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Bonus - Item drop rate x2

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  • Bonus - Item drop rate x2

    I'm almost sure it doesn't work. At least in Twilight Zone when Kachina minbosses are slain I didn't noticed any increase in doll drop rate whenever I get the Bonus. I noticed it couple days ago and since then I always pay attention to the drop after getting the bonus.
    I don't think this bonus is useful anywhere else than Twilight Zone, but still bug is a bug.

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    Kachina-bosses only drop 0-1 dolls. A drop-rate-increase doesn't affect the maximum rate.
    That means you have a higher chance of dropping one doll. Not a bug.


    • NoReason
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      And I do except to have twice the normal chance, not quantity.

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    Item drop rate x2 only works on liberation hard and normal as some GM said, so if clocks have 0.1% drop chance, they will have 0.2% with the 2x thing.


    • Tabofren
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      Did they really say that? Is it written down somewhere?