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wont download after system restore.

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  • wont download after system restore.

    so my computer was running really slow so i did a system restore to a few weeks before i first installed HW and it fixed the slowness problem. but today i went to redownload HW. i logged in and hit start game and it popped up with the start button. i pressed it and waited for the download prompt but nothing. every time i hit start nothing happens and it wont give me the notice to download the game. so unless there is some other button im missing i dont remember pressing before to download im not sure how to redownload the game now.

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    Do you have the HW plugin?
    Also disable adblock.
    Try other browsers, too.


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      yes i have the plug in. i did dissable the addblock thinking that might have been a problem even though it wasnt before when i first downloaded it. how ever i will try another browser.


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        ok i used another browser and it let me download it there. still not sure why it wouldnt on googlechrome though.