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    Sup folks

    As the title says, since you are not getting any revenue from the server til march 26, let us use that time to test the game balance and more stuff, for this reason, let me request the following stuff:

    - Mod Reroll: Self-explanatory, you want us to give you feedback of the state of balance, but we can´t test it in a proper way, cuz we need to gather the desired mods in order to test multiple builds for each toon and that takes A LOT, really, A LOT of time and luck. You can do this by "duping" and improving the Mod Reroll from Fashion stuff and/or by removing the limit of purchases at Mistery Shop while you add wonder stuff to that shop.

    - Full Sidekick Availability: Provide us a faster way to obtain all the sidekicks with their respective wonder scrolls, cuz we wanna test the sidekick balance too. You can do this by adding every single sidekick contract and wonder scrolls to the sidekick shop at Liberation Wing with the same or half price of Benny and Vice. This becomes a must when some sidekicks require a lot of days to get, like Max, Rose and Macses, or the wonder scrolls of the lab sidekicks and Myriad.

    - Fast Patching: In order to take advantage of the current state of the server, if you want us to test the balance in a proper way, you have to patch the game based on our sugestions during this time, of course, at least I won´t be submiting a huge list of changes since it will screw your time for developing the new code.

    That´s it.
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    I agree with this sort of beta testing. No more blank 1 year in which you don't know if KOG dropped the game or not.