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just wondering will people who were in cbt 1 be able to play or participate in cbt 2?

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  • just wondering will people who were in cbt 1 be able to play or participate in cbt 2?

    i'm just wondering if players who participated in cbt 1 will be able to participate in cbt 2 and will there be more characters available to play then the 5 we were able to play during cbt 1

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    ALSO this was from gm Benny which I'am surprised the thread wasn't sticky-ed

    Originally posted by Benny Foster View Post
    Hi Guys and Girls,

    To clear the air - Here's who gets to play in CBT 2:
    - Any and Every player who played in the first CBT gets in
    - Any and Every player who creates a HeroWarz account, and is playing from a designated CBT regions: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe gets in!
    (Starting from today until the CBT 2 actually goes live)

    Other notes:
    - Players from the first CBT get to post on the forums, new accounts do not until CBT 2 starts
    - There will be game changes tweaks and character roster changes (some minor, some major), and many of those changes are based on the constructive feedback you guys and girls have provided. Basically, this is a real CBT, and your opinions and feedback matter to us. Word to the wise, if you see an email from us saying Survey, get to it, your votes count
    - Players from other regions will have a chance to play as well, but this won't happen until later HeroWarz launch phases
    - We won't say what the playable character roster changes are just yet as we have a LOT of work to do to get them ready

    I hope this addresses your concerns. If you guys and girls can think of any more, please let us know.

    - Benny