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  • Have a HeroWarz or forum-related question? Come here!

    With the approach of CBT2 we'll be getting new players on the forums, a lot of questions are asked simply due to there not being enough information at the moment. Benny Foster will probably post a thread similar to this, when/if that happens I'll simply request for this thread to be removed. Additionally, I'll be occasionally adding any questions that I remember or glance over. Scouring the forums for an answer may not always work. The search function does its job, but people usually ignore it completely.

    There are a lot of questions asked that can be answers on the website's FAQ, some of them can be answered here.


    Q: How similar will our version of HeroWarz be compared to the Korean version? In an interview GM_Moshup stated that our version will be different from the korean version.

    Q: How will our version be different? In the same interview GM_Moshup gave us an idea of their planned progression; their plans are to take what's succeeded in Korean HeroWarz while avoiding what wasn't successful.

    Q: Will the game be released global soon? KOG plans on having the game globally released in the future.

    Q: Will there ever be controller support? Benny Foster stated that controller support is currently in development for the future.

    Q: Is there Windowed mode? Currently, it doesn't exist.

    Q: Will there ever be a fatigue system? The korean version has it, but we will not have it, this is confirmed by Benny Foster.

    Q: What costume sizes are there? Small Female, Medium Female, Medium Male, and Large Male.

    Q: What is Depth(stat)? According to Benny Foster, Depth is simply your item level. Certain dungeons & challenges require a certain amount of Depth. Also worth noting that Depth increases the rate of a character's attack power.

    Q: What is an emblem/what does it do? According to Benny Foster, an emblem is an icon that you can equip. You're able to equip both an emblem and a title.

    Q: What is a sidekick & how do I get them? A sidekick is a character who's able to assist you during battle for a brief moment. Many sidekicks skills range from different effects. You unlock more sidekicks by completing areas in the Pantheon.

    Q: Is there a HeroWarz related Discord channel available? Yes, there are two of them. If you want to join the one with the most members then click here. If you're unable to join then PM me and I'll add you to Discord and invite you. You're able to join a guild here as well. If joining a guild isn't up to your taste you can even create one. You aren't forced to join any guild in order to stay in the Discord server. I'll have to ask for permission for the other Discord server, simply request if you want to join the smaller one and I'll post an invite or add you.

    Q: Will we have the same character roster as CBT1 did? Not likely. Benny Foster stated that our character roster will be going through some minor and major changes. We'll probably be informed of the playable characters for CBT2 at a later date.

    Q: When will CBT2 start and end? CBT2 will start at June 21st, 10:00 AM GMT / 3:00 AM PST and will end on June 24th.


    Q: How do I change my Avatar? Navigate to the top right of the forums and click your forum name, you'll notice a drop down menu. Click on "My Profile".

    Hover over your blank avatar and click "Edit Avatar". Note: The maximum size of your pic can only be 200x200. It will be scaled down to fit these dimensions if you choose a bigger image.

    Q: How do I add a signature? Currently we're unable to add a signature.

    Q: How do I reduce the size of a link to a single word? These forums use BB code, all you have to do is:

    Q: Can I change the name of my forum account through Founders? Unfortunately, no. The founders pack only affects your in-game name.
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    nice post Irru, so much info on forum and random things :P
    this even counter a little the fact the CBT2 GM Benny's post was sank down the forum with no glue(sticky) on it


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      Updated just a little. In general it's a mess, but when I have more time to actually work on it I'll order stuff properly.

      Benny probably forgot to sticky the CBT2 thread, threads usually get swallowed by the abyss if they aren't sticky'd. 8(
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        How many people can be in a dungeon together?


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          Raids are up to eight.
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            Drunk is correct.

            Updated list. Don't be afraid to ask questions in this thread, that's the main reason this thread was created.


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              just 2 more days..TWO MORE DAYS!!! xD


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                Yeah, finally. ;_;


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                  Less then 24 hours and we can play. THANK YOU !!!