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Ararat's Next Top Model: Winter Wonderland

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  • Ararat's Next Top Model: Winter Wonderland

    Heya Heroes!

    Fall has come and left, and the winter solstice is right around the corner. With cold weather hitting us, I'm sure you can guess what that means... a new wintery fashion contest!

    Your goal is to dress your character up in an outfit that reminds me of winter.

    How To Enter

    You must design an outfit on any one character that says "winter". Now, winter can mean a lot for fashion... are you going to dress all snug and cozy in jackets and sweaters to keep the harsh cold off? Will you aim for a festive outfit from one of the winter holidays? Or maybe even you could even dress in cool blues and whites that'll chill me to the bone... it's all up to you!

    Once you decide your best "winter" outfit, take one to three screenshots of your character (outside of the Venus shop) showcasing your work and post them here to submit. Please be sure that you are visible and that your outfit can be distinguished from your surroundings.

    Please note that while you want to be fashionable, you also want to be creative. Venus put creativity into designing costumes for her shop, but taking her whole outfits isn't exactly showing how stylish you are. Try to do some mixing and matching!

    • You must own all armor, accessories, or aura pieces on the character you enter into the competition. That means you cannot dress yourself up in the Venus Shop and submit that unless you actually buy the outfit.
    • You may wear any combination of costume pieces you have in your character's inventory. This includes event/promotional pieces, Venus Shop, Venus Collection, Designer, monster dropped, or temporary timed pieces. You may also choose to leave any number of costume slots empty if you prefer a character's natural look in a few places.
    • Contestants are limited to one (1) entry on one character. You may not enter multiple outfits on the same character either. You may update your entry as many times as you'd like until the contest deadline though.
    • If you are going to photo-manipulate your entry screenshot(s) in any way, please be sure to link to a raw version as well.
    • The grand winner will get 3,000 K-Ching
    • 3 Runners-Up will get 1,000 K-Ching
    • One entry per account. Your forum ID is your IGN, so be sure to take your screenshots from that account.
    • Please be aware that the Attachment function on the forums is broken. Do not use the Attachment function to upload your image, but please instead host your image off-site and link to it here. To do this, you can post your submission picture(s) on the forums using the [IMG] tags. If you don't know how to use them, please feel free to ask or refer to the Inline Media help section for images.
    • Use Alt+Z if you want to remove the UI, and use the Insert key to move the in-game camera closer to your character for a better look at the outfit.
    • Feel free to crop your image as desired, but try not to resize them. If your image is too small, it may be hard to see the outfit.
    • You'll be judged on Creativity and Cohesion.
    Deadline: 12/23/2016 11:59 PM PST

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    Winter clothing from Russia with love =)
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      Come make a snowman too!

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        Hiek's Home revealed as seen from opening a front gate!
        Must be returning due to cold weather.

        Raw/Unedited: ← Click to View.

        Front View of design~

        Costume Pieces Used
        Hat/Hair Rider Mohican Do-Rag Hair (Wine)
        Top Natural Outdoor Windbreaker (Black)
        Bottom Natural Outdoor Pants (Black)
        Shoes Saint Ararat Uniform Shoes (Black)
        Eyes Vintage Oversized Sunglasses (Black)
        Ears Street Style Headphones (Aqua)
        Nose/Mouth 4M Bandage (White)


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            "It might be cold outside, but you will stay classy and full of glam in that black during New Year's party"


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              You need warmth? Stay here with me and I'll give you a hug........kukukuku


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                do not worry. I do not fight horns.

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                  For Ramirez is always hot


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                    간단한 가장 좋습니다.

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