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Ararat's Next Top Model: Let Me Dream! [Winners Announced]

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  • Ararat's Next Top Model: Let Me Dream! [Winners Announced]

    Heya Heroes!

    Fall just makes me so sleepy… it's not too hot anymore, and the sun isn't shining too bright. When I sit outside, I can't help but doze off… but all I can dream about is fashion! I'm sure that I'm not alone, and that some of you fashionistas are dreamers too. So… why don't we let you all dream?

    For this contest’s theme, that's exactly what we'll do. Your goal is to enter the Venus Shop and show us the best preview outfit you can dream of!

    How To Enter

    You must design the best outfit you can think of on any one character of yours within the Venus Shop. Take one to three screenshots of the character (must be within the Venus Shop preview panel) showcasing this outfit and post them here to submit. Please be sure that at least one of your pictures are a front-view of the outfit.

    Please note that while you want to be fashionable, you also want to be creative. Venus put creativity into designing costumes for her shop, but taking her whole outfits isn't exactly showing how stylish you are. Try to do some mixing and matching!

    • You must dress your character up within the Venus Shop. At least one piece of the outfit must be from the Venus Shop (whether you own it or are previewing it), but any other item may be from other sources. You are free to wear an outfit entirely from the Venus Shop as well.
    • In this case, an “item from the Venus Shop” counts as an item you can specifically buy (individually or in a bundle) directly from the Venus Shop, and not a randomly awarded item. So the Beginner’s Bundle items or the Midsummers Night's Muse Aura do count towards the minimum, but Mac’s Character Box items would not.
    • You may wear any combination of costume pieces or auras you have in your inventory or can find in the Venus Shop. This includes event/promotional pieces, Venus Shop, Venus Collection, Designer, monster dropped, or temporary costume pieces. You can also choose to leave any number of costume slots empty if you prefer a character's natural look in a few places.
    • Contestants are limited to one (1) entry on one character. You may not enter multiple outfits of the same character either. You may update your entry as many times as you'd like until the contest deadline though.
    • If you are going to edit or photo-manipulate your entry screenshot(s) in any way, please be sure to link to a raw version as well.
    • Since the screenshots come from the Venus Shop, you're allowed and encouraged to blur out how much K-Ching you have, or crop the screenshot to not show the amount.
    • Even if you own the entire outfit you wish to submit, please be sure to submit at least one screenshot of it from within the Venus Shop (not your inventory).
    • The grand winner will get 3,000 K-Ching
    • 3 Runners-Up will get 1,000 K-Ching each
    • One entry per person. Your forum ID is your IGN, so that is where any prizes will be sent. So if Snow White won, that's exactly who will get the prize.
    • Please be aware that the Attachment function on the forums can be wonky. Please post your submission picture(s) on the forums using the [IMG] tags. If you don't know how to use them, please feel free to ask or refer to the Inline Media help section for images.
    • Feel free to crop your image as desired, but try not to resize them. If your image is too small, it may be hard to see the outfit.
    • You'll be judged on Creativity and Cohesion.
    Deadline: 11/18/2016 11:59PM PST

    Heya heroes! Thank you for your patience during our little Thanksgiving holiday break. But we're back and ready to announce our winners!

    Our Grand Prize this time goes to Ulith! This outfit full of browns and red accents had me dreaming about fall. For that, congratulations!

    And we have three Runners-Up! Each outfit brought something different to the table, but they all had style. Please give your congratulations to Hiek, Tenera, and KuchikiByakuya!

    To our winners, you should expect your K-Ching soon. To all of the participants, thank you so much! It was hard to pick and so many of you brought your A-Game. I hope to see you all return for the next Ararat's Next Top Model!
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    Example Entry:


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      For raw -


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        Camilla is one of my favorite story characters in Hero Warz. I really like her top, so I decided to build an outfit around that. The most difficult part was choosing the leg piece. The Camilla bottoms wouldn't have been terribly creative. The chic shorts looked too cold compared to the rest of the outfit, and would I feel were too unbalanced. I finally went with the Ararat thigh high stockings as the best option available to me. They are a nice combination of cute, warm, and easy to move in. The brown loafers were the closest match in color to the scarf and hair ribbons I could find, and while I wish their tone was just a little bit lighter, they still work pretty well, I think. Speaking of hair ribbons, pig tails are the cutest hairstyle in existence, right? Finally, I felt the blue blossom added a touch of bright color to a fairly neutral color scheme, while still being subtle enough to be tasteful.

        Hope you like!


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          Mac is going to the beach with his new shades and towel from his level up debut event.


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            Ara is best.

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              Simple, but sweet

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                          Click image for larger version

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                          An unique style!
                          who would actually wear a Hawaii short with a sweater?
                          no one thought of that huh?
                          that's because you're dreaming xD


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                            Try to upload it to imgur or try using puush.
                            Attachments don't work here, sadly.

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