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New Characters for OBT?

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  • New Characters for OBT?

    So I have been watching the Korean HeroWarz letsplays like crazy and see all the new characters. Just wondering if there will be any more releasable ones that we can play during OBT or will they only be playable during game release or a little bit after?

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    On their Facebook they stated that we'd have changes to our character rosters, Benny Foster stated this on the forums as well. It sounds like we'll have more variety to the characters we'll be able to play during CBT2.

    They mentioned that more details will be revealed at a later date, so don't forget to check for that.
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      yeah character roster is gonna be a surprise, im myself is hoping to try hades so i hope she will be availlable as she IS in the gameplay video :P

      heres the quote of the info we have at the moment i post this:

      Originally posted by Benny Foster View Post

      - We won't say what the playable character roster changes are just yet as we have a LOT of work to do to get them ready

      - Benny


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        My guess Is that Jerry mary,tom, and maybe izanami will be in the next upcoming cbt 2 I only say this cuz benny keep saying this one is base on are feed back and On facebook and on forums a lot of ppl been asking for them mainly me O: and benny said We have a Lot of work to do meaning its going to shock us
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          Oh that would be awesome. I reallllly want to play Izanami. Her skills looks crazy and a bit OP lol.


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            I want to play Hwaran or Bigwang super fun characters~


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              Give me my hades qq


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                I have seen Hades gameplay and I'm not sure if I could play her. But then again I liked Derrick and was pleasantly surprised by how much fun he was.