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What i expect to see these year on Herowarz

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  • What i expect to see these year on Herowarz

    Hello Everyone you can freely post here what you expect to see this Year on HeroWarz

    to me i Expect to see: NEW Characters: JackDaw,Tiger,Clyde,Tom,Yahu and the two ladies

    NEW Modes: ATV and more

    Buffs: Nagne, B, Derick, Audrey

    Cosmetic: B really needs his masks also i would love to see our characters to get the cloths we see on the depths progress images

    Nerfs: BackDraft nee a slight nerf its impossible to complete it solo even if you have high depth also Heroic Mode Jesus its like freaking dark souls there 1 to 2 shot death bosses on 190 depths?

    Thats all i would love to see this Year Happy 2017 Everyone

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    I'll add my 2 cents in since I think the last time players really had a full discussion over the general direction we hope the game goes in overall was within the first one or two months of release.

    I can agree about ATV. I think bringing pvp in the picture within the year should definitely be a goal for this game. If it comes in and is interesting, functional, and has a reasonable degree of depth on release (a few bugs and whatnot at initial should be expected and are acceptable imo), it could be one of the major factors in eliminating the issue of lack of content within the game and give players something else to do when they're tired of grinding dungeons. In this case, I think cleaning up and organizing the pve content we have now and working out the direction of any new content that would be planned after that point would put the game on the right track, but I'll save that for another section (+) and finish up my thoughts on pvp. The reasons I've just sat quietly and waited for pvp thus far is because I know it's a lot of work if they are actually reworking all of pvp into another "form" from its original along with balancing and etc. Pvp can literally an entire second game because though it is gonna be a "mode" like labyrinth, twilight, etc, it will most likely bear very few resemblances to pve besides characters, general play mechanics, and skills. Most everything else is gonna have a few different nuances. But it's not just the mode itself that needs to be considered, so I'll ask a few questions that I think should retain to this mode:

    -How much will the pvp's rework change from it's original?
    The entire game we're playing right now is a rework from the other version, so I think you can see that A LOT can change than what's predicted. All I know is that it's supposed to be more like a moba, but that info was from half a year ago and a lot of stuff happens in half a year. Don't know what to think of it much anymore.

    -What will our options be in the menu of pvp?
    Will there be a beginner/vs cpu/tutorial mode for new players to learn what to do? Will there be computers at all? Will there be a ranked mode (if it is actually gonna be a moba)? Will there be private matches? Can we have friends join our 'group' and then play against randoms? Will we have costumes for our pvp characters? Will we be able to spectate matches? Many more.

    -Will there be certain 'goals' to strive for in pvp that we get rewarded for achieving?
    Ranks, maybe costumes, character mastery for getting good with a certain character (that's what i originally thought those images were for that seem to change as you level up in the KR version), other little stuff like that. And I remember hearing talk that achieving things in pvp would also give you rewards in pve and vice versa. That would be cool too.

    Some of these questions might seem redundant, but they're reasonable because of what little info we have about ATV and what to expect. But these are what have kept me waiting silently because I do see that a lot of consideration and work is involved. Btw you can also expect delayed releases of new characters in pvp just like we have in pve right now. Yep I don't for a second think that all the characters will be there on release of ATV and from what I can collect on the foreign MFL character roster, some characters from pve aren't even in pvp. But I can see this being the case of the site not being updated, like the sidekick roster on the HW Global website (ours).

    (+) Part of the reason I struggle to respond when we're asked "What would you guys like to see added to the game?" is because, in all honesty, I really don't really know what I'd like to see added sometimes (besides bug fixes, character buffs, etc, you know, the obvious stuff). It just feels like there isn't enough stuff here in game to build off of sometimes, so when asked questions like that, I kinda feel that even after months of playing, I'd still respond: "I don't really know. It feels like I haven't seen enough of the game to be able to suggest many meaningful suggestions to expand on what we have right now." I can't really see the direction the devs are pushing the game in when they add new content (like look at backdraft, heroic, and flashback? I think it was?). Backdraft is, to me, the most interesting of these modes, but they're all just alternate ways of getting materials and stuff that we've gotten before; which, don't get me wrong, is nice, but is that really the new content we're expecting? Part of the reason I think like this is because I haven't played the other version like others have so I could reliably say what should be brought over here. I don't feel like starting over, crawling my way through a language I don't understand, or setting up a vpn and all that to do so (if any of that is necessary). Then I look at things that we do have like story and ask stuff like: Is story actually even done? The last cutscenes and I saw/read from villa skylla and liberation were unclear and at some point everything just stopped. Is that it? That's all that we have at this point? Even in KR? It just seems unclear and I think that if it isn't finished, then that's one direction to look in when adding new content.

    We've had one new sidekick added to the game after release and that was all. Will new sidekicks be coming out? Will that sidekick even appear again? Is there a schedule for the release of those kinds of additions or was Mac Monkey like a test? Though we love new hero releases, We're getting close to having them all. What's the plan after all the characters are released? Will new, never before seen heroes be created much later and added to the game? Maybe add little stand-alone character-specific missions that are similar to story mode or flashback (with dialogues and such) where we can learn more about our heroes and the world they live in and where you could add more collect 'ems or rewards as new content? Idk. I've seen and heard small stuff from the other version that seemed cool and made me ask: 'Where's that?' in our version because they seemed like good additions, but it just feels that if you haven't played KR, you haven't been shown enough of what Herowarz has to offer or enough of the game's direction to be able to make assumptions or suggestions about TRUE new content that should be added.

    Characters we have now should be reorganized:
    Heroes are too lopsided in terms of power or relative usefulness when you look at them right now. New players must be REALLY confused when they go from deleting everything as Izanami as their first character to tickling them with Audrey as their second. Number buffs would be a hot-fix to make them playable now, but some heroes seem to have deeper issues that may require an actual rework to get things feeling right. I'd assume anything like that would come after all heroes are released though.

    Backdraft and Heroic modes are tough:

    And all in all, there's a deeper point I'd like to get across personally: Since the beginning, people seemed to agree with each other that the communication issues between players and devs was just that they weren't listening. Between suggestions and general ideas of the community for the game thus far, I think it's been made clear that every message/thread is read by at least SOMEBODY, and some of our suggestions are taken into concept and implemented into the game even though they aren't always exactly as we stated them (this should be expected). I won't say anything about the speed changes and additions are made into the game because I don't know the size of the workforce, rate of or degree of communications between KOG and A. Storm, other specific circumstances, who's in charge of what, or anything else along those lines and I won't make any assumptions about them. The issue I've had with this game since cbt1 is that since pre-release, I don't remember hearing any word from the devs about THEIR plans for herowarz. Long or short term, their expected direction of the game. What they're thinking, things coming up, projects that are currently in development for the game right now (You don't have to tell us EVERYTHING about them in detail, or even their progress, just general stuff that keeps us players interested and talking/thinking. What would the CREATORS like to see from this game in the future? Do YOU GUYS like Herowarz? What are your loose plans about the game or small things about it that you'd definitely like to address in the future? I'd assume there's some kind of list in place that goes over the goals that the companies would like to achieve for the game. This is basically the 'news feed' section of any online game that basically shows that there IS stuff going on behind the scenes and that there is a plan/checklist/op order for the game. What I'm trying to say is that for us to give even better feedback and stay interested in the game, we have to know at least some of what you guys are thinking/planning for the game's future so we have something to go off of, because otherwise we won't even understand why the game was reworked into what it is now (glitches and mistakes put to the side). That would help break these long silences in the community sometimes. And you don't have to even do any of this on a schedule or invalidate your teasers before a big release. All I can advise is to look at the news feeds of other popular games to see what works for them and make it your own.

    Okay. I tried to word my thoughts as best I could, so I hope I got close to what I'm actually thinking. This is more than 2 cents btw, I pretty much just filled several parking meters for the day, poor Shiryu wasn't expecting this. I'm already scared of how many people are about to pick this apart and quote me on the details of my pre-6 A.M. soapbox moment. Don't jump me at once! It was the sparkling grape juice talking I swear!

    Let's make 2016 look at 2017 and go:"Dang, Son! That's what I could've been?!"


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      I agree with all things you said in your novel there.

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    The only character I want is Tom. Just.give.Tom. please keep his skateboard tho

    Also, I couldn't care less about PvP. I never enjoyed fighting other players. Way too competitive for me. Maybe just a fun, casual 1v1 or Moba-like style, but I hate Ranked-gameplay.

    Regarding the buffs, I think EVERY character needs a buff, besides Ramirez and Izanami. No one can compete against them. Don't nerf these two, buff everyone so they're equal in terms of damage. And please give Jerry her spin ~.~

    Costumes: The only thing I actually want is the recolor costume of Jerry.

    That's all I have to say.


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      Basicly we will only see 3 things in 2017:
      - New costumes and other cash items
      - New events (similar to the ones we already had)
      - New characters, most likely even more unbalanced

      There is no hope for this game, the dev doesn't care and KOG just want to milk it for the last money they can. Rather than try to make it a great game and listen to the players, they decided to turned up the greed and turned down the care for the game. Atleast that is what it seems like to me.

      Items in the marketplace disapear after a month. Considering there is now about 550 items on the market now and there used to be roughly 1,400-1,450, it's fairly safe to say that within 6 weeks the playerbase dropped by over 50 %. It shouldn't be long before we reach population 0 and the game is terminated, especially since there is no content in the horizon.



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        I'm expecting the game to get shutdown this year, maybe around Summer or Fall, or a Temporary closure to 're-launch' the game under a new Publisher (or remain on KOG Games) with the KR Translated version(not happening, so a closure) instead of our current "Reboot" version that clearly hasn't been liked since Day 1.

        The thing is, it's been out for 6 or 7 months now and so far, we haven't gotten any new Endgame content.
        I wouldn't even consider Event Maps such as Heroics endgame since it's a weekly mode and not something you can do everyday.

        Some things I want to point out that some people might have not noticed yet.

        1. Japanese HeroWarz Beta
        Closed Beta Test 1 ended on 08/29/2016 - 10:00 (Aug. 29th is my Birthday by the way, not that it's important or anything.)
        The beta had so much negative feedback and also didn't get the attention it needed, You can see based off the JPN Trailers, very low View Counts, to the point it didn't even get a 2nd CBT yet, and probably won't since I haven't seen any form of announcements for it since then. (JPN Version was the same as ours, Minus Tom, which brings us to the next part.)

        2. Japanese HeroWarz (Character: Tom)
        Tom was in Japan's CBT, and he was basically our first look at what he would be like when he eventually came to our version, but he ended up being the least played character in their CBT probably due to how boring his game play was when he was 'reworked' for NA/JP which is probably one of the reasons why he hasn't came out in our version yet due to probably reworking him again, but at the same time, each version of the games are releasing heroes(zeroes) in different orders, but that's still a possibility to point out.

        3. Japanese HeroWarz's Feedback
        Originally posted by SEGA

        We got lots of feedback regarding improvements to the game. The top rankers were, in order: fluidity of combat, content unrelated to combat and speed-run related game elements.
        We will be working on these aspects, with focus on the fluidity of combat because action combat is HeroWarz' selling point.

        We have also acknowledged several other requests and issues that have popped up during this beta test. We will address the following issues before opening up the servers once again
        - Have better explanations as to how to control certain things
        - Add more to the help tips, etc
        - Add native controller support
        - More Mana
        - Better UI
        Even the Japanese players have complained about the same exact stuff a lot of us have complained about, and yet A.Storm, the developers of HeroWarz has not done any of these, except for maybe the Mana part a bit, but most of these haven't been addressed so I guess Japan is never doing another Beta, or at least not any time soon according to this part.
        "We will address the following issues before opening up the servers once again" I guess that's another reason why the servers never opened up again yet.

        Overall, what I'm trying to point out is the fact A.Storm doesn't give a damn about our suggestions or anything.
        They will add minor things that are important to the Online Environments such as Markets, and stuff, but even then it took them so long to bring it over.

        If it wasn't for the horrible UI changes, it would have been released since day 1 or a month or two after the release instead of spending all this time delaying these type of things due to redesigning the UI to fit the main HUD and stuff, for all we know, the MFL/ATV(PvP) mode is probably delaying every other big content that would have maybe came out if they didn't try to completely 'redesign' the PVP Mode that they've probably been more focused on the most which is probably going to be an exact copy of League of Legends with an in-match Shop unlike the KR version which would make sense for the delay because again, need to make more horrible Full Screen UI designs for that too and stuff.

        A.Storm might think they're clever with the lack of content and hit us with a big update later on, but no, this is just giving the developers, and the game itself a bad impression.
        Most of us have quit, or rather, most of the loyal players who knew what the game could have became are gone, and when A.Storm does release a big update, those same players, including myself are going to see that update and just think to ourselves:
        "Oh, they finally gave us the Raid Boss and a Tower Defense Mode, whoopee doo, that will last a day or two before there's nothing new again."
        and not even bother returning because we know it still wouldn't be enough content.

        I actually stopped leveling my Ramirez despite how long I waited for him to come out, and how hyped I was for him simply because I finally realized: "Why am I even bothering anymore?" I'm literally doing the exact same thing I did with my other characters, but faster due to Diving and skipping Lab and stuff entirely and stuff.

        Why do you think we have weekly and monthly modes in the game? To stall us due to the lack of content and creativity.
        Even the Event Maps are more reused content, even the Map for Heroic is from one of KR's Story maps, just edited and changed from being story-based and used as a buffed up Boss run and Backdraft's map is also from one of KR's Story Maps, it was a Maze Map, but for our Backdraft, it was cut into a small square section of the map and added walls around it turning it into another lazy design and of course, reusing more content such as Divers.

        A.Storm has no creativity which is why they haven't released any big game changers, besides Outer Territory/Hilaria which is the only thing new to our version.

        TL;DR: A.Storm literally don't give a damn about our feedback, they just don't.


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          I saw that just a bit ago, It better be the original HeroWarz and not a continued ''Reboot'' version.

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          Hiek can you stop knowing everything

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          I didn't know they were gonna do a closure, that was some mad jinx/prediction or something. xD