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Instant Noodle Photo Challenge

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  • Instant Noodle Photo Challenge

    Aside from Choco Pies, Instant Noodles are Nagne’s other favorite food and one he asks for every chance he gets!

    For this challenge we want you to share Nagne’s love for Instant Noodles by making some of your own and sharing a photo of them! You can use any type of instant noodles you’d like, or you can use a different type of noodle as long as they are noodles (no elbow macaroni or bow-tie pasta for example).

    You can leave them plain or dress them up how you like to eat them, but be sure to take a photo before you finish eating them! Also be sure that your IGN is visible in the image, so write it on a piece of paper, use sriracha to spell it out on the noodles, however you decide to do it make sure that it is there!!

    Event Mechanics:
    • Take a photo of some Instant Noodles! You can dress the noodles up any way you’d like with vegetables or sauces, or you can leave them plain.
    • Your name must be in the photo (either on a piece of paper or some other way).
    • Post a description with your submission. Sometimes these comments can win the event for you!
    • Be sure to include your IGN when you post!

    Submissions MUST be shared on the Facebook Event Page here:

    1 Grand Prize Winner – 1,000 K-Ching
    3 Winners – 500 K-Ching
    All qualifying submissions will receive a Silver Pandora’s Box.

    Now go dig in the cupboard or head to the store, and plan out an Instant Noodle Photo that would make Nagne PROUD!

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    oh good luck
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