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[Announcement] Izanami's Underworld Crystal Event

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  • [Announcement] Izanami's Underworld Crystal Event

    Greetings, citizens and heroes!

    Many players pointed out that they didn't feel a noticeable difference with the double crystal drop event, tragedy!
    Additionally, many players felt that there may have been a nerf to the overall drop rate of the crystals after the most recent patch.

    We will be looking into the event and the claim further and try our best to make improvements.

    Thank you!

    *UPDATE 12/8/2016*

    We're happy to let everyone know that we were able to make adjustments to the drop rate of Izanami's Underworld Crystal!

    The adjusted rates will be enhanced over this weekend's Izanami's Underworld Crystal Double Drop event as well. wonderful!

    Thank you, everyone, for your feedback and concerns over this event, thank you!
    We hope that everyone has a better experience farming for these elusive crystals hahaha!