
    It wouldn't be a good idea to buy 3 ~ 6 months from a package anyways. You would probably get tired of the game by then due to how slow the content is, plus the way the VIP Page is set up in-game, they would need to change it up to add more to it, but I could see them adding a complete package similar to Korea's where you can buy the complete version which brings you straight to 3 Stars with bonus boost of VIP rewards.

    For example, let's say you're new, and you don't have VIP, there would be a package that brings you all the way up to 3 Stars while giving you 10~12 Pandora Boxes (Bronze), +200 Froyd Potions, and 60~90-days for buying the full package to 3 Stars for the first time.