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Who all came from Elsword after HW released?

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  • Who all came from Elsword after HW released?

    Who did you Main and what IGNs did you go by?

    Mine was obviously Hiek, and I was a BM after revamp.
    But I used to main IP before the revamp for awhile which was Zieko.

    Maybe we can PvP sometime if I ever feel like re-downloading it again someday.

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    I didn't exactly come to HW from Elsword, but I did play Elsword for a while after GC shut down. I think it was for a few months? I mained an EM named Fraggles and mostly just stuck to PvE. I know I dabbled in playing all of the characters released at the time, but I just didn't get too into the game overall.


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      My main was a DiE named Naakami
      Never did much PvP though so lol but sometimes if I'm bored I log in and just mess around with whatever event is happening


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        I had a veteran commander and reckless fist. I got email about herowarz b/c I had played elsword. I stopped playing when they revamped party system and made traversing from town to town a chore.


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          My main was a Code: Nemesis named Dareia. My discovery of HeroWarz came two years after I stopped playing Elsword. I like this game much more


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            I still play Elsword, but lately I've been having a lot more fun with HeroWarz. I main CN and GA. CN goes by Astrayea and my GA is, well, Stratagem, lol. My forum account on the Elsword Phorums also goes by the same name I have over here :3


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              Played Elsword at the very beginning, then stopped, then played some more, then soft-quit for no particular reason. Played mostly Ara when Ara came out, but before that, it was Raven and Eve.

              Did not come to HW from Elsword though.