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    So I stumbled upon this when I made a meme for the game that included a few other players' profile pictures. In the forums, if you highlight someone's profile picture and prompt to save the image (don't worry, you don't actually have to save it) the image will save as something along the lines of "avatar#_0.png". If I'm right, that # represents the player number you were to register the game. So what number are you? Apparently I was the 8765th player to join the game.

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    I'm 11123.


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      Originally posted by Spiral View Post
      Apparently I was the 8765th player to join the game.
      I believe the ID is created when you first visit the forums at least once after you played the game.
      The reason why is because I've been in the 1st CBT and I'm 22229 which wouldn't make any sense since I didn't come onto the forums til a while after the game officially launched with Jerry. Also the fact that if you try to search someone's IGN from in-game on the forums, they most likely won't be found because they haven't came to the forums at least once.

      P.S: You don't need to bring up the "Save image as..." you can just hold your mouse over their picture, and the URL shown for that page at the bottom of your browser will show the ID, or you can just open their profile in a new tab and it shows it in the URL.



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        CBT 2 Player Bois QQ
        I regret every second I play
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          I'm 8266! I think I hopped onto the forums fairly soon after the game went live.

          But, to add to the points... our CBT1 and 2 accounts have different numbers too. I went to look at CBT1 and 2 Suteki for those numbers... CBT1 Suteki is 361 (woot!), and CBT2 Suteki is 3271. All of the old CBT accounts are still chilling around, so that can beef up the account numbers by a little.


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            Jesus Christ I'm 25062.
            I think I won.


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              44816, eh? I'm such a johnny come lately xD