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Ara can't attack with left click (Water gun)

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  • Ara can't attack with left click (Water gun)

    This occurs when I have a costume on, my character spazzes when I left click and don't even shoot water or bubbles. As soon as I remove my costumes, she shoots normally and I put the costume back on she shoots fine too until I get to another stage....

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    Contact the support.


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      I got this problem as well. Didn't appear untill yesterday, but i did buy a lot of new costumes, so it could be the reason like MisterLuck seems to have pointed out. However, now it happens quite often and restarting game hardly helps for long anymore.

      This is the 2nd time Ara gets bugged... last time it took 2 full weeks for a fix. I imagine if this were a bug on izanami we would've gotten a hotfix by now.

      Please take these bugs seriously, even if it isn't a new character!!