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[Forum Contest] Herowarz Meme Contest

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  • [Forum Contest] Herowarz Meme Contest


    As a professional memer (I kid you not!) I'd love to see the humor within this community!
    No game is perfect and some are more easy to poke fun at than others.

    Sarcasm and exaggerations are more than welcomed~
    Just be sure to read and follow the rules below and make your own meme!

    - Keep it clean (no nudity or anything that borderlines it) and no foul language!!
    - Do not use any licensed characters in your artwork from other games or anime
    - You're welcome to re-upload and change your entries as many times as you want as long as it is before the due date
    - You can post more than one Meme... but please put it in the same post
    - You may use any official artwork or graphics (Do not use any unreleased characters)
    - If you want to draw your meme it needs to be your own artwork
    - All creations must comply with the Forum Code of Conduct

    These will be judged on how unique, fitting, and funny the entries are!

    1st Place: 2,000 K-Ching
    2nd Place: 1,500 K-Ching
    3rd Place: 1,000 K-Ching

    Participation Prize: Silver Pandora's Box

    Contest ends on: 12/21/2016 @11:59 PM PST

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    Memes contest.. In a forum for underage children?

    Come on.


    • seph
      seph commented
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      I have in mind some images (unedited in-game screenshots, btw) that were banned on this forum for whatever imaginary reason GM Yahu made up. People got infractions, warnings, etc. for posting it (not only it, you can say / do / show / link, even, to things things that contain even a single word "****" - a.k.a. "Poop" and so on). It is extremely stupid. Forum owners want kindergarten-level profanity check here but they ask for a meme contest. It's a bad joke.
      Last edited by seph; 12-02-2016, 08:49 AM.

    • Snow White
      Snow White commented
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      Hmm... if there are inappropriate words in the image, would it be possible to **** it out?
      It should be fine as long as it's not anything racial or religious! Consult with me through PMs if you'd like to know if it's appropriate or not~

    • seph
      seph commented
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      No words. As i said, it's a plain in-game screenshot. Also, it has been reposted by another player in a lil bit different background, and, suddenly, it was fine. This is not fair tbh.

      As for content with words, i had linked a video in your welcoming thread that has been removed and i was warned because it contained one extremely common word in real life, a scene from a popular PG-13 action comedy "Hancock" :]

      Memes contest kind of does not make sense cause this forum is censoring anything and everything at least a little bit profane for whatever the reason.

      I wouldn't be surprised if the "SUCC" meme posted below would be removed because, you know, sexual reference? It is super silly. Because this forum has no strict rule-set, it feels like GMs are just basing their decision to censor something entirely on their mood.

      Sure, it's not my place to complain. This is not my forum. But then again, the forum is also not equally fair for everyone.

      Knowing as my PG-13 content was censored, i would suggest adding a rule to your contest "Keep the content G-rated":]

      i'm still salty about that screenshot to this day. It's unequal treatment of users that triggers me.

      Edit: I realize i could legitimately be "warned" (again, how unexpected) for this rant-explanation because i have just openly criticized the management of the forum :^)

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    It says no licensed characters, so does that mean i can't use the Toy Story meme?

    Last edited by BlazeBlue; 12-02-2016, 01:05 PM. Reason: Rip one of my memes.


    • Snow White
      Snow White commented
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      Correct! No licensed characters, none!

    • Cybra
      Cybra commented
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      Where is the like button? I must like this entry XD.

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    It says no nudity or anything that borderlines it but

    (please disregard the previous image, memes starting now)

    (are jojokes not allowed)

    (imean it's not a character)

    Last edited by Teravolt; 12-05-2016, 06:44 PM.


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      When you dc


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        Gimmie dat Silver Box

        Edit : Lemme know if 'Tf' is too dirty for this forum ;D
        Last edited by DrinkingBleach; 12-02-2016, 10:04 AM.


        • seph
          seph commented
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          Walking a thin line here

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        Done. I'll be waiting for my prize.
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        • seph
          seph commented
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          Attachments do not work. Upload your picture and use BBCode to embed it ( [img]linktoimage.jpg[/img] ).

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        Greetings, everybody!

        It appears that people seem a bit lost on creating Herowarz memes, but remember! A good meme is all about working that innuendo!
        Check out examples from a Meme contest that was held in the past for Elsword for some inspiration!

        Elsword's Past Meme Contest:


        • Teravolt
          Teravolt commented
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          But those aren't as dank

          Also they use that horrid font that everyone hates
          or am i the only one
          Last edited by Teravolt; 12-02-2016, 04:05 PM.

        • DrinkingBleach
          DrinkingBleach commented
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          Teravolt dw I hate them too. Tbh, using stock photos (At least to me) is already a meme.

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        this is me while playing

        Attached Files
        Last edited by pongertz; 12-02-2016, 04:31 PM.


        • Teravolt
          Teravolt commented
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          Can't see it.

      • #10
        skill tree picture was uploaded 04.27.2016
        for the moment 03.12.2016, and skill tree is still no. WHERE IS IT??? =)
        P.S. I want win...pleeeease.
        Last edited by XZelot; 12-03-2016, 03:31 AM.


        • #11

          Dankest memes
          12/10 would meme again
          someone stop me

          IGN: Lustful

          Last edited by Lustful; 12-03-2016, 07:20 PM.


          • BlazeBlue
            BlazeBlue commented
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            I see who may come first so far

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          -you know what. it's a classic.


          -When you're saving up for a long time on the subject of the auction, but someone bought it before you.

          -so scared
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            i dont know how to discard old post so.. hi!
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              -Firts of all i want to mention that i love the game, i wouldn't be here in the first place if i din't, keep in mind that this is just for "Fun" if i offend someone then i'm sorry, i have a lot of respect for people that works for their own money and uses it at whatever they want to and even though my parents says that using money on a game is a waste, for me it's very worthy, not just of the items you receive, but because you support the game and the company. In my case i have not used a penny in it, Because of reasons... you know.(:<)*i'll give a cookie if it's offends someone.

              [First Meme]: I'm noob, but it's hurts!

              [Second Meme] Friendship?

              [Third meme] NO TITLE ;_;

              I used the page for making theese memes
              The last one i made it with SAI... I know i'm bad at drawing ;_;

              EDIT: Dicided to change the shirt to "Elsword"
              MEMES: Happy Meme, Pc meme, Troll face meme, Rainbow meme, Its something meme, Rambo meme.
              Last edited by Axier; 12-09-2016, 10:34 AM.


              • Tabofren
                Tabofren commented
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                First off, please reduce the size of your font, holy.
                Second, we can't see your pictures. At least I can't. Try uploading them to imgur

              • Axier
                Axier commented
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                Thanks for the Help!

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              Edited to meet rule requirements. The original is still better though.

              Last edited by Spiral; 12-22-2016, 01:16 PM.