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Scheduled Patch Postponed

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  • Scheduled Patch Postponed

    Attention Players,

    As you may have noticed, we will not be having our regularly scheduled patch maintenance this week.

    Instead it has been delayed to 9/21 next week. Though the next update is on 9/21, the main reason for the delay is to give the development team enough time to work on new content and improvements for the 10/5 update.

    You can expect to see the following changes on 10/5:
    We won't show you everything going into the update, here's a taste, and there's much more to come!

    Improvements Currently in Development*
    1. Third World EX
      • Reward equipment depth range adjusted from 120 – 150 to 145 to 150
    2. Increased item stack limits. (Example: Maya’s Necklace Fragment 10,000 to 99,999)
      • Full list will be shared when updated.
    3. Vegas System to be available for Player Training and Liberation
    4. Chatting limit increased from 52 characters to 104 characters. Also the time limit to enter additional chat decreased from 3 seconds to 1 second.
    *Subject to change

    Though it is a bit of a wait, the month of September is an important time that is being used for preparation for bigger and better content and events. So, stick around!
    There's a ton more to see, waiting for an update can be frustrating, but we appreciate your patience. You won't be disappointed!

    Thank you for your understanding and continued support.