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Event crystals bug

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  • Event crystals bug

    Since a hour ago whenever i collect crystals the number of them i have does not increase. I'm verry annoyed since i have been grinding for hours and now stuck at 2077 crystals.

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    I just went in game and collected two crystals, and the number on the events page did go up by two... To confirm, do you actually collect the crystals and see the message about them being acquired? I noticed that when my Items inventory panel was completely full, the crystals couldn't be collected at all.


    • ShadowLink
      ShadowLink commented
      Editing a comment
      This was a bug that happend another day and has been resolved already i posted this on 12-04-2016

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    Suteki, it was all day that the bug (Sunday) occurred with the crystals. Shadowlink asked in zone chat if other people experienced the same issue. I've replied that my crystals also did not increase. My inventory was also not full.


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      I had the same issue, but i don't remember if it was saturday or sunday. It seemed to fix itself after restarting the client. I noticed the bug because my counter stayed at 970 after like an hour of farming, so quite annoying to find out i wasted an hour like that.