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  • Patch Notes Version 1.51

    Content adjustments
    • Ara
      • Adding SP to [Snappy Clam] will now properly increase the damage.
    • Audrey
      • [Mobile Shot] skill option will no longer stop Audrey’s slide when holding down left-click during [Slide].
      • When [Hot Gunpoint] skill option’s Hot Muzzle effect is triggered, enemies hit by the attack will turn red to display the effect.
        • Also the range of the attack has been slightly increased.
    • Derrick
      • [Shield Block] has been fixed and will activate more than one time as intended.
      • Skill targeting for Warrior’s Entrance has been adjusted.
    • Jerry
      • Ethan’s illustration now correctly appears in the story ‘Tom’s Story/I’ve Been Ignored’
      • Nail Strike will no longer be activated during Tyrus Spiral.
    • Mary
      • Chain Aerial Grapple item option has been fixed to correctly show as Chain Grapple.
      • Weapon reward for clearing Draft Day can no longer be dismantled.
      • [The Ring]
        • Description now shows mana cost of 45
        • Resolved issue where if the skill was placed within a wall and a monster touches it, the ring will move and be placed awkwardly.
      • Item option [Queen of Foul Play]’s description has been fixed and now correctly shows the Cooldown Reduction as 60% instead of 40%.
    • Nagne
      • Skill missions are now available and will also appear to all Nagne players who did not previously receive the missions.
      • Boa Snake now properly deals damage to normal monsters.
      • [Cloud Walk] skill will no longer show the cooldown animation when used.
      • Improved the animation for [Great Rising Slash] by minimizing the delay animation.
      • [Mobile Death Blade]
        • Description for item option now includes the damage increase information.
        • Mana recovered now shows as 30 instead of 0.
        • Effect will now be properly applied when used in the air.
        • Damage increase will be applied properly as intended.
      • [Quick Slash]
        • Before: Recover 2 mana for each slash when attacking aerial or knocked down monsters
        • After: Recover 1 mana per aerial or knocked down monster for up to 3 enemies. (Maximum of 3 mana recovered per slash)
        • Additionally, mana recovery has been fixed to work as intended.
        • Skill description has also been updated to show that when the effect activates, Nagne will slash faster.
      • 3 second cooldown for [Blade Wind] has been added to the description
      • Item option [Moon Shadow]’s icon will now display the [Sun Shadow] icon
      • The minimum depth for certain skill options included on items
        • Paint Slash: Minimum Depth 44 -> 1
        • Cloud Walk: Minimum Depth 1 -> 86
        • Wagon Wheel: Minimum Depth 86 -> 44
      • Blade Wind, Thousand Letters, and Lion Strike will no longer cancel skills activated from Willow Style and Wu Tang Sword.
      • The effect Immovable Force gained from Diamond Body will now be correctly removed when the effect is canceled.
    • Rota
      • Rota’s skills can be used after transforming.
      • Enemies hit by Mutinizing Straight will now be knocked down
      • Monsters will no longer ignore characters that are using Rota.
    • Lote
      • Lote’s portrait now appears on the left side of the screen when you summon her.
    • Shyla
      • Frozen Orb now working as intended.
    Third World [EX]
    • A message now appears when a character does not have enough Diver Codes to start an [EX] run.
    • All characters must be “Ready” before the countdown starts.
    • Homeless Man’s Sea Urchin Normal & EX
      • Super Uni Man will no longer spawn in an area that cannot be reached when the character does not move after entering the dungeon.
    Clan Chat
    • Added the command /delnotice to delete the clan notice
    Character Select Screen
    • Character’s depth is now displayed. However, on the initial login, the depth will be at 1. It will refresh and the correct depth will be shown after the character logs out.
    • Monthly Attendance Rewards have been updated
      • Dates: 08/17 ~ 09/13
      • Simply press the N key > Events tab
    • Level Up Ara
      • Dates: 08/17 ~ 08/30
      • Level up Ara to 20/40/60/80 and receive rewards!
      • Rewards will be distributed to mailbox during the 8/31 maintenance.
    • Level Up Derrick & Nagne
      • Rewards have been distributed to mailbox.
    • Story Mission dialogues can be skipped by pressing the ESC key once.
    • Location of the confirmation window that appears when dismantling Epic rank equipment or purchasing from the Venus shop has been changed to always appear in the middle of the screen.
    • Draft Day: Once the Patrol spawns, the way back to the other parts of the stage is now blocked.
    • Fixed long tooltip descriptions that get cut when using 1024x768 resolution.
    • In-game item’s duration is no longer affected when the PC’s OS date and/or time is adjusted.
    • Vegas buff acquired from Story mode no longer carries over to Pantheon. The buff will disappear when the character switches channels.
    • You can no longer change the Anti-Aliasing if your Graphic Options are set to the 3rd tier or lower.
    • Several skill descriptions are now updated to show more specific information regarding cooldown and mana.
      • Cooldown: Certain skills that do not have cooldown now shows “Cooldown: None”
      • Mana: Certain skills that do not have mana cost now shows “Mana : 0”
    • Losers’ City story mission will now display in correct order: Hastur’s Abyss > Underground City Neuschwanstein > Central Station > Waste River Tigres > Outer Territory
    • Item EXP now accumulates properly after transforming it.
    • Characters no longer freeze when mounting or performing social actions while fishing.
    • Character no longer rotates continuously after pressing the rotate button in the Inventory UI.
    • Characters kicked from the clan/party can no longer receive messages from the clan/party
    • Can no longer see an option to kick own character from clan/party when you right-click your own portrait.
    • You can no longer clip through walls by dismounting near a wall.
    • Items linked via chat with long tooltips can now be properly viewed when pressing the ALT button.
    • Resolved issue where if auto selected is pressed too quickly, a reward card would not appear.
    • The doors of Frozen Castle Garden dungeon will no longer block players from entering if they load in after the rest of the party.
    • Typing /z will allow you to type in Clan Chat and /y in Zone Chat.
    • Tooltips now appear when you mouse over the UI while in Keyboard Mode.
    • Reward equipment depth level from Liberation now correctly displays 145.
    • Vegas System
      • Mana Liberation: Website guide has been revised to reflect that mana recovered is +200 per second for 40 seconds.
    • New Items
      • Special Package / Costume Package / Costume (Head, Top, Bottom, Shoes)
        • Female(S) Raccoon Squad
        • Female(M) Fashion Blogger
        • Male(M) Hipster
        • Male(L) Losers’ City Biker
      • Item – Special
        • [Designer] Aura : Midsummer Night’s Muse
    • Sale ended
      • Special Package / Costume Package
        • Chic Look
        • School Swimsuit Look
        • Semi-Formal Look
        • Athletic Swimwear Look
      • Item – Special
        • Mount: Golden Flying Baseball (4P)
    • Modifications
      • VIP Benefit Change
        • Potion cooldown reduction changed to HP Recovery
          • VIP Rank 1 : Cooldown Reduction 3% → Recovery Amount Increase 10%
          • VIP Rank 2 : Cooldown Reduction 5% → Recovery Amount Increase 20%
          • VIP Rank 3 : Cooldown Reduction 10% → Recovery Amount Increase 30%
      • Pandora’s Box Content change
        • All Pandora’s Boxes
          • Equipment EXP Booster can now be acquired
        • Pandora’s Box – Platinum
          • Before : [Designer] Tent - Black Grand Piano
          • After : [Designer] Aura - Midsummer Night’s Muse
        • Pandora’s Boxes - Platinum and Gold
          • Before : [Venus] Tent - White Grand Piano
          • After : [Venus] Aura - Shards of Ice
        • Pandora’s Box - Bronze
          • Permanent versions of timed costumes dropped in dungeons can be acquired from Pandora’s Bronze Box.
    • Nagne
      • [Shadow Snake]
        • When equipped, Snake Trail skill mission does not get counted
        • When equipped, Snake Trail does not consume mana
    • Wonder Boots will be fixed during the next maintenance.
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