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  • Alot of bugs

    Well I play this game for a weak now and since I like it and its GMs (deepest regards for GM Lille) I figured out that I will point some bugs.

    1st. Endless Fall. Most occurs with Russian player in team. If your teammate RUSH too hard at the beginning of next map (portal after killing boss) in player training/liberation before you load YOU WILL FALL under map and NEVER come back unless u star new mission or go back to base.

    2nd. Instant boss kill. This occurs at Labirynth/thrid world 2 people dungeon. You can bug the boss but only when u have "teleport" kind of map. You know with platforms that you have to clear then vortex appears and you go to new platform... anyway you die at 1st or 2nd platform, your mate goes to the last platform. boss kills your mate. Then you both click "join new battle". your mate will receive message that he is to far to join your mount. Then you both click battle start. Then boss sometimes bugs because he somewhat sees your mate at last platform and when you both begin to run map from begging boss tries his best to "magically jump" to you and falls in to abyss. Now you kill only 1st platform mobs and mission finished successfully... I do not know wtf but srsly, that makes lab much easier if u get that stupid cat or invisible lady boss. It requires 2 people to bug boss thou - this sometimes works sometimes not because it is lag related bug. So try doing that at server rush hour. ^^

    3rd. Mac - Loading napalm mod. It doesn't matter if you have arsenal or select target. EVERYTHING WILL BURN BABY

    4 wierd lags. Sometimes weird lag occurs at server. You can type to everyone, you do not see any monsters except those which already spawned. I love when this bug occurs at lab and lib hard when u fight raccoon boxer. I shoot to him like for 20 seconds, lag ends after something like 40-50s boss dies u recive no dmg I think it is because server recives monster status info sooner than player info but that is IT thing theory

    Those are bugs I found so far.

    Translation bugs no BIG ones thou.

    In Izanami story at load-screen there is written "tHat" but I do not remember at which story part. IF I recall correctly it is at part where Izanagi searches for his sister "tHat" looks like him.

    Cheeeers and fix those lags cuz COSMOS happends. I was Riding (F9 emote) player (I think it was) Clayro while I was at Izanagis TURE goddes form (it was endless since wierd lag happened - I do not know HOW is it possible but I saw how he moves, he saw how I move, we both typed to each other but monsters were lagged ).
    It was Hilarious thou xD
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