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  • HeroWarz Fanfiction Contest

    HeroWarz has such a rich story, and hopefully playing the game has sparked your own imagination!

    For this event, we really want you to get your creative juices flowing! Instead of picking up your drawing utensils or hopping in the game to take a screenshot, we want you to take to the keyboards and write us a fanfiction! The catch: your story must involve a Halloween Party hosted by everyone’s favorite hostess, Snow White! The other catch: you must also include at least one hero in your story. They don’t need to have a main part in your fanfic, but they do need to make an appearance! You have some time to think on this, and this can be as long as you

    Event Mechanics:
    • Write a fanfiction about a Halloween Party hosted by Snow White.
    • There must be at least one Hero present in your story at some point (Heroes include Ara, Audrey, B, Derrick, Hades, Jerry, Mac, Mary, or Nagne)
    • Include your IGN when you post.
    2 Winners – Epic Mount (will announce the mount later), 1 Gold Pandora Box, and 500 K-Ching
    3 Runner-Ups – 2 Pandora Silver Boxes and 500 K-Ching
    All qualifying submissions will receive a Silver Pandora’s Box

    So now the question remains: what will happen in your story?

    Event Dates: 10/17-10/25

    Click here to go to the event page!

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    [Oct 30, HQ]

    Voice: Attention, Players! Snow White has announced a Halloween Party to be held at her castle tomorrow! Anyone in the area of Fable Town is encouraged to attend. Costumes are not required, but are encouraged!

    Venus: That's rather short notice, isn't it?

    Voice: It does seem a little last minute, but better late then never, right?

    Venus: I wonder how many can make it that far in a day.

    [Crime Lab]

    Ramirez: Hey! That sounds fun. We could totally use a break.

    X: You took yesterday off, already. But that's fine, go, I might actually get some work done.

    Ramirez: You need to come, too. You're too serious.

    X: And how do you plan to get there? It's a two day drive.

    Ramirez: Don't underestimate me. I'll get there. And you're coming!

    X: No, I'm not.

    Ramirez: Yes, you are.

    X: No . . .

    [Oct 31, Snow White's Castle]

    Metal Sheen Snow White: Welcome, everybody! Mi casa es su casa! So glad you could make it. Come on in to the dining hall.

    Trash Can Derrick: Thanks for having us. A party like this will be good for morale. I'm glad I was nearby.

    Jellyfish Ara: Hello everyone! Ara Rara is here! Wait, I'm supposed to be in disguise . . . I mean, Aka Kaka is here!

    Frog Suit Hwaran: That sounds dirty.

    Little Old Lady Mary: It smells so good in here. Is that pumpkin spice? The fog machine is cool, too.

    Metal Sheen Snow White: Good nose! It's gonna be a treat later, look forward to it!

    Squid Girl Ara: Yay, treats!

    Casey Jones Jerry: What are you supposed to be, Santa Clause? Isn't this the wrong holiday?

    Father Time Hotzenplotz: No, I'm Father Time!

    Casey Jones Jerry: Even your shirt is the wrong color.

    Father Time Hotzenplotz: That's because I'm Father Time! It's a duel, a duel!

    Hansel-dressed-as-gretel: I thought you said you didn't duel women?

    Father Time Hotzenplotz: Then you duel me!

    Hansel-dressed-as-gretal: No.

    Metal Sheen Snow White: No dueling at my party!

    Little Old Lady Mary: Ara, that jelly fish on your head almost looks alive. Ow! It stung me!

    Jellyfish Ara: Oh no, Mr. Jelly didn't mean to! I'm sorry! Bad Jelly!

    Mr. Jellyfish: fwabubububub

    Jellyfish Ara: See? He's sorry.

    Trash Can Derrick: Mac, is that . . . is that you?

    Purple Fairy Mac: I lost a bet.

    Wizard Tom: Hahaha! So funny!

    Jellyfish Ara: Your dress is really cute, Mac! But it's cut so low . . .

    Purple Fairy Mac: I lost a bet.

    Gretel-dressed-as-hansel: Mac like that is enough to scare the poop out of someone. Speaking of . . .

    Father Time Hotzenplotz: Keep that to yourself!

    Jellyfish Ara: I feel so sleepy.

    Frog Suit Hwaran: It's only been 20 minutes, but I feel kinda sleepy, too.

    Gretel-dressed-as-hansel: Hey, the door, it won't open.

    Several people in the room: *Plop. Snore*

    Trash Can Derrick: What . . . what is going on?

    Metal Sheen Snow White: Oh, everyone, you can't be tired of my party already! Haha. Actually, this is the treat I was promising you! Pumpkin Spice sleeping gas!

    Father Time Hotzenplotz: You . . . you aren't Snow White! So tired.

    Metal Sheen Snow White: My, aren't you observant. You're right. I am Deus, controlling this robot remotely. I couldn't pass up this chance to take out so many players at once!

    Wizard Tom: You won't get awa . . . *plop*

    Dreaming Ara: Mr. Starfish, that tickles . . . zzzz

    Frog Suit Hwaran: What a strange thing to say in your sleep. *plop*

    Trash Can Derrick: You won't get away with this! Dang, everything is getting dark.

    Gretel-dressed-as-hansel: At least let me poop one last time . . . the door! It . . . it shattered? Is that? *plop*

    Fabio Ramirez: See, X, I told you I'd get us here!

    Normal X: Did you have to drive the motorcycle through the doors?

    Fabio Ramirez: Don't sweat the small . . . hey, what's going on here?

    X: Why is everyone unconscious?

    Deus through Metal Sheen Snow White: You're late for the treats, but I'll still show you hospitality. Zapper attack!

    X: Ramirez! Watch out!

    Fabio Ramirez: OOF! No, it scorched my ride!

    X: Forget that! We need to do something about the gas! It's putting everyone to sleep!

    Deus through Metal Sheen Snow White: I won't let you!

    Fabio Ramirez with Afro: It's like being struck by lightening!

    X: What is that shadow behind you?

    Deus through Metal Sheen Snow White: Like I'd fall for that trick!

    Fabio Ramirez: Huff. Huff. The pain stopped.

    Deus through Metal Sheen Snow White: What happened to my zapper? What is going on? Rust? The arm is falling off?

    X: It got so dark!

    Fabio Ramirez: I can't see anything.

    Deus through Rusty Snow White: You're a head hunter, too! Why would you stand in my way? zzzt crackle

    [A few minutes later]

    X: They are starting to come to.

    Derrick: We're alive?

    Ramirez: Feel free to shower me with appreciation! I like pennies.

    Ara: Snow White rusted away? That's a pretty amazing costume!

    Hotzenplotz: It was Deus' robot.

    Snow White: Hey, everyone! Sorry I'm a little late. I was getting some apples for us . . . WHAT HAPPENED HERE?

    IGN: Ostgrob

    Hope you enjoyed!


    • Tabofren
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      Remember to post it to the event page if you haven't already!
      Nice story btw!

    • Ostgrob
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      Thank you very much Tabofren

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    Note: British spelling was used. Sorry America.

    Link cause it's too long:


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      I almost forgot about the Fanfiction, but I hope I made it on time.
      Link: HeroWarz - Halloween Fanfiction (By: Hiek)
      IGN: Hiek


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        Don't forget posting it to the event page.
        I don't see yours yet, could be my mistake tho.

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        It was posted, it's just being 'Approved' so it's not visible to anyone yet.

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        Your story gave me warm fuzzies

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      Thank you very much for the Teacup, gold box, and Kching!


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        Originally posted by Ostgrob View Post
        Thank you very much for the Teacup, gold box, and Kching!
        I got the Kching and Gold Pandora's but no Teacup.


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          Originally posted by Hiek View Post

          I got the Kching and Gold Pandora's but no Teacup.
          Check your Kching balance. For me, they gave me 2000 Kching so that I could buy the teacup and still have the prize of 500 Kching left over.