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[Facebook] Izanami Screenshot Event

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  • [Facebook] Izanami Screenshot Event

    After all the waiting, you can now play as Izanami, YIPPEE!!

    Now since we all know you will be in the game checking out Izanami (like we have in the office), we figured we’d make this Facebook event easy on all of you! Just hop in the game and take some screenshots with Izanami! Then post your favorite screenshot and a witty comment here, and you could win! Super easy, why not do it??

    Pro Tip: Use Alt+Z to remove the UI, and the Insert key will move the camera closer to your character. You do not have to do this, but sometimes this will make for a better shot!

    Event Mechanics:
    • Take a screenshot as Izanami!
    • Post a caption with your submission. Sometimes these comments can win the event for you!
    • Include your IGN when you post.

    2 Winners – 30 Day VIP, 5 Izanami Character Boxes, and 500 K-Ching
    3 Runner-Ups – 2 Izanami Character Boxes and 500 K-Ching
    All qualifying submissions will receive a Silver Pandora’s Box

    Event Ends November 27th.

    Post on our Event Page here:

    So time to shine! Get in the game and start finding the perfect picture for this adorable little Queen of the Underworld!