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    Can't seem to find her feedback page however I would like to comment about her kit.

    Ara was the first character I played with before moving on to Izanami and Ramirez. (I only really play Izanami and Ramirez now)
    I loved her however I feel like she is too simple to play. I understand that she's a kid and what not but not only she doesn't have as many skills as Izanami or Ramirez but she also doesn't really have many alternative options. I feel like she should have more meaningful choices to make. She could also use about 1 or 2 more skills. (Throwing giant water balls as that's always fun) (and perhaps an outburst of 3 cones of pressure water perhaps)

    Overall I still enjoy the character but it's hard to go back to her full time when we have character that are built better, and they will keep coming as we still have a few characters to go through. Not saying Ara is the one that should be reworked first but she should be one of the first ones to be looked at