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  • Version 1.12

    • Balance Adjustments
      • Decreased monster HP by 20%~30% to adjust the difficulty of higher level content.
      • The increase rate of the character's attack power has been increased based on the character's depth.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Field
        • Fix occasional client crash issue when clearing [Second Mirror]
        • Fix occasional issue of not being able to progress the game when in a party with 4 members.
      • Character
        • Nagne
          • Nagne should no longer remain blue after using [Snake Trail]
        • B
          • A fully charged [Cross Slash] should no longer consume double the mana
      • ETC
        • Players should no longer receive Deus Reports for characters other than their own.
        • Red gauge will no longer appear when other players are building tents.
        • Shoulder Mount (F9) will be cancelled when the player you’re sitting on decides to build a tent and vice versa.
        • All other game crash issues aside from the ones listed above are still being investigated.
    • Localization
      • Minor translation fixes.