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Private party bug

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  • Private party bug

    Sometimes when I'm in a dungeon that is set to private someone else joins even though I never invited them.

    Wtf is this?

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    Same problem here.

    Although it only seems to occur in story mode. Atleast for me.


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      Actually, it happens in PT/Libs too. There is a fix for this though.
      Go to your Options > Gameplay > Default Channel > Private
      Now it will always be private and if you wanted people to join, you can click the "Public" button before starting a dungeon.

      However, this also has a bug when it comes to Event Dungeons. If you do a run of Twilight Forest and try to restart it, you'll get an error that says you can't join the same dungeon, to fix this just go back to options and set the default channel back to Public.
      Now you can freely repeat your Event Dungeons again. It's annoying but that's BugWarz for you.