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what do you listen to while you play herowarz?

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  • what do you listen to while you play herowarz?

    this could be applicable to other games, but i find i'm able to listen to certain things while playing herowarz better than when i'm playing something else.

    i've found i can listen to top 10s and creepy pastas p well when i play hwz lmao.

    does this belong here or in off topic? can't figure it out.

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    I listen to Herowarz! Really, I love the music in this game.


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      Two Steps from Hell


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        I usually listen to Rock and Metal. However I listen to more "calm" Metal, so not just plain screaming. That's disgusting imo.


        However, I also like Rock and Rap fused, like this one:


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          Game Grumps


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            Normally if I'm grinding Liberation I have YouTube playing on my iPad while I play, so I'll listen to informational things like Crash Course, Extra Credits/Extra History, or various recipe videos. If I'm grinding EX, I keep the videos off since I tend to mess up a lot more while my attention is split and don't like wasting the codes.

            (For the gray bit: if the discussion and the answers to the topic are intended to be about HeroWarz itself and it's about our server, it'd be GD. Since this thread's answers aren't intended to be about HeroWarz itself, Off Topic.)


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              This is actually a great thing to do while playing. I need to try that

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            Frog Leap Studios

            Metal/Rock/EDM mood dependant.


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              EDM usually. Love me some vocal remixes.


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                Pop punk
                Acoustic covers
                Rock OSTs
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                  While I was listening to music from geometry dash, Envy, F-777, Waterflame, etc I ran into this
                  Geoplex music

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                    Nothing, I don't know why but I actually turned the BGM off several months ago and just had only the SFX's on for the Environment audio and enemies, and strangely made me focus more after I got used to it.


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                      this rap compilation when i'm on high energy
                      industrial music when i am tired
                      this one i save for when i'm drunk lol