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Halloween Costume Contest

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  • Halloween Costume Contest

    Halloween means one thing for a lot of people: Dress up and you get candy! Weeeee!

    Unfortunately we don’t have candy, but what about prizes??

    Post a picture of you in your Halloween costume and we’ll send you a Silver Pandora Box! But if we REALLY like your costume, you may get a BIGGER prize! So before you take off your costume this year, snap a picture and post it for a chance to win!

    Event Mechanics:
    • Take a photo of you in your Halloween Costume. You must have a piece of paper with your IGN visible in the image.
    • Include your IGN when you post, and be sure to tell us what/who you are dressed as!
    Winners – 30 Day VIP, a Silver Pandora Box, and 500 K-Ching
    Runner-Ups – 2 Pandora Silver Boxes and 500 K-Ching
    All qualifying submissions will receive a Silver Pandora’s Box

    Event Dates: 10/21-10/31

    Click here to go to the event page!

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    can you accept my submission because it's pending approval :///