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DoodleWarz: Goddess of Creation and Death [Winners Announced!]

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  • DoodleWarz: Goddess of Creation and Death [Winners Announced!]

    Heya, Heroes!

    The wait is finally over: Izanami has finally come to join us! I'm sure this newest Player would love some adulation -- and what better way to show your love for her than with an art contest?

    This contest goes from 11/16 to 11/30 at 11:59PM Pacific.
    • Your goal is to draw fanart of Izanami. What she's doing, where she is, or who she's with (if anyone) are completely up to you!
    • Keep it clean (no nudity or anything that borderlines it).
    • Do not use any licensed characters in your artwork from other games or anime.
    • All artwork must be your own: this means you should not steal anyone else's art.
    • This also means don't edit screenshots or use official HeroWarz artwork as your own.
    • You can re-upload and change your entry as many times as you want before the deadline.
    • One entry per person. If you win a prize, it will be distributed to the in-game name associated with your forum account.
    • The uploading functionality of the forums does not always work. We advise hosting your image on an outside source (such as Imgur, Deviantart, PhotoBucket, etc), and including that link (or inserting with the [img] BB Code).
    If you have any questions about the rules or anything, please feel free to ask in-thread or via PM.

    1st Place: 5000 K-Ching
    2nd Place: 3000 K-Ching
    3rd Place: 2000 K-Ching
    Honorable Mentions: 500 K-Ching

    Not so sure where to start? Below are four pieces of official Izanami artwork that should give you more insight into how she looks:
    Piece One
    Piece Two
    Piece Three
    Piece Four
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    4 hour in Photoshop
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      I'm kinda new to these forums so forgive any mishaps with this post rip x:
      I thought I'd give this contest a shot before thanksgiving holiday takes over all my free time to enter. ^-^;;

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        My entry for the contest!!
        tysm for hosting this, and GL to everyone!
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          Here's my entry ~
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            I hate colouring qwq,
            GL to all entries \o/


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              Here's my entry. I had originally planned to add her throne but I got too lazy... ヽ(´∇`)ノ Good luck to everyone participating!


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                Here's my entry!


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	tumblr_o7v1e4CoK21v8xe4ro1_1280.png
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                  My entry ;v; Izanami had more details than I previously thought


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                    uh I can't see your picture. I think you messed something up.
                    Try uploading it to imgur.

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                  Heya Heroes! It's been a little while since the contest ended, but no worries! We're here to announce the winners of this DoodleWarz!

                  First Place goes to Luu! Your Izanami under a cloudy night's full moon was very impressive and captured her essence perfectly. Congratulations!

                  Second Place goes to Rii! Your rendition of Izanami on her throne was just lovely. Congratulations!

                  And Third Place goes to Denif! Your contemplative Izanami near a yellow sky looked great. Congratulations!

                  But, that's not it for our prizes. Everyone this time around did amazing, and you moved us with your art! It was so hard to choose. So, all of the other qualifying entries into this contest will receive an Honorable Mention, earning you each 500 K-Ching! You all should receive your K-Ching over the week, but please PM if it doesn't make its way to you. Thank you all again for your participation, and we hope to see you all in future contests!


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                    Suteki tysm !! its such an honor! im glad you enjoyed my art!! TT TT ahh i was also wondering- will the prizes be sent to us through parcel of some sort?
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                    • Suteki
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                      To my knowledge, the K-Ching will just be added to your account sometime over the week. I don't believe you get an in-game notification, so you'll just have to check the Venus Shop a few times to see when it arrives.

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                    Wow, thank you kindly and i'm glad you liked my entry. c:
                    This contest was super fun, specially since Izanami is such a cutie to draw. vuv Congratulations to everyone, the small goddess looked gorgeous and cute in everyone's pieces! ^u^