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Doodle Warz: Oceanside Adventures [Winners Announced!]

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  • Doodle Warz: Oceanside Adventures [Winners Announced!]

    Heya, Heroes!

    In doing missions for the Historical HQ, the Players haven't had much luck with their locale. Parfrica was hot and dusty, White Cloud Mountain was covered in mist, and don't get us started on Glacia. For one last summertime shebang, some of the Players are going to try to visit a beach. In a flooded world, there are a ton to be found! So to memorialize an end to their first summer, let's draw some art of the Players at the beach.

    This contest goes from 8/15 to 8/30 at 11:59PM Pacific.
    • Your goal is to draw fanart of at least one of the playable characters from HeroWarz enjoying a vacation at the beach.
    • Keep it clean (no nudity or anything that borderlines it).
    • Do not use any licensed characters in your artwork from other games or anime.
    • All artwork must be your own: this means you should not steal anyone else's art.
      • This also means don't edit screenshots or use official HeroWarz artwork as your own.
    • You can re-upload and change your entry as many times as you want before the deadline.
    • One entry per person. If you win a prize, it will be distributed to the in-game name associated with your forum account.
    • The uploading functionality of the forums does not always work. We advise hosting your image on an outside source (such as Imgur, Deviantart, PhotoBucket, etc), and including that link (or inserting with the [img] BB Code).
    If you have any questions about the rules or anything, please feel free to ask in-thread or via PM.

    1st Place: 5000 K-Ching
    2nd Place: 3000 K-Ching
    3rd Place: 2000 K-Ching
    Honorable Mentions: 500 K-Ching

    Heya Heroes! I know that the week of deliberation has left you all on the edge of your seats, but we're finally ready to announce the winners!

    First Place goes to ohhnoss for their rendition of two of our quieter Players, Hades and B, at the beach. Shades and a sunhat keep out the harsh sun's rays and add to their cooler demeanors. Congratulations!

    Second Place goes to Elasis for their rendition of Ara in the water with a lovely innertube. Gotta love the video camera aesthetic. Congratulations!

    And Third Place goes to DrinkingBleach for yet another Ara. Ara's covered from the sun's rays in a nice sunhat and jacket, but still close to the waves. Congratuations!

    To all who participated, thank you so much! Even if you didn't win this time, please be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any future DoodleWarz. Your hard work make these contests what they are and is always appreciated. And to our winners, congratulations again! You'll be awarded your respective prizes in the coming days, but please don't hesitate to PM if you have any questions.
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    Uhm this is supposed to be B aka james reese? IGN:CrabsBruh I TRIED
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        Reserving :x


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          rezerv meh


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            are you judging lol?
            if not, who?


            • Suteki
              Suteki commented
              Editing a comment
              I am indeed the judge, like I was for GC's Grand Doodles. But if I can, I will definitely try to nab some GM opinions on the final pieces since they're the lovely folks offering the prizes.

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            Chocopie Bait
            IGN: ChaosGod

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              Finally done! Hope you guys like it .

              IGN: Elasis


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                Ara is floating with her animals!


                IGN: RunAndSpam


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                  Reserved! Hopefully I can make it in time


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                    Reserved. Might enter if I have time to draw.


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                      More cute Ara pictures.


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                        Audrey and Ara... or

                        B and Hades: Too cool for water

                        edit: Yes, I am also in Elsword (ign/forums)!
                        P.S. I'm sorry that I didn't notice your message on the friday livestream Crow! I didn't notice my chat D: ! It is me! (watching the twitch replay)
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                          Heya Heroes! To anyone who's reserved a post here or to anyone who has been a bit hesitant to try, there's still a few days left! You could get up to 5,000 K-Ching if you win, so it never hurts to give it a shot.


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                            Not very confident but I had fun drawing it so...
                            Ara and B at the beach <3 ~ !

                            IGN : Miyumono