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  • Patch Notes Version 1.57

    Deus Report
    • Fixed pause issue in Mind’s Northblade Canyon Deus Report
    • Changes to Derrick’s part in Northblade Canyon Deus Report [New Voice]
    • Some monster names mentioned on the storyline has been changed.
    • Some lines are removed and rearranged.
    Skill Icon fixed for the following characters:
    • Mary: Beat Down
    • Audrey: Element of Surprise and B52 Carpet Bombing
    • Nagne: Hey, let’s go!
    • Hades: Stretch
    • Relentless Slash
      • Fixed skill cancellation issue after activating it.
      • Character is now able to move while using the skill
      • There is a chance to activate Relentless Slash if monsters are damaged 8 or more times while using Dual Sword Style.
    • Fixed bug where B was forced to move to the opposite direction when equipping an item with [Black Mamba] skill option and used [Fire Snake] next to the wall.
    • Water Gun
      • Skill description was revised to show the increase in the number of times of getting “Wet”. It is changed from 5 to 10.
    • When [Lily Connection] is activated, Syringe and Hades are connected by a laser. This connection will break if Hades goes beyond 12m.
    • Syringe is summoned immediately after using the skill.
    • Skill Option [Bow Down] now works properly.
    • [Soldiers on Leash] disappears accordingly.
    • Combining [Warcry] skill option with the [Defense Rally] skill option of the [Come at me!] skill will no longer cause an increase in Warcry's buff effect.
    • Buff icon of [Within My Grasp] will no longer disappear when Mary uses some skills
    • Fixed Vivache and Speed Grappler's descriptions.
    • Using Sidekick: Rota while Mach is performing her ultimate move will no longer make you immune to the damage of the move.
    • Adjusted damage percentage of Sidekick: Abel to the correct one.
    • Abnormal potion animation next to NPC Lapin fixed.
    • Fixed monster “Cloud Monkey” not attacking and HP recovering during the quest, ‘Base in Bamboo Garden’ in Sacred Mountain.
    • Adjusted the outline for the Fish Cart mount to better reflect its image.
    • Princess Bari’s Bedroom: Bari no longer freezes and already disappears after attack-action.
    • ‘V’ input now works in Losers’ City
    • Liberation difficulty level now resets.
    • VIP information UI on Character Selection screen removed.
    • “Known Dust” icon was not reset in the UI after continuous diving attempts.
    • Fixed slower animation for some characters when in certain staircases.
    • Players can now see the Timer UI when he enters an event mission.
    • Diver Maximus's nest no longer shows his flag.
    • “Nimbus Cloud Monkeys” disappear instantly instead of staying in the map for a few seconds after being defeated.

    • Level Up Hades and B
    • Event Mission, Every Day
    Ending event:
    • Attendance Event
    • Rewards for Level Up Audrey and Mary event distributed.

    • New Items
      • Special Package / Costume Package / Costume (Head, Top, Bottom, Shoes)
        • Female(S) Saint Ararat Academy Look
        • Female(M) Saint Ararat Academy Look
        • Male(M) Saint Ararat Academy Look
        • Male(L) Saint Ararat Academy Look
    • Sale ended
      • Special Package / Costume Package
        • Female(S) Raccoon Squad
        • Female(M) Fashion Blogger
        • Male(M) Hipster
        • Male(L) Losers’ City Biker
    • Pandora’s Box Changes
      • Item Change
        • Aura (Shards of Ice / Midsummer Night’s Muse) replaced by Emblem: Sweet Summer Days.
        • Designer Costume Change from Alice in Wonderland to Pirates of the Caribbean set. (Note: If you still have Designer Costume Packages (Random/Full set), it will give you the Pirates of the Caribbean piece/set.)
      • Added description on Designer Costume packages to display info that it will provide the current season’s piece/set.
    • Venus Costume Box Change
      • Added description on the Venus Costume packages to display info that it will provide the current season’s piece/set.