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Ararat's Next Top Model: Grand Opening [Winners Announced!]

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  • Ararat's Next Top Model: Grand Opening [Winners Announced!]

    Heya Heroes!

    The Venus Shop has been with us for just over a month, and we've seen some costume sets come and go. Have you been filling up your closets?

    I hope so, because now it's time to prove who is Ararat's Next Top Model!

    What's the theme this time? Well, because it's our Grand Opening, there is none! Just dress in what you think is the most styling outfit you have and submit it for a chance at some K-Ching and knowledge that you are a top model. You've only got a few weeks, so make it count!

    How To Enter

    You must design the best outfit you can think of on any one character of yours. Take one to three screenshots of the character (outside of the Venus Shop) showcasing this outfit and post them here to submit. Please be sure that you are visible and that your outfit can be distinguished from your surroundings.

    Please note that while you want to be fashionable, you also want to be creative. Venus put creativity into designing costumes for her shop, but taking her whole outfits isn't exactly showing how stylish you are.

    • You must own all armor, accessories, or aura pieces on the character you enter into the competition. That means you can't dress yourself up in the Venus Shop and submit that unless you actually buy the outfit.
    • You may wear any combination of costume pieces you have in your inventory. This includes event/promotional pieces, Venus Shop, Venus Collection, Designer, monster dropped, or temporary costume pieces. You can also choose to leave any number of costume slots empty if you prefer a character's natural look in a few places.
    • Contestants are limited to one (1) entry on one character. You may not enter multiple outfits of the same character either. You may update your entry as many times as you'd like until the contest deadline though.
    • If you are going to edit or photo-manipulate your entry screenshot(s) in any way, please be sure to link to a raw version as well.
    • The grand winner will get 3,000 K-Ching
    • 3 Runners-Up will get 1,000 K-Ching each
    • One entry per account. Your forum ID is your IGN, so be sure to take your screenshots from that account.
    • Please be aware that the Attachment function on the forums can be wonky. Please post your submission picture(s) on the forums using the [IMG] tags. If you don't know how to use them, please feel free to ask or refer to the Inline Media help section for images.
    • Use Alt+Z if you want to remove the UI, and use the Insert key to move the in-game camera closer to your character for a better look at the outfit.
    • Feel free to crop your image as desired, but try not to resize them. If your image is too small, it may be hard to see the outfit.
    • You'll be judged on Creativity and Cohesion.
    Deadline: 9/21/2016 11:59PM PST

    Heya Heroes! Hope you haven't been too anxious as you awaited the results of our first Ararat's Next Top Model. Everyone really brought their A-Game, and it showed with how hard it was to judge... to the point that the GMs let us have an additional Runner-Up!

    So who won? Well...

    Our Grand Prize winner was Mer! Mer's outfit focused on silvers with bits of blues and reddish hints peeking in too. It looked unique-yet-fashionable and had a good bit of variety with the pieces included too. For that, congratulations!

    And we have four Runners-Up! Each outfit brought something different to the table but they all had style. But let's say congratulations to Nimu, Antary, Dorn, and @EdszxNeo!

    To those who didn't quite make it, fear not! There were so many good entries and this won't be the last Ararat's Next Top Model. Please keep an eye out for the next contest and keep your focus on the latest fashion trends so that you too may become one of Ararat's Next Top Models!
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    Sample Entry:

    Costume Pieces:
    Street Beanie Natural Wave Hair (MM - Red)
    Street Ace TOM T-Shirt (MM - Red)
    Street Training Adias Pants (MM - Black)
    Casual TOMZ Campus Classic (MM - Red)


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      Here's my entry!

      Then here's a link to the edited ones for fun and then the second one is a link to the raws. (x) (x)

      If I need anything added/changed please let me know!

      Good luck everyone!


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        Costume Pieces

        Casual Side Part Hair (MM - Sky)
        Top: Street Training Hoodie (MM - Purple)
        Bottom: Casual Slim-fit Basic Pants (MM - Purple)
        Shoes: Street Nyke Air Max 910 (MM - Blue)
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          Here's my entree:


          Street Natural Bobbed Hair (FM-Silver)
          Street Cross LaGrange T-shirt (FM-Deep Blue)
          Casual Napping Leggings (FM-Sky)
          Street Nyke Dunk Sky High (FM-White)


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            ooo i love costume events. ^. ^ Here is my entry .

            Summer outfit for Jerry, athletes need a trendy free time outfit after all .

            COSTUME PIECES:

            Head: Gold ring Bikini Hair (FM-Blonde)
            Top: Training Look off Shoulder T-Shirt M ( See-Trough White )
            Bottom: Chick Look Shorts ( FM - Red )
            Shoes: Gold Ring Bikini Anklet ( FM - White )
            Eye accessory: Baseball Costume Eye Black (FM)
            Ear accessory: Beats by Dr Dro Headphones (Pink)
            Aura: Midsummer Night's Muse ( FM )
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              Cute ^_____^

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            Just the casual cool guy look...nothing too flashy, but I like this clean look.

            Head - Training Wear Dandy Cut
            Top - Sports Wear Nyke Deck Pack Hooded Zip
            Bottom - Dandy Chino Pants
            Shoes - Casual Tamberland Walkers


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                Costume Pieces:
                Back: Alice in Wonderland Alice Cat M (Gray)
                Eye: Alice in Wonderland Alice Mask M (Baby Punk)
                Ear: Alice in Wonderland Alice Earrings M (Blue)
                Top: Gold Ring Bikini top (FM - White)
                Bottom: Venus Atlantis Short & Stockings (FM)
                Shoes: Venus Atlantis Banded Heels (FM)
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                  Dressing Room~ What will I wear today

                  Costume Pieces:

                  Chic Look Long Straight (FM - White)
                  Venus Atlantis Jellyfish Dress (FM)
                  Street Cute Mosaic Patter Mini Skirt (FM - Orange)
                  Street Cute Lace-up Leather Boots (FM - Gray)
                  Alice in Wonderland Alice Cat (FM - Pink)
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                      you didn't lie when you said you were going all out lol
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                      LOL! He sure did XD

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                    Finally finished ^__^

                    Costume Pieces:
                    Head: Campus Look Short Bob Cut (FS - Purple) {I actually thought that was pink XDD oh well :P}
                    Top: High Neck Loose Fit Sweater (FS - Dark Blue)
                    Bottom: Steam Punk Medieval Style Half Tights (FS - White)
                    Shoes: Steam Punk Clockwork Shoes (FS - Charcoal)
                    Eye Accessory: Vintage Oversized Glasses (FS - Black Gray)
                    Ear Accessory: Beats by Dr Dro Headphones (FS - Pink)
                    Nose & Mouth Accessory: Party Blower (FS - Lime)
                    Back: Kitty Kat Doll (Persian) (FS)

                    Only editing I did was cropping out iJerry :P
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                      Cute ^_____^

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                    Jungle Juice; A little medley of all the cool outfits I've acquired

                    Head - Alice in Wonderland Hatter Hair (Purple)
                    Top - Venus Atlantis Jacket
                    Bottom - Alice in Wonderland Hatter Stripe Slacks (Brown)
                    Shoes - Steam Punk Plain Toe Shoes
                    Eye - Alice in Wonderland Hatter Face Painting (Black)
                    Ear - Steam Punk Devil Earrings (White)
                    Nose and Mouth - Venus Atlantis Cynical Mask
                    Back - Steam Punk Electronic Wings (Gold)
                    Aura - Chick


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                      Since we can´t remove our weapons, I decided to design a costume around it and it kinda looks like the Punisher.


                      Head - Police All Regent Cut Hair (Yellow)
                      Top -- Training Skeleton Long Sleeve Top (Dark Navy)
                      Bottom - NPC Look - Yona´s Bottoms
                      Shoes - Street Nyke Air Max 910 (Grey)
                      Eye - Vintage Oversized Sunglasses (Black)
                      Ear - Beats By Dr Dro Headphones (Red)


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                        Hmm does Gyazo not work?
                        Nvm, found another way to upload them.
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                      Ararat's next top Model is... Audrey!
                      Gave her a casual look like shes almost ready to go back to school.

                      Edit* Sorry if they're in upload links!.
                      Head-Gold Ring Bikini hair (Blonde)
                      Street Cute Layered Fit T-Shirt (Green)
                      NPC Look- Gretel's Bottoms
                      Gold Ring Bikini Anklet (White)
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